How To Get DTube Upvotes (NO TIPS INCLUDED!) | dreamvlog #35 [DTubeDaily]

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This video doesn't contain any tips about how to get upvotes from DTube! It's much more about sharing my thoughts and what I think this question actually means for you as a content creator.

If you're still interested in a video which contains actual tips covering this question I can recommend this video by @dnews.

It's the wrong question!

In my opinion it's the wrong question asking yourself or others how to get more or any upvotes from DTube. Because I believe that the DTube upvote itself doesn't solve your actual problem if you're a newcomer on this platform or when you're considering doing this full-time some day.
I guess all of you will agree with me when I say that when you're a newcomer on a platform no matter how good your content is you need to have people watching it. And you need to have a core group of people constantly watching it. That's why you should start asking yourself the right questions.

What are the right questions?

If you're struggling with low votes and views the questions you should start asking yourself could be for example:

How can I get more attention?
How can I find my community?
What does successful interaction look like?
How can I make my content more interesting so that people will follow me?
How can I make an interesting thumbnail?

You have to focus on what makes your channel successful in the LONG RUN! Only having a focus on the DTube upvote is very shortsighted and won't bring you any further. In my opinion it's even a recipe to failure!
Of course, a massive upvote from DTube will bring your video higher in the trends but it's up to you and the quality of your content if your viewers like it or not. And if they come back to your channel or not.

And all of us who already get DTube upvotes should be aiming at is the question "How can I get some day independent from DTube upvotes?".

Think about it and tell me your opinion! I always welcome a friendly discussion.

If you enjoy my content and you don't want to miss the next video make sure to follow. Don't mind to upvote and resteem as well and what's most important…

…live your dream!

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Great advice @liveyourdream. You're 100% right on where our focus should be and what questions to ask ourselves. I'm so happy when my fellow dtd family gets upvotes now because at the end of the day we will all still be here to support each other.

It’s great that we have this community. Not only for supporting each other in the way of upvoting but also giving feedback, getting inspiration and learning from each other.
I think it’s also easier for amateurs working together with other amateurs than being surrounded only by pros like on YouTube. I guess that’s poisoning your long term motivation.


Yes, need to engage constantly back with the people who comment back on your videos. Let's hope the dtubedaily crew stay strong and become great dolphins by the end of the year.

You said "a few days ago" I'm so prouddddd hahaha.

I hope so as well... We’ll see how things will evolve over time. Yes, I said it! I’ve practiced this so much and I guess I start changing my bad habit of always saying “some days ago”.

You are absolutely spot on mate, perfectly spot on. I really love how your content is coming together. “How to make my content more interesting” is far better than focusing on getting one vote.
Well done buddy!!

Thank you! I mean it because these are the questions I have been asking myself as well. And I guess when you start solving these problems step by step, the DTube upvote will come as well ;)

I agree, basing your existence 100% on one upvote can be brutal and most of time won't work out. I don't think it's a bad thing for a person to know what works but at the same time you need to build your own brand and stability.

Good post !

why for fack sake did you then name your title Tips if there arent any tips

It’s mentioned in the title AND in the thumbnail AND in the description AND in the video that there are no tips included.

This isnt even an oximoron. but i'll follow you anyway cos you have intersting posts

Im inspired by this content of yours and im gonna put to use the good ideas i grab from your post. Thanks for sharing.

I am following you. I am new here please Support Thank you sir

First of all, you should know that begging is a recipe to failure as well. And second I won’t support you because you’re copy pasting comments and not giving any value to this community with comments like these. And on top of that you are lying as well. You’re not following me at all.

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