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How To Get HUGE Upvotes on Steemit! A Step By Step Tutorial

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I always wonder if the amount paid to get so much in rewards from votebots is actually worth it these days. I also use them, I like them. I think they they are good for marketing Steemit as a platform, when my friends and family read my posts. Even if many 'old school steemers' disagree.

I'm going to resteem your post and, hope it creates a conversation. And I will self upvote my comment, rarely do I do this but I want to be higher up on your comment section.

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Preface: @berniesanders brought me here

I'm on the fence with the issue. On one hand having such an ecosystem you'll get scummy fucks who does nothing on the blockchain but buy their way to more and more steem without doing anything. What's the point of a blockchain token whose worth reflects the content when there is no more incentive to make content?

On the other.. No one can stop the scummy fucks so if i dont do it, they would still do it. At least people like us who buy votes wont immediately cash out and crash the market like what all the scummy fucks are doing.

I'll help you with going higher up the comment section. This thread is not about @joeparys anymore anyways. LOL.


Awesome. thanks. Yea this post seems to have taken on it's own life..