Sour fruit (BOH MEUNJE)

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Hello friend steemian.

See me again. in this post I introduce a fruit that is very popular in aceh, Hopefully useful for readers.
the fruits that I mean here are the people we mention (Boh Meunje). This fruit has begun to be rare in Aceh. in the last few years we can only get this fruit in public cemeteries.

This plant (Bak Meunje) has a very high stem. while the fruit is very acidic. but the people of Aceh are very fond of this fruit (Boh Meunje). Even though it is sour, this fruit is very popular in the Aceh community. how to consume this fruit (boh meunje) so that it can be eaten, this fruit is made for special bumbum, the spice to consume this fruit (boh meunje) is very simple (salt sand, small chilli).

Besides, this plant is known by the people of Aceh as a jinn nest. therefore, it's not as easy as we imagined to get this fruit (boh meunje). there are very many mysteries about this plant (like meunje).

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e abudar....
pu haba sagonyan, pu najan lawetnyo di steemit, wkwkwkkwkw

Alhamdulillah jroh2 that. Hana taoh peugah le pak. That meuputa ule teuh bak steemit. Delegasi pih 2019 baro jibi lom.
Man lage haba nyan sit, lon peu ek bek hi akun mate. Haha

oeh lagenyan abunyoh, kakeuh lah,
lon pike hana neuturi hay, wkwkwkwk
kakeuh selamat beraktifitas mantong @abudar

Haha,,Teuroming Geunaseh pak.

why does people use it for reading does it mean it has a way of keeping them awake while reading or something?


Thank You

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