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Filthy fluff makes me grumpy!

So I've started putting some names on my naughty-list.

Fluffing up dust that has been created in genuine human interaction is tons of fun. That's what I'm here for and I want to do as much of that as I possibly can.

But not all the dust around here is created equally and I have to avoid fluffing up what's been created without any genuine intentions in order to save my strength for supporting the meaningful interactions.

Populating the Blacklist

Several bots and "curation-snipers" have been blacklisted.

I will not fluff up any dust that's either given to or created (exclusively)* by any of the accounts on my blacklist. That includes a few of those easily exploitable interaction-bots such as @cleverbot or @automation, delivering dust-votes upon request, as well as those curation-farming-bots that give countless unsolicited zero-value votes every day, just to earn the curation rewards from subsequent voters.

* Don't worry if a sniper is targeting you specifically. If any genuine votes are made on top of those sniper vote(s), your dust will automatically qualify for getting fluffed up again!

Excluding filthy dust allows me to support more real interactions!

I was aware of a few of these "curation-snipers" before, but I'm actually a bit surprised to find there's so many more of them out there. I'm not going to drop names here, I should probably avoid drawing their attention to this, but you can easily find some of them being discussed in the comment sections of my recent posts.

I do want to explicitly thank those concerned users who proactively brought this to my attention: @steemseph, @thedarkhorse and @nikv - Thank You!

Help me Stay Slean!

Did you see something questionable? Let me know!

While @fraenk is still keeping a very close eye on everything I do and while my watch-list is still small enough for him to recognize all the names on it, dealing with potential abuse isn't such a big deal, yet. But, as I continue to grow and extend my reach it will be increasingly important to keep me under checks!

I have a discord now:

If you have questions or suggestions, or especially, if you see me fluffing up something nasty, don't hesitate to join the discord and let me know, without even having to call out any names publicly in the comments here.

Now for some Good News

While having to deal with filthy fluff is a bit off-putting, I still made great progress in the meantime, too!

My fair-distribution scheme, the time based usage-quotas and supporter-priority-bonuses seem to be working very well. It took a little bit of time to fill my memory with enough data to make reliably fair decisions, but @fraenk tells me that "reaching equilibrium" is a hip thing nowadays and he says I have done just that.

These are my outgoing votes as distributed throughout the past 14 days:

@dustbunny outgoing votes over the past 14 days
source: steemreports.com

While some particularly dusty individuals on my watch-list saw a lot of their dust getting fluffed up early on, their above average usage-quota is now starting to significantly push their dust back in priority. As a matter of fact, they have started seeing a lot of their dust slipping through the cracks already as I prioritize dust of users with lower usage-quotas and especially of those who actually support me with their delegations.

I have almost 200 accounts on my watch-list now. That provides me with over 3000 dusty rewards on my radar, almost 350 of those are currently within the last 36hrs before payout and already compete to get fluffed up next.

This is made possible with Your Support!

I'm giving free fluff to plankton, red-fish and minnows alike, in order to bring value back to engaging comments and small users connecting with one another.

The amount of dust I can handle directly relates to the amount of SP I have available and it's only fair to all those who already contribute to my mission, with their delegations and donations, that their dust gets fluffed up more reliably.


@reggaemuffin2500 SP
@justtryme901500 SP
@drakos1000 SP
@suesa500 SP
@fraenk300 SP
@fbslo100 SP
@abh12345, @dickturpin, @felt.buzz, @katerinaramm, @marty-art50 SP
@bashadow, @elizacheng, @insaneworks, @zekepickleman20-25 SP
@ackhoo, @anthonyadavisii, @blacklux, @ewkaw, @for91days, @jpederson96, @professorbromide10-15 SP
@bucipuci, @orkin420, @sparkesy43, @themanwithnoname<10 SP

Supporters get priority treatment for their incoming and outgoing dust

My service is Free!

Are you a small user and you miss the opportunity to give some appreciation to the best comments on your posts? You refrain from expressing yourself through your votes because you're afraid to see them wasted as dust? I'm here to help you!

Maybe you're the one leaving those great comments and you do receive a dusty vote from a well meaning user, just to risk seeing it evaporate on payday. I'll take care of that, too!

Or maybe you're a small engaged minnow and sometimes you're just spreading your love too far and wide to stay above the dust requirements... don't stop, that's awesome! Let me try and help you a bit!

Apply to get on my watch-list by commenting here or in discord.

I do reserve the right to scan your account for spam and/or excessive self-voting, but any genuine user is more than welcome here.

If you have a little SP to spare, please also consider giving a small delegation. If each of us can give a little, together we can achieve something great. And you wouldn't just want to freeload on the generosity of others forever, or would you?!

You can delegate here: 5SP | 10SP | 25SP | 50SP | 100SP

If you're ever disappointed in me, you can cancel your delegation at any time and you won't have lost a penny.

This is an experiment in solidarity and community-support which aims to foster bottom-up growth and genuine engagement on the platform, any attempted abuse of my services will result in permanent blacklisting.



What is Dust? Why am I here? Where is this going? Read this post from my maker:
Let's talk about Dust by @fraenk

Leave your critique and questions in the comments or join the discord!

Your upvote on this post helps, too:
100% Power-Up to Fluff Up even More Dust!


I would like to apply for the watch list if there is room, I can also probably delegate about 50SP as well. Also, if it would be possible to apply for the watch list for @classical-radio?

sure thing... I'll add you in a minute.

delegations are strictly voluntary but it will be much appreciated and your dust will be served with raised priority.

You can split your priority bonus with the community account, too, if you want, just let me know.

I'll set up the delegation now and yes, please split it between myself and the @classical-radio account!

Thanks, the delegation has been set up!

awesome :D everything's done on the bunny side as well.

Thanks, my pleasure to have a little delegation added in. All for a good cause!

Just spotted you @dustbunny. Another great idea, thanks for the fluff!

haha... hey there my positively googly-eyed, drooling friend :D

yeah, I've added you to the watch-list a while ago.

It is a shame that it happens, but there are people that will take advantage of any system that is free, and then when they get called on it scream victim at the top of their lungs, or explain in a thousand words or more how unfair it all is and how they are being singled out. Yep, your list is no doubt going to grow. A lot of the dust from new accounts, well they are set up for that by the system, which is what you are trying to help. Not the people that have more than enough SP to cast a real vote to get a curation reward. I know I on occasion though cast a dust vote, but I have still been trying to be careful with my voting.

look, you have a little sniper-friend of your own... seems like it's been following your every step, and yes, that's one of those that prompted me to put up this bunny-post above ;)

Yes I have seen a few of them. I think most are used as a marker for a later vote. So I am sure they would not mind being passed over. It is kind of like how the witness @yehey has a few marker accounts. So the night bird one can be ignored.

Good work you are doing! Tip!

hey @melinda010100, thanks a lot for the tip, the bunny will use it to power up!

I've seen your accountname in the bunny-logs a few times, looks like some of your steemit-peers are already on the watch-list. I'll add you, too!

Thanks so much! Seems like a good effort you are making!

Thanks to @slobberchops for the link.
Hi @dustbunny, This looks like a thing I can get behind - apparently I'm throwing up more dust than Pigpen.
5 SP sent to you.

hah... that's an awesome reference :D

I'll add you momentarily and you'll even get a small priority bonus for your delegation ;)

Can I apply?
Already got 2 upvotes from dustbunny, thats how I found you. Thanks!

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Sure thing, I'll add you to the watch-list.

Pro-Tip: Comments on older posts get overlooked easily. I really only saw this here "accidentally". Check out the bunny's more recent posts and come to the discord if you have any questions.


what took you so long?


oh, I see... you've been drinking again :P

Love your initiative! Delegated some SP to you too! Please add me to the watchlist!

Awesome! Thanks for the support and welcome aboard!

My pleasure! 😉

Glad to be aboard a great project to help the little folks! grow plankton GROW!

Thank you so much ❤ @dustbunny for keeping the dust down!
Sometimes the wind blows and dust gets kicked up
Then dustbunny comes hopping along singing a song
Making everything beautiful again! 🐰

Thank you for helping folks out! 👍

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