Whatever You Do DON'T Throw The Laptop - 60-Day DtubeSnap Challenge - Day 4

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We have been making changes to a few things since we started up with SteemIt and Dtube. One of those things is fixing our website to make it work better. One of those ways is to move our website from the current host to a new one. The decision was made because we know the host owner and we know he does amazing work and gives great customer service.

To find out more about Vestra Hosting and sign up HERE.


Because the size of our site is so large, we are needing to reformat many things. These things range from deleting unused pages and other various information to full-sized photos that are extremely large. I have been working on this project for a month now and am still way behind even though the deadline is quickly approaching. Unfortunately, Scott and I see the working process differently and I find myself extremely frustrated and needing a moment to breathe and calm down.

In this frustration, I have learned a few good lessons that might be useful to us all here in the SteemIt and Dtube worlds.

  1. Don't put up full sized photos. Not optimizing photos for the internet will make your website slow and frustrate your readers.

  2. Stop waiting until the last minute to complete a project. Assume a project will take longer than you initially thought and give yourself plenty of time to take breaks. @youhavewings has provided a great article about this very subject You can read it HERE.

  3. Learn to speak in polite and in full, comprehendible sentences when your spouse is trying to help. Clear communication of your needs is very important when you requesting assistance from others, making sure to be polite and appreciative.

Yes, we will get the work finished and everything will be wonderful, but there are times we just have to stop away from the situation and remind ourselves that we can only do so much. Be kind to yourself; you might just need it.

Just remember to Get Out and Live Life Outside Your Box!



Scott and I were challenged by the adorable @snook to try doing 60 days of DSnap videos. We have been wanting to have more of a presence in the Dtube World because we really believe in this platform.

Thank you @penderis for this artwork!

Thank you @enginewitty for this artwork!

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oh does @snook calling everything by the same name... the 'dohickey' not count as clear communication? Don't tell her that.

'Dohickey' is perfectly clear!!! :D I even have proof you think so too LOLLL now 'whatchmacallit' might be a bit hard for some folks to get but really depends on the folks :D

Whatchamacallits are amazing candy bars.

Awww ren first time to watch your snap! Do you always take a walk everyday? And love the last thing you said “Get Out and Live Life Outside Your Box”

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Thank you! We have been saying "Get Out and Live Life Outside Your Box" for the since 2016. We created a logo that, in my opinion says it all. (secret... I have a bunch of stickers if anyone wants to help out with shipping.)


We are trying to do different things when we do the snaps. I mean we have 56 days left to do so we are going to have to be creative.

Love your advise! I often forget to speak to my hubby in 'full, comprehendible sentences' when asking him to help me. Mind you, I think he now understands my grunts, my huge sighs and my squeaks. Maybe, I should ask him.

I think you missed a good piece of advice though, get outside your box & go for a walk when frustration hits. It helps! :)

It really does and I totally did miss that! I was a bit annoyed with myself so ...

Howdy there xcountytravelers! hey this is some very good advice here. Especially us men need to have things explained clearly most of the time, not sure why but that's usually a communication weak link. Are you guys going to compress your photos or something like that?

We finally were able to get a lot of photos shrunk but there is still so much to do. We got down to 4.3 gb so its a start.

good for you and what a huge job that is! But it will be worth it.

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