DUDEOIR - Photoshoot Contest! (now)250 Steem

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Hey Everyone,

We need some fun. A group idea came up in SteemChat today from one of our wacky conversations. https://discord.gg/gfHs7x

"If Men Posed How Women Pose" is the context. Crim dubbed the category Dudeoir. In addition, she has offered to shoot any of you who wish to pose.

I don't know if we have any brave men that will participate, but I thought it sounded like an amazing and fun contest.

As a group effort we have gathered up prizes including about 200 Steem so far...

(Will it be enough?)

Ladies, find a male model and get him to emulate the following pose. Men, find your photographer and let's see your pose!

The mission is to recreate this picture or a creative version of it with a Male Model!

Keep it tasteful or tag it appropriately.

Contest is open for 1 week.

Judges are @juliakponsford and Crim and anyone else they want to appoint.

Contest closes when this post closes. Winner announcement shortly after.

Here are a few pictures for your inspiration:



So, find a male model, pose him up, shoot the picture, make a post, use the tag dudeoir

#Dudeoir #contest #makeitfun #creative

Since this was a group effort rewards are set to burn

Editted to add the prize is now at least 250 Steem and growing.



Hahaha! You did!

:) Love it.

Awesome... Thank you too! Very cool, I'll make a post tomorrow outlining current rewards.

Lmao😂. Now this is funny 😄

You can thank @mrnightmare89 for my entering this contest. He shared it with us on the last PYPT Show!

Much like @carlgnash, this old man has no shame.

I don't have high end lighting or camera equipment, so I did my best with what I have to work with.

Keep in mind when viewing this picture, it is cold here in Pennsylvania!


You totally need to make this post! It's great. Use the tag Dudeior! I love it! Thanks for playing along.

hahahahaha dang sarge, you got me good there.. That's why I was confused where is it. You didn't make it as a post but I think this still fine, right @whatsup?
Dang...this tick's me to do it.haha

I am sure there are much more provactive photos of me somewhere on the Internets. I was just looking at the prize bonuses donated, CHA CHING!

Some gals (and guys) are into daddies. Maybe even here on STEEM. We do have some kinky folk in our community. @klye and @steemitqa come to mind.

well @steemitqa is afraid to do this..lol

I thought @steemitqa was a dame? Who knows?

I have been the brunt of their jokes for quite some time. It is all in fun.

This old man does his best not to take himself too seriously. I mean, I am too old and tired to continue to try and make people respect me. I am just me. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Not ugly in this comment though! Look at that gut! The envy of every middle-aged man!

I can't wait to see the entries, let the fun begin!

Thank you for judging.

the best jury and expert advisors ever


I'm so serious about this. I've wanted to do a totally tongue in cheek dudeoir sesh for years now. If you're anywhere near me, I will get to you and do a completely free, fully professional shoot— all your photos culled into a set complete with editing and an online gallery so you may share (or not) as you please. I don't imagine I'll get any takers but a total perv very serious photography professional can dream, anyhow.

I wish I was closer to you, would totally make this happen :) I have absolutely zero shame. Maybe a negative value in the shame column actually. I give this idea a big thumbs up :)

Presented without comment:
(other than that MysteryTit is me, which I suppose ruins the mystery.)

Oh I am going to do it for sure. Will recreate the pose faithfully

Many dogs rest with their backs to their owner but the view here is seemingly too hard to resist :D

The dog is about to bite your butt

Okay, your first photo was funny... now, you're showing off :P

.... guilty...

I would totally be up for that if we'd be living anywhere near each other!! I suppose the chances you live near Belgium are extremely slim though.

Filth!!! Downvoted!!! :0)

I have sent some steem for prize money, a genuinely hilarious idea.

Throwing money at it doesn't abstain you from entering! :P

Damn!!! My strategy has been revealed!!

Ha ha! Nice, thank you!

Thank you so much!

The dude in the first picture is the funniest. It's as if he had crawled home after a really heavy night of drinking and was about to throw up on the floor while simultaneously emptying the rear end as well.

The turkey eater looks disturbingly pervy while the male Marilyn looks as if this was a stag night.

Thank you for the great laugh! Yeah that guy in the first picture is great.

Lol.... I totally agree with you, I just cannot stop laughing 😂

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Here's a little steem for the prize. Go all out guys and win!

Thank you Grey!


Thanks for letting us laugh and enjoy. AND thanks Mr. Nightmare, for presenting this on #pypt @pypt

Awesome, that was nice of him. He wants to enter... don't you @mrnightmare?

He just needs a little push.

hello friends, i am glad tio participated to this great contes... very funny

I'm thinking about trying to enter tomorrow. Will that still be possible?

Ah I checked around but unfortunately don't have anyone who was able to do a small photoshoot. I do have a picture from last year that could be semi-useful, but it isn't actually boudoir pose so I feel like that one wouldn't be particularly good.

wonderfull 😂😂😂

The first absurdly funny pic and the general community humor brewing behind all of this almost made me loosen up to consider participating... just lost 23 pounds and ready to start my dudeoir modeling career... but then all senses of rational thinking about future consequences shut that down envisioning being roasted when friends find it.

You should totally participate.

I can't wait to see the contest entries! How fun!

Ah! Here is my entry post. Hope it is acceptable!


hahaha :)

But my mum reads my stuff!

This needs to come round when STEEM is 8$ :)

Also your abh12345.porn account? :P #noexcuses

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oh man, now his mom is going to see that.

Hi Mom, Soy was only joking!

ha! That account will only produce content if things get really tight!

Surely your mom has a sense of humor! :) lol

At times - she might offer me 400 STEEM not to #dudeoir :)

Haha, that sounds like you will win! :)

Like I said, it might not be enough, I am holding out hope!

@carlgnash, your time has come :D

ah this is right up my bread basket :) Just for you Asher here is a previously unpublished Gnashbasket :)

Why are all the entries from you? 😂😂😂

Oh wait, and some dude with big titties. Hmm...


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Hi I'm Carl, I am a shameless exhibitionist. Also these aren't my entries, I will do a super classy photo for my official entry. Nothing butt the best, don't you know

I knew you would come good, excellent form right there :D

You incorrigible tease!

Two good points ;)

Haha! So fun 😆 Go guys go!!! #doit

OMG I’m always offline when the real fun happens eh!!! Gues I’ll have to do some judgeing instead :’)

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haha, well try not to sleep

I wish I could participate!I cannot find a willing male model!😁😂😂😂😂😂

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😂😂😂😂 I need to stay tuned here, can't stop laughing. I like the idea though, it is so out of the box

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Errrm... I don't know... Should I enter this contest or not? 🤔🤔


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Can a Cat enter? Sounds fun.

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might as well!

hahaha dang this is ridiculous wu, how the earth will do this. It's scary for me, what do you think @steemitqa?hahaha

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That is me, eating the turkey leg :P


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Don't be scared.

ha ha ha its ridiculous.

I can't seem to find a male to do a pose for me, I mean why are the ones around me so shy.... But the entries are so interesting and hilarious, I might as well have a beer and watch. 😲😲

haha ... Definitely, this is interesting ... Participate @raulmz.
I hope to see your entry ... 1...

I should do this, I’ll attract all the men... but the only bad thing, I like the ladies 😂😂😂

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take a selfie doing the laundry or taking a cake out of the oven. ha

Do it... Leave them lusting, it will not hurt them or you. (men or women)

You can go first :) lol

Don't worry Charles, ladies will love this too! #doit 😀

For some reason, I feel like this has @taskmaster4450 written all over it. Do It!!!!

I'll be waiting for his entry. :)

:notsure: 😂

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Oh Maiiiiiii... 😂😂😂

never been defeated.

Wtf!!! 😳😳😂😂

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Who's That Brave Men🤠?

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@ whatsup Hi..... sir.... Thank youfor good good good photography post....

You are confused, unwashed human.

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Hey @whatsup, here is a little bit of BEER from @yuriitonkov for you. Enjoy it!

I am not aroused

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Cant stop laughing this is really crazy!

Funny but interesthing 👍 👍

I love it


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I don't think this fits into the contest. find a male model and emulate the picture of the gal in the robe

I will just leave a !BEER here and slowly get back out

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Here’s a !BEER for you, I understand you need to get a little drunk first before making these pictures :D

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