TRAVEL UPDATE | Flying to Kuala Lumpur in a Few Days + I Would Love to Meet Up with STEEMIANS! | India Coming Soon !

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Hey beautiful beings,

If you’ve missed my face, here it is. I haven’t been able to film much at all over the last week or so due to travel sickness and being in transit but I’m finally feeling back in good health and I can’t be more grateful.

I’m leaving Indonesia in a few days and will be making a pit stop in Kuala Lumpur for at least a week to organise my visa for INDIA! I’m super excited and hope to be visiting in about a months time. I had an opportunity here in Sumatra to connect with some local Steemians but due to falling sick I ran out of time to make the journey. It’s really unfortunate because it was something I was looking forward to. What I did notice though is there seems to be a large Steemit community in KL and if possible I would love to connect while I’m there.

So if you’re in Kuala Lumpur and would like to meet up, LET ME KNOW!

Tomorrow I’ll be hiking a volcano, so stay tuned for a new vlog. 😊

I hope all is well in your world! 💗

Big love to you! | neeQi

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You are back now ! :) I'm happy to see you are looking fresh. So exited to see India. Take care. Big hugggg xoxo

Yes! I am hoping to get more videos out soon. Thank you. I won't be leaving for India for about a month. I need to do the visa first and then I will be going to Cambodia to try and help @ maslowmission with a project. Look forward to sharing it with you. 💗

Which part of Cambodia you going to ? Cambodia is not so far I could try to find sometime to go meet up with you guys :)

Phnom Penh - if you could that would be amazing. You know I still want to meet up! It would be amazing. 😍

When you get the date please send me so I will plan. ❤️ ❤️

Of course! I think it will be sometime in the middle of next month but when I know for sure I will tell you. 😁💞


I've wanted to see this place, and I will eventually.

Glad you have a travel companion, I wouldn't want to go there all alone either.

And one who has been before, so I think that will help me with the integration. I’m pretty excited. 😊

Jee aya nu( For India) which means welcome. Wishing you in advance

Thank you @nickarora. I am looking forward to exploring your beautiful country!

Wow, glad to have you back on your adventure. And compared to your last photo taken in Sumatra, your face is now brighter like we don't need any sun light anymore.

Have a great adventure!

Thank you @putu300! I am definitely feeling much better and appreciating my health. 😁

Do message if happen to be in Delhi

I may definitely be in Delhi. If I am I will let you know! 😊

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