Dudeior Contest Extended by One Week Prize now 600 Steem.

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Just a quick update, rewards will be burned to null.

By popular demand the Dudeior Contest will be extended by one week, I've checked with Juliakpunsford and Crimsonclad and they are onboard.

We have a couple of people who are waiting for props and who need a little more time.

Here is the original post if you don't know what I am talking about.


I've resteemed the entries if you would like to check them out!

Currently the prizes are at:

100 Steem from @nealmcspadden
100 Steem from @themarkymark
100 Steem from @adsup
50 Steem from @meesterboom
50 Steem from @carlgnash
50 Steem from @whatsup
27 Steem from @grey580
25 Steem from @elgeko
12 Steem from @justinashby

New Donations for Prizes.

36 Steem from @tarazkp
20 Steem from @mindtrap
25 Steem from @xpilar
6 Steem from @abdex

Rounding to 600 Steem to be distributed however Crim and Julie (the judges see fit.)



It takes some real balls to participate.

I guess it's about the time i find a dude that would pose like that, it would be steem earnings of six months the grinding way... lol good idea though! Where do i add my 10 Steem to the prize pool? :)

That's a crack up!

Are contest results still coming at some point?

Yes, I am expecting Crim and Julie to get to it or tell me when today... :) Everyone was busy over the holiday.

This challenge is great, it has caused me a lot of laughter, but I watch my husband not to do the challenge, I congratulate the boldness and courage of the contestants.

Ahah, nice and funny contest; I laughed a lot'

Hahahaha... That's pretty cool. More people awaits

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@whatsup, I'll throw some steem in for the prize pool. Just transfer to you?

I want your entry... We extended it for you. ;) (yes you can send it to me.)


I saw the extension...Still considering if I want a sexy-ass image of me dressed like a bearded-girl on the internet...Might come back to haunt me. Still, I have o say I'm enjoying the entries. I just powered up some so will send in a couple days when it build up again.

It's about the pose not the clothes. :) But I hear you.

I've shared a photo on the internet here and there, but nothing that could compromise me I guess - I work in a professional industry and it wouldn't do to be perceived incorrectly. I guess in the same way some, like you, don't show their faces at all.

You have some brave entries and all worthy of the prize so it'll be interesting to see how it comes out - Who wins.

Yes, I get it. In fact I wanted to challenge you harder, but then I remembered that is the exact same reason I don't put my picture up.

It's a shame we live in a world in which we have to be so guarded I think.

People assume the worst even when you mean the best. What a world we live in...

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Good to hear that the contest has been extended to accommodate more entries —- will be on the lookout & may the best she-male win 😜

Only a twisted mind such as yours could come up with such a perverted contest.

Why is it perverted? Dudes are putting on makeup and high heels, why can't they pose the same way? I find it extremely original lol

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Sorry, the white knight club is currently closed.

Eye of the beholder. When people are perverted they see perversion in everything. There is nothing sexual in this it is just funny.

There is no sex, no lust, no harm.

Sorry for your crippled little mind.

Whatever makes you sleep at night lady babushka.

Sorry if you got a woody looking at the pictures.

Such a prude. I am an ordained minister of sorts and prudish at times. I see nothing wrong with this contest.

Maybe you should find something more interesting to troll? That would be nice.

Don't you have something to translate into Arabic instead of throwing a wet rag on entertainment provided for the community?

It's a completely harmless bit of fun.

I instigated the contest.

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That's a relief, I haven't been able to make a pic yet...

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Quick question: why burn the rewards instead of adding them to the prize pool?

I've set the rewards on a few of these to the contestants.

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