Exploring More Of The Steem Blockchain 😁 | Vlog #195

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Excited to see all the cool new things. The blockchain is doing well.

New Steem Monsters Update:

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

My Steemit Profile - https://steemit.com/@kevinli

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Every card in the game has a golf foil equivelent.
Gold is good :)


The Temptation is real


Yes. Yes it is :P
Look at my collection ^^

Hi there! That is a good lesson, don't spend time with other's dreams. Sorry that happened but maybe you will have a bit more time for you. It is a great time getting into Steem Monsters now! I love your gold foil Silvershield Knight as well as those 2 Legendary cards you got! Nice pull!! I sent you a few Epics to add to your awesome collection! make sure to visit us all in Steem Monsters Discord- https://discord.gg/G2RtTSj


ah legend, thanks Chris! I'll have to check out the epics when I get home and already part of the discord. Love the excitement around the project


Awesome! I will see you next time as your show is a great one! :-) I'm sure you have heard of the excitment today- @haejin has bought over 12K or so of Steem Monster cards! It is so exciting! We are here early, this is sweet! :-) You are here at the perfect time!


Yeah, it's insane! He's a smart cookie. They gonna be worth heaps in the future


Yes! I feel the same way! If a Gold Legendary card is worth 2K now can you imagine when they stop making them and battling starts?!

lol the same feeling I get with freelance 😂😂😂


you should look into steem monsters if you are into gamingm=, man. Going to be a mad project

Looking forward to some killer content from you Kevin. As you said, working for the man will drive you crazy!


Gotta keep grinding for that self fulfillment!

Loving steem great social website


It is and great to hear