No Time To Make Quality Content Today

in dtubedaily •  4 months ago

In this HwZ 88, I give you all a super quick update. Been a busy day today, no time to put together a long well edited video. Sorry guys, I know this isn't my standard quality. Anyways, I hope you all have a great day, peace!

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Sometimes short is good :) This was lovely to watch as always, glad to know you got some grapic work done, still pondering on mine, didn't think it would be this hard. Keep on curating, that's just about all I've been up to this week. Better days ahead for sure , oh, congrats on making it to Top 10 DTubers for July <3 :)


Thank you Elsie, I really do not like this episode, it was super late and my editing program was freaking out on me, Haha. Oh well, can't win them all. I appreciate Kpine voting it, but I didn't even share it to discord lol.

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Haha...He's a loyal one. Love him ;)
Happy Weekend Nathan.

Thanks man! Happy Saturday.

This video is quality video anyway, i like it. ☺ Especially the moment when you transformed. lol

Good video my friend...good news. Greetings from Venezuela.

I understand you my friend, sometimes I have neither ideas nor time for a quality video, maybe that's why @dtube has not reviewed my videos :(

Still a great video ik how you feel I was so tired from training yesterday that I didn't upload