TERROR on Discord - @smartmediagroup WIPE

in dtubedaily •  4 months ago

In this HwZ 101, I end my break to report on some bad news, unfortunately.

The @smartmediagroup Discord channel was the victim of a malicious terrorist attack, no joke, the guy did it in the name of Allah. Please get to their discord https://discord.gg/WxbfWXY or DM me on discord and I will invite you (Zainenn#8697).

Together We Are Strengthening The STEEMblock!
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@trojanwall #steempowerment #communitygrowthproject #ghsc

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I really appreciate the support. I wish my vote was worth more.


Sorry to hear this happened! I know how hard you worked on that buddy. You'll get back up and going.


Man I can't believe this happen u have my support I just added y'all new discord

All united we can rebuild our great team in Smart Media Group. We will return as the fenix bird, with good projects and great intentions to give the best for the growth of the Blockchain.
Good energy and welcome all to this great team.

Like the Les Brown at the end!

Wow! That is very unfortunate. On my way give a follow and I hope they make a strong come back!

Great video I can't believe some ass hole did this there is no reason to detroy any ones hard work especially if it's not hurting others but thanks for sharing this news

I've been meaning to join this group long time. I like Mr. Vasquez.

yes I like the theme of the phoenix as well @angrytwin

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Thanks for the information
I should stop using discord and delete my membership.
I have posted something check it out-https://steemit.com/spirituality/@striker91/understanding-the-human-aura#@sallybeth23/re-striker91-understanding-the-human-aura-20180821t181958066z


This is not a call to not use discord....

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Vamos, esta es solo una piedra en el camino, ¡Ustedes deben demostrar que pueden superar este obstáculo!


¡Sí lo es, y será entregado!

I am so sorry to hear about this. Is there anything I can do to help? I will DM you to see :)