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So today I took the first step into really showing my dedication to the community we have built #dtubedaily.

We all share a common love of content creation and the @dtube / @steemit platforms and I know and trust the community members and how much we all want the group to grow and become something big. By big I mean becoming a place where we can all support each other out.

The great thing I love about #dtubedaily is that we all generally want to help each other and not just by spamming our content in to get upvotes but to give feedback and advice and guide one another.

It is crazy to see that only after a month of us forming this community some of us have met in real life and I know others have plans.

@neeqi & @kevinli two of our resident Aussies met and made some great collaboration videos:




and me and @tim.clarke met yesterday in our local city. We had a great time and both shot a video!



I decided to start with a 400SP delegation and as I continue to grow I will invest a lot more! I'm still along with many of the community trialing different ideas and techniques for the @dtubedaily account and all I can say is...


dtube daily rocket.png

▶️ DTube


Hi, I'm new and up and coming Dtuber here. I post sad music here. Please consider coming by and delegating steem power to me. I also thumbs comments on my posts. So if you read this and want some free steem-powered votes. Leave a comment on my videos and I'll thumbs you up!

Thumbs up so others can see

I had to come watch this again haha. What are you getting #DtubeDaily for valentines day?

hahaha @adetorrent i'm a hopeless romantic i'm thinking a bunch of flowers from the petrol station and a Greggs sausage roll... think that'll work right?

classy. very classy.

I am speechless to the dedication slayer has shown as well has been an inspiration to me to up my creating...keep up the great are making us all at Dtubedaily proud!

This is only the beginning @originalmrspice!

You are such an inspiration @slayerkm!! I delegated my first 10 SP today to our community. I hope as my power grows I will be able to contribute more too. Thank you so much for showing your love for the group and being so assertive in what you do. You are a great example! So thank you, thank you very much! :)

:) I am so pleased I am inspiring people. Your delegation is appreciated by not only me but the whole community. This is only the very beginning of something great. I'm so thrilled you're here to enjoy the first steps. I am only a small piece of the larger picture, there are so many great hard working individuals in our community and if it wasn't for all of them we would not be here today :)

Thanks for supporting minnows....hats off......keep working on it let steemit grow...

Thank you :) the community will forever support each other and Steemit will grow!!!!!!!!!

As far as people like you are on steemit

This video is very helpful to increase the steem power

Supporting each other make a good bond for growth @slayerkm

That is the plan!!!

Thanks sire, you're doing an awesome job.

omg that intro was the very best...actually, this entire vid was the very best. well done and so much appreciation for the delegation @slayerkm!

Great job man and very funny video! The end would have been perfect if you shout out of your window "I love DTubeDaily!!!" and some other guy had answered "Shut up you moron!" :D
I'm looking forward to support the account every week a little bit more with a part of my income. In some months DTubeDaily as well as the account will be big, big, big!

:) Yeah imagine if my neighbour replied ''I KNOW'' hahahah

We will grow so big!!!!! Thanks for the comment @liveyourdream :)

extraordinary :)

Thanks! this community is certainly that!

WOW that's huge bro!

More power for us all!!!!

We just recently talked about it. 2018 - Get ready! Jungle is massive!

Jungle is massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2018 is the year for community!

Community has already many helpful posts avail. Best of luck welldone :)

Great stuff, Slayer! Now let's get that yog-get delegation to your house!

Thank you slayerkm for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 6.71% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

For help, will you please visit because I check my discord server daily?

To learn more about Steem, will you please use because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Community building community is very good because it can lead to compact in doing things fellow members.nice post fraind

Thank you, and very wise words. Community building the community i like that!

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Great news!

Altho I think the sound of your voice from your video was missing :D

I couldn't understand if it's an awkward ongoing intro montage or what :D

Better luck next time with the render! :)

I'm confused the sound is there for me?

Wow! Sorry! :D

I had on my speakers only the left channel on and your sound was only on the right one :D LOL!

Like... I heard the music, but not you talking :D

All good, now I heard you.

hahahahahaha i re watched it loads of times thinking there must be a part that the audio goes off hahaha

:D wow!

Sorry about that! My mistake!

Couldn't imagine that you would have audio on one channel... And I forgot that I turned only one speaker on :D

Haha. Love it! Very funny man and your poor Mum...being pranked that should be ashamed, lolol.

Hahahah She is used to my silly games by now ;)

Great job keep it up

anomalous 😊

;) sums me up

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Thank You! ⚜

I love Beckham too he was a great English Footballer and great style icon or do you mean Becks the larger I'm more of a Foster fan. Up the Aussies!!!!

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