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The elegance and grace of traditional and classical dance that the beautiful ladies from Thailand performed . This is the continuation of my article about the Embassy festival “The Performance”. I really hope you can watch it. It is really interesting and so beautiful dance .
The first dance is with two ladies wearing traditional gold clothes with the remarkable gold pointed crown, holding gold glass with petals of flower ..The second dance is a lady wearing colorful clothes and the hair dress is flowers and she’s dancing with a small candle in her hands , she’s dancing gracefully with the fire. .The third dance is also wearing colorful clothes and holding handheld fan ..The fourth dance is still classical but this one with Faster move and music but still smooth and elegant .

Beautiful performances . It’s a privilege to watch the different genre of classical dance and hear the beautiful music in one number from other nation.

Thank you for watching and reading my post. I hope you enjoy it .

If you didn’t watch yet the Part 1 please don’t hesitate to visit the link to watch:
World Peace/ Embassy Festival:

Live Love and World Peace.

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