It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas !🎄

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Hi dtube!
It’s been awhile!! :)

Tis the season to be jolly! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Watch our short snap and take a peek on how we decorate our tree this year! Our theme this year is “red” last year was blue.. it’s not 100% done, it’s just the beginning :) more snap to come!!

This cold weather is calling me for a hot choco with marshmallows :)

Have a jolly day everyone! 🎄

Mama dork.



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t's true xmas it's really near!!!!! And i Love it!

Yes! Same here!!!! Ho ho ho!

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Love it! It's starting to smell like x-mas!!

My favorite time if the year! 🎄

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Awwwwwwww hehehe i loved seeing his spunkee Monkee stuff today!!! That bright beautiful smile of his!

But I can't believe you're decorating for Christmas already! Hahahaha

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Thats her alright!! Always always excited for Christmas!!! Hahahahaha.. whereever she may be she is always the first one to set it up..

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So soon!!!! But if she loves it that much...then I'm glad for her! Hehe

And you Sissy?? How are you feeling? Any better?

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Back in Philippines I would start decorating around September hahahahhahaa! Come on sissy @maquemali you enjoy it too!!!

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Hahahhahahaa September!?!?!?

When did you decorate for Halloween?? In July? What about Thanksgiving hahahaha

You are crazy and I love you!!!

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Oh my- that's one very excited little lad- and what a handsome tree you've got going on there - love it! We won't decorate until the week before Christmas, but your video has just given me that lovely cosy feeling- so excited for it this year!

Evie x

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