How To Get HUGE Upvotes on Steemit! A Step By Step Tutorial

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In today’s video I have a new tutorial and I’m going to be teaching you all about how to get upvotes using Steemit. Not all of my posts are earning hundreds any single time, but I have others that have earned from $30 to $300. So, how do you get these organic votes?

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So @joeparys, with all due respect, I strongly disagree with what you are doing. While I'm not sure what you are teaching in your course, but there is no way to get HUGE upvotes nowadays without buying upvotes.

I see that you are selling this course for $10.00 and over 5,900 students enrolled already. It means you've made HUGE money ($59,000) not from upvotes but teaching the same things which were repeated and posted freely here.

Of-course you have all the rights to do so, but it's my duty to inform everyone that quality content is the king if you want to survive here. Don't care about what others define as "quality content". Just post the stuff that you really have passion for and the quality will come automatically.

Self upvoted for visibility.

This is a high-quality answer, isn’t it? 😁
Thank you very much!

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I am totally agree with you. And finally, people like this man are always making money in the same system ( pay me for the information I've found free- or - pay me, i will explain you how you will become rich

Can't believe 5900 ppl actually enrolled for this course. At least this makes me feel better about the size and health of Steem's community.

I totally agree with your point. In my opinion the quality of content is king.

You are absolutely correct.But just the same, diversity and class levels also apply in a fundamentally corrupt money system such as what has been imposed on the world by the various banking cartels.

maybe he has a missing reason or topic for this place too and also contains the latest news
GOOD day

Sir its really a fact that you have mentioned in the comment, i really agree with your views. Quality content is the future of steemians.

I'm too late to vote this up, but I agree that Joe is doing it wrong. Bought votes are not 'organic'. He's bought his way onto Trending and managed to get noticed by a whale or two. Still, the top votes from this post are all bought.

BTW Not sure it's really valid to 'self upvote for visibility'. Good comments tend to get seen anyway.

좋은 얘기인 것 같습니다. 화이팅!

I enrolled in your comment

I like self upvoting. I like bots.

How to get HUGE upvotes; buy them.

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My perspective is that people matters.

Yesterday I created my first post, an introduction, the introduction that I always wanted to post here.

I know Steem from the outside, as a trader and investor, for quite some time but as a user interacting with others - since yesterday.

My votes so far? Self upvote obviously. Because I've made myself a Dolphin. That makes $0.15-$0.20 per vote. That's easy but expensive part.

I also went to the where I get plenty of help and support from total strangers. One of them happened to be an Orca and a fan of a good music. So a bit of luck resulted in a big fat vote which happened to be a majority of my pending payout.
I've met some Planktons and Minnows too and I value their upvotes as much. Same as I'm happy about those who in future will read and listen, without vote, but with few seconds of attention, a thought, a smile, a tear.

It's not about the money! Surely, it's better to have it than not, but honestly, you can get more by washing your neighbor's car. Easier, faster.

Steem seems to be great. Now I know more about it thanks to a brief interaction with random people, far away from the trending page.

Trending page on Steemit is what makes Steem looks bad. It's so bad that I don't want to go there, and I hesitated to signup for a long time.

It's bad because of you, who pay to put your post there even though people wouldn't vote for you that much. And it's bad because of me, who don't have idea how to make a better use of my Steem Power without spending long hours every day on a curation.

But I can promise that I will find a better solution.

You do it by buying the votes and now you want them to pay you for that information. Bravo , you are everything that is wrong with the cryptospace

That's Joe Parysite for you. He sells votes and advises people to buy votes. Well if that's not obvious enough but ppl are dumb enough to vote on it.

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Eso ya se sabe, tenemos que ayudarnos unos a otros para crecer sin necesidad de compar cursos

Jerry Parys, Joe Banfield, etc. same difference.

Hillary Obama and Barack Clinton, haha.

I hope it's no mystery to people how all his posts make it to the top of the trending page at this point.

Yeah, what else can you do but by buying upvotes. Sometimes you get lucky and a whale likes your content but most of the time you get table scraps until you build a proper audience.

thats what i realised too! i earn most from whales but im looking foreward to the day where steem is more diversified on the community that hundreds of small votes will make the race!

I can tell you what can happen when small votes will matter.Everyone will start creating hundreds of fake accounts and will vote for their own blogs.

Wrong! i mean when more accounts (50'000 e.g.) own a small amount of steempower (500Sp e.g.) because of the distribution, theyr upvote will be much more worth than a upvote from a whale: fake accounts will still be useless. ill do a dtube vlog about this topic perhaps.

One day...when we actually have 50k active minnows...right now, we have 50k active accounts, bots and alts included. lol

Don't for get to share the link to your blog.I think both of the things are right.If you really have a huge number of followers then how much Steem power they contribute for you won't matter.On the other hand,if you have a few powerful whales on your side then you don't have to worry about getting 50,000 votes.It is not easy to get that huge number of vote.As it is very difficult for anyone to get even 100 of votes.

In the conclusion,what we can say is that there is no alternative to quality content and there is no alternative to networking. Both of these are equally essential to be successful in Steemit. Good luck my friend.Thanks for the reply.It was a good conversation with you.

I am absolutely agree with you man! Quality content is key. Good luck for you as well mate

Well that is also dependent on the price of steem. If steem was worth $100 you wouldn't need that much for a sufficient vote. Hopefully Smt's bring us much closer to that goal.

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Agreed, someday, smaller votes will begin to add up, when there are millions of people on Steem, and especially when some of us people begin to get over 100K followers for example.

Is that the new thing, thanking each other for comments instead of upvoting them? Or you just sell those... (;

I always wonder if the amount paid to get so much in rewards from votebots is actually worth it these days. I also use them, I like them. I think they they are good for marketing Steemit as a platform, when my friends and family read my posts. Even if many 'old school steemers' disagree.

I'm going to resteem your post and, hope it creates a conversation. And I will self upvote my comment, rarely do I do this but I want to be higher up on your comment section.

Preface: @berniesanders brought me here

I'm on the fence with the issue. On one hand having such an ecosystem you'll get scummy fucks who does nothing on the blockchain but buy their way to more and more steem without doing anything. What's the point of a blockchain token whose worth reflects the content when there is no more incentive to make content?

On the other.. No one can stop the scummy fucks so if i dont do it, they would still do it. At least people like us who buy votes wont immediately cash out and crash the market like what all the scummy fucks are doing.

I'll help you with going higher up the comment section. This thread is not about @joeparys anymore anyways. LOL.

Awesome. thanks. Yea this post seems to have taken on it's own life..


How was this a "step by step" tutorial? Let's see if we can break down the steps:

  • make videos
  • hope for upvotes from whales and insult your minnow audience at the same time. Then spend most of the video trying to make it sound as if you appreciate the votes from your minnow audience even though you're only hoping for DTube and whale votes.
  • "do your best"

Is that it? Amazing advice right there Joe....

And... you've just summarized the full $10 course

Someone better pay me $10!

Congratulations for your first year in steemit @joeparys . a year of huge success.. Thank you for helping and teaching us to grow in steemit. Wish you more success..


I think more depends on luck here than the hard work. Writing better posts only cannot make posts profitable. Strategy also matters. I wonder how some people get upvote for their ordinary posts while many great posts gets dust. These lucky fellows must be great strategist or lucky or some whales friends.

I think it's a mix of luck, a smart work and good relationship with some whales.
There are a lot of people using bid bots and services like minnowbooster or smartmarket, etc.

I agree with you. But, I think this platform is designed only for whales and bid-bots.

It is very difficult to get upvotes without buying

hi @joeparys

I used to follow you as I used to believe in your content. But not anymore. It's not a rocket science to notice that your posts are being pumped by upvoting bots.

Unfortunatelly people like you (let's call them "power users") are luring others to Steemit for all the wrong reasons. Instead of promoting this platform as a place to build your reach and become part of great community, you're attracting those who believe that they can earn huge money.

And it always ends up very same way: with all those new users showing their frustration and dissapointment and abandoning Steemit. Only because they were told lies.

Just like @oktapako wrote in his comment:
"you are everything that is wrong with the cryptospace"


It is impossible to use this (Steemit) platform in any other way except in the way it is being used today. Those who criticize are under a fundamental misconception regarding the "money" system imposed on the world by the Banks. It is corrupt. And there is no way to inject morality into a system designed for corruption. Especially the morality suggested by those who want to keep Steemit "pure".

Always good to call out the fakes. You're doing the community a huge favor.

I can agree they are power user and luring people to steemit for wrong reasons but I do not agree they are wrong. Whatever they are doing is within the framework of steemit (though look unethical ) but removing the bid bots concept should be on the Steemit developers and anybody is free to invest money here an become powerhouse here

Just wondering if you read the message or just put a bod to reply.

Automated reply, or impersonal ones, at best.

Hi @joeparys, I just discovered your channel while doing a search on how to get more upvotes on steemit. I think your post came at the right time for me and am tagging as I see more useful resources here. Cheer man

Don't follow Joe's advice. It's rubbish advice and only designed to benefit Joe's wallet, not yours.

Im just here for upvotes.... :)

Looks like all your huge upvotes comes from paid bots

I'm new to steemit and have been told a few times not to put out quality posts right now because they won't go anywhere, save them until I become a whale and then they will be seen and read; so for now I'm just putting out stocking fillers to build up my followers and such and then put out the quality posts. If I don't use bots I find I get around zero to 20 cents a day and that means I'd have to be here on steemit for many years to rise very far. But I live and learn by reading posts like this and the comments...

When will you post the quality ones then? On your first year? For me I put out quality posts here when I feel like it. But when I started of course I felt bad not getting lots of upvotes. Usually if you're part of a community that's when we get more upvotes and if we comment around a lot.

The first 4 months were long quality posts and I got hardly a vote. I don't know

Oh I know the feeling. 😁 When you did that were you also going around commenting? Maybe I will write an ebook and tell people how to earn on Steemit too. 😂😂😂 Without bidbots. And i'll sell it on Amazon. Haha.

But then again maybe after Steemit changes. Hmmm. 🤔 Haven't really checked when the changes will take effect.

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What changes; and yes I was commenting

Oh my there's like some fork happening or some kind of change with how the voting will be. That's what the witnesses and others are saying. Haven't really read much on it though coz I'm not hardcore around here anymore. If I was I'd have left a long time ago.

Have you found any communities to belong to yet? If you wait for whale upvotes it's not gonna happen. U still gotta work it out here.

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I'm on steemitbloggers and get a vote most days, but I'm still not getting on average more than 15 cents a day on my posts. So to make myself feel better just lately I've been using bots to make it seem as if I'm more popular, a kind of fake it until you make it kind of thing...

Sometimes it's also abt the right tags. Getting a few cents is normal to me by now. 😁 No whales afaik go around looking for minnows or redfishes to upvote. Only dolphins do that, otherwise you still have to "work it" on here in order to get noticed and get bigger upvotes. 😂

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You won't become a whale with "stocking fillers".

So how do you become a whale?

Establish yourself in communities that will support you and that you want to support in turn, build a network of like minded people, consistently post quality content, support and help others. Become a respected Steemit user rather than someone like Joe who is only out to scam naive people.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, it takes time and lots of effort. Unless you want to pump a lot of money into Steemit yourself, and there's no harm doing that. Personally, I take pride in the fact that I've built up my Steem holding via posting content rather than investing my own money in the platform. Each to their own though.

I write creative literature, and not many understand that, so I put in a few simpler posts to try to get a few more followers and comment as much as I can find something to comment on

Sounds like a good approach. I checked your profile and like your content.

Thanks, I like to be progressive

Some good pointers here which go beyond boosters and bribes, so thanks. My biggest issue with Steemit as a platform however is that these rewards are not organic... especially for minnows and the like. These days for the little guys it seems entirely required to play the bot & bride game on this platform. Its a core element (due to current system incentives) of selling follows, votes, reblogs and/or SP delegation (ultimately bribes). I feel this facet is extremely detrimental to this ecosystem and the general ideologies of a decentralized community and infrastructure.

Every persons's voice should have a similar weight (not 100x orders of magnitude off compared to the whales). More emphasis on the "social proof" aspect is needed. I definitely agree that good content creators should be amply rewarded, and the more active a user is on the platform the better off and more impactful they should be. But the current system is out of whack and promotes an oligarchy driven by 'tribute'. This makes it feel impossible for us little guys to get ahead via our content and community, without playing this disingenuous game.

I don't want to pour my energy in that BS, I want to make quality content, explore others' quality content, and have a genuine/organic community around it. Sadly the Donald Trumps of Steemit currently rule. Power to the people!

exactly what i thought about steemit,you have shared here.i wish you will be successful one day for sure.

:DD haha I love how the sentence starting at 4:49 wasn't making any sense and you realized it half way thru it :D Appreciating minnows for getting up there and having big upvotes? For real? :D
Not hating tho, just saying :D

Also, thumbnail in suit and sitting there in Tshirt :D Love it! :D

Is this a bot repying? Word order doesn't make much sense :D

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I think your english might just be better than his... Really like your travel blog too btw!

Hello, @joeparys

You are made a lot of efforts to educate peoples on how to build a strong profile on Steemit. Thank you for your efforts. Keep it up and I will support your campaign. @printskill

i will keep follow joeparys on steemit , very easily understand ,thanks to @joeparys

You have recieved a free upvote from @saiduzzaman . For Nice Article . Carry On Brother upvote.jpg

Too much click-bait, not any real quality content. I think you are too focused on trying to make an easy dollar that you've forgotten what this site was created for. And believe me Steemit will not live on if more and more people like you focus too much on the upvotes and Steem dollars than the actual quality of content that is supposed to benefit others, not ourselves. (Steem dollars are a very nice bonus, but passion and quality must come first.) Its a general fact of life, "you don't get nothing for nothing". Create it and they will come

He owns an upvote bot, Maximize-Profits is his middle name :D

Congratulations! @JoeParys
You seem to have solved the Steemit code. 😃

Bid with the bots, easiest.

Really is not that hard. Buy a lot of steem, power up, get you vote huge, autovote, vote some minnows, autovote, vote another minnow with 1.75%, autovote, repeat.
Them, spend some hours writing some thing like this and sell it for 9.99$

So how much STEEM power do you actually need to make an impact with upvotes? 1000? 2000? 10,000?

I am asking also

Can we get a new discord link? The old one is invalid and has expired... Thanks JOE!

Hiii joeparys your post is very nice i read full post carefully i found u are writing very nice but joeparys can u help me i have very few upvote can u support me to like and comment on my post

So video pays better huh? I've never actually tried it because I'm a fiction writer. That kind of sucks though.

Screenshot (53).png

@Appreciator of the steemian who voted for @joeparys video is at the top and has contributed the most.
Buying votes for one's content...Not Cool.

You probably won't like his $9.99 course then...

I really appreciate the kind of steps this man is taking to promote and earn from Stemmit. Its really helpful for newbies like me to know more about the system and put some more hardwork on it. I have a small request to the writter that there should be atleast few free courses to give the basics.

Thank you for your guidance. I hope it'll help me to increase my earnings in this huge community.

How to recover steemit password please help me?@joeparys


I have noticed when I use the bid bots I get a lot of votes form people trying to beat the bots and get curation but they only vote at like 1 or 2 % of their voiting power so it takes 30 or 40 to equal anything.

Ahh interesting, definitely makes sense for ppl to do this. Surprised I didn't think about this happening earlier.

To the point guidance can enhance our success chance !!!
Nice video ...

Voy a probar, gracias por probar

By paying bots even more to get the upvotes maybe? :p

Completely agreed with you @joeparys there is lots and lots of stuffs on steemit which is going on currently we should always be in search for them and you never which stuff suits you and even i was not bit consistent these days but no matter if your post is earning 1$ or even 100$ the thing which should be considered is being consistent and that's how you build a community of people those who follows you...😅

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I really enjoy reading your post just because it is full of knowledge....😅

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hi! i really want to earn how to be success on the internet. i´m a writter, so if you have some advice for me i´m all ears. thanks for advantage

This is really educative thankyou so much for your guidance

thanks for your advice

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Ah tried most steps but they didn't work, I'll like to know more

I think you are using alot of bots, most of us here may not have enough money for that, but, i think what we need is how the community can help steemians get upvotes

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@joeparys , thank you for the information! It was quite useful for me to watch your video. So, as I understand, at the moment, we should try to make a content that will make happy the whales, so that we will be able to get their upvotes.

Please guide us properly

thank for your important tutorial

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thank you so much @joeparys, earlier today, was having a little discussion with a friend of mine while steeming, immediate your wall popped up about your new post..he suddenly became so enthusiastic.. pointing to the screen saying: "This dude is something else, he is loaded he added". sir, keep doing what you are doing, lives are touched, people are inspire by your post and impacts..

You know @dtube was awesome enough to vote my content. I feel like I'm building a cool channel now that the creators of the app have looked into my content. You have great advice. Great luck to you.

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@joeparys hey mate the discord link has expired could I have a fresh one please

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Bro u are very versatile how can u do so many things at one time

wow amazing post

Hi guys, @heimindanger @dtube @joeparys
how to join DTube? how sign up or log in? I tried to put my STEEM Username and Private Posting Key there but it said Wrong Private Posting Key? Oh by the way, where to get the Private Posting Key? Is it different from the Private Key of Steemit account? Thanks guys!

Thanks so much I got a DTube account already!!!!

I do not have money and even if I had it I would not give you fifty cents.

HEy man , thaks for your post is amazing! i thin that you are the ONE..

we love @joeparys you rock mr handsome

How much did you spend on steemit at initial stage ? @joeparys

If I work on steemit continue for 6 months can I earn a good amount of income

this is absolutely brilliant, i enjoyed this! :)

As always, a very insightful and informative article.

tutorials are good.

Follow me and i will follow you if u like and comment on my post i will also reply you on ur post

really love this post.Thanks for guiding us

People like you who maximize the use of Dapps and create good content will always get upvotes

I prefer the community aspect over mere upvotes though, probably why I do not make as much.

Steem on

I will for sure need to add this to my watch list lol cause that would be just amazing.

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I am glad to see that you are still strong here in the community. I thought you would be another one that would come... bank... and go. Lol

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Yeah, some people may stay on Steem longer than others, that is when they think revolutionary, long-term, as we are at event horizons, as we press forwards to a new era for humanity in the 2020's.