it's a dagger in everyone’s heart

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We shall overcome these dark times my friend. Stay strong!

Honestly, if anyone has a complaint, it should be @josephsavage. It's probably hurting the initiative more than the people being downvoted.

Tis but a scratch. Community has come together to support each other. While a few have ducked for cover, the initiative is stronger than ever.

Well, nobody has rallied to his cause, so at some point he needs to decide if it's a worthwhile endeavor. Everything is working as designed, people just need to understand that.


Looks like other people share my concerns about downvotes.

I'm sorry you can't recognize irony. Are you on the spectrum?

I'm not just talking about the comments on this post. I'm looking at the general community and whats on the trending list, people are all bringing up their concerns about HF21 and the downvote abuses from whales, tribes, or bots. People are getting upset and no amount of downvoting my content on my posts will change the fact that dissent is increasing and toxicity is growing on this network.

I agree , how low can steemit go

Lol... I laugh when I get these tiny downvotes

But if some whale downvote you who has 4 mil SP than I will ask you how it feels

Me too, but some folks out there are losing their minds.

but some folks out there are losing their minds.

Tell me more.

Ha! I had fun making it. Glad you shared it, even if it is meant to be made fun of. 8-)

how very sporting of you!

I love watching decentralized governance in action. Everyone thinks they are right, and the truth is, they absolutely are!

Ha! I'm naturally predisposed to thinking that I'm right. 8-)

I just hope this platform takes off. Attacking members who bring value to this platform isn't going to encourage others to join.

stop flagging me or autofollowing flags on me dude.

Hey Kingsmind, I mean Kingscrown.

Screen Shot 20191209 at 9.13.41 PM.png

Does @blocktrades know you are using their 84k SP delegation for your elaborate pay yourself scheme? Like when you upvote your alts shitposts a few times per day, or when you 100% upvote your two word comments right before the 7 day payout? Thanks for the retaliation downvote. You're so concerned about the little account downvoting you.

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