On Dtube for more than 6 months. Uploading daily

in dtubedaily •  5 months ago

I have just realised that Dtube have helped me so much to become a better person and also a more productive and hard working person.

Always said I would never be able to create video content on daily basis to share with everyone and now I realize that more than 6 months after I have start the #sevendaysdtubechallenge I have been doing it for more than 6 months.

In all honesty I am having so much fun and that is probably the reason why I have not noticed that this happen.

For as long as I am having fun doing this I will keep it going and it looks like the fun it is not about to stop anytime soon.

What do You think about me being here and resilient for so long?





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congratulation and thank you for commenting on my video, i deeply appreciate it.


You are welcome. It is a pleasure. :) and thank you for the visit eheheh

You are such a motivation to all dtubers, thanks for being so consistent. ☺


I just hope I can keep motivating everyone and inspiring People to do their best.

Isn't it great being broke?! <---Sarcasm. great work man! Keep it up. I hope I will be doing my 6 month video in 4.2 months :) I do enjoy your videos!


I bet You will get there and feeling super happy and proud. Time flies when You are having fun. Thank you so much. I am so glad You enjoy my videos. I will keep up with Your now :)

Sergio, you're a champ with your commitment! That's so awesome you've uploaded nearly every day!
Well we need more places where crypto is accepted, then you won't ever be broke!


I need to commit even harder to avoid being broke eheheh :) thank you so much for being here with me all this time :)


You're a sweetheart 🍓❤️


Thank you so much. :)

Very useful video,I also want to be more productive person. Thanks for sharing with us!


Yeah sometimes it is not easy to do that. Because there are so many distractions. We need all to focus really hard. :) you can do it as well.

hey you are doing great job ! keep it up


I will keep trying my best I promise. :) Thank you.

Just got on Dtube yesterday, Dlive is good too.

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Indeed. There are so many good places here in the blockchain that is amazing. :)

Hahaha this is awesome!!! 6 months is a big number especially to upload daily. Congrats on a milestone ! :) ❤


Yeah I never thought I was going to be able to do it. Thank you so much. :)