DTube Vlogs | Announcing TechTV!! // How Whales Are Saving Us In Hard Times // Toys R Us Compared To The Downfall of Social Media Platforms

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Whatsupp Steemians and DTubers?! 👋🏼

Today's vlog is full of goodies! I'm announcing my new TechTV series, as well as talking about how some whales are saving us during these hard Steem/SBD times! Check it all out in the video above, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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For a moment there, I thought you were bringing back the ORIGINAL TechTV from back in the day. This is a pretty solid idea, that it is!

Also, do you know the dimensions you used to make your page banner?

Take care, my dude!

Good project

Hey man, looking forward to your tech reviews. And by the way, you'll love an Accord ;) Keep up the good work.


Thanks Cap'n! Anything I've done that you'd like to see more of? And yeah, I'm a huge Accord lover. My family has had a new one every 3 years since 2001 😅 Glad to hear you are liking yours! Can't wait until I have the keys to mine!


I'm a fan of anything tech really (old tech guy syndrome) but I really enjoyed the review you did on the Mavic Air. It was just really helpful when thinking about a drone to know what you liked, but more importantly, what you didn't like.

Wow. I am very interested to know who it was that got the whale support enough to build a house. Damn that's huuuuuggeee.
Was it you @thejohalfiles? For some reason we find you very philanthropic, I couldn't think of anyone else. :D

This was a great video @spenceryan, I'm an avid follower and I enjoy your content. All the best in your TechTv, looking forward to seeing where that leads.



Wow. seriously?

Crave more attention pls :P

Can't believe you'd tag someone in such a meaningless comment


Can't believe you're so bitter lol must be hard to be you. Keep your meaningless comment to yourself next time ;)

We'll come out better on the other side after our next rebound. Excited to see what comes of TechTV. Best wishes!~

Hi How are today, congratulations for your video to be one hot video, your video deserves to be hot video, good quality and interesting. I like it

My journey as a creator is funded by the thing i create content around. Performing Arts! The fact that there is a money incentive helps but i think the big win here on DTube and Steemit is the amazing community. I have had DTube upvote one of my videos and it feels good waking up and Bam there is $60 coming to you! its super cool and who knows where this will all end up :)

I really enjoyed this man, good job. You sir are a bearded brethren, call us the shorthair beardsmen haha. I liked the broll usage. Peace out man! Keep bringing the content!

Looking forward to tech tv and this was a very clean vlog

i like your work. Great Job