Who Needs Volcanoes When You Have SALAK!! | Indonesian Snake Fruit

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Hey beautiful beings,

I know I promised a volcano vlog but unfortunately the weather is super crappy and tomorrow I’ll be leaving back to Medan for my flight to Kuala Lumpur. So instead I wanted to share this special Indonesian fruit that I have grown to love since being in this country - Salak also known as snake fruit.

The fruit has a very scaly outer skin similar to that of snakes. I’ve found the best Salaks are light brown in colour and when you pinch the tip and can feel the skin has separated from the fruit you know they’re ready. They usually contain three segments with a seed in each piece. The best way for me to describe the taste and texture is that they are crunchy like apples but can be really sweet if you get a fruit that is ripe. A bad Salak can be really astringent.

I’m really going to miss these when I leave, I rate them right up there with some of my favourite fruits!

Have you tried Salak before? I’d love to know!

Big love to you! | neeQi 🍑

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.04.14 am.png

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My mouth drooled there :D looks yummy!! Now I want to eat. Have a safe trip to KL Sarah!

Winny out...for now ;)

Thanks Winny! 😊

Video bomber!

You look well rested, which is good, your adventure is only just beginning!

😂 Sometimes I think he just likes the camera attention! I’m feeling much better. Today we have a big day of transit but I’m looking forward to a change of scenery!

Geeez I knew that Indonesia had what I'm looking for.. SALAK! I have to try you!!

I hope you get a chance to one day! It’s delicious! 😁

Reall can't wait!!

I remember the interesting taste of the snake fruit in South-East Asia. But its spiky skin rasped my hands badly. I guess one should wear gloves to touch a salak, unless its skin looks smooth like yours.

I’m yet to experience very spiky salak. Most of them have been easy enough to eat but I have seen pictures of different looking ones that look like they might hurt. It’s a shame because I think they are yummy fruit! 😊

When it's still on the tree, salak has spikes. These can hurt you. This is why we need to be careful when harvesting salak. The farmers clean the spikes before marketing these fruits so at the end when these reach the consumers (you, for example) your hand would not be hurt, but you still need to be careful. 😊

Oh I didn't know this. Thanks for letting me know. They're such an interesting fruit! The farmers must work hard to provide them for others to eat.

You guys are so cute together :) I like that fruit but never seen them that strong before I always try to soft one. xoxo

Thanks Anne, haha we are pretty harmonious in each other’s company. I only eat the hard salak because the soft ones are always sour! 🧡

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