The Perfect Steemit Commercial | COMEDY SKIT

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The Perfect Steemit Commercial.jpg

Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Hey guys! Today, I’m here to talk about STEEMIT!
It’s the best platform. I LOVE IT!
Join me on Steemit and add me as a friend!

This is my entry into the @comedyopenmic Round 4!

I nominate @artakush and @bobaphet

Please say hi! I'd love to meet everyone on here and talk about cryptos and life 👊

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #GoSteem

My Steemit Profile -

Background Music by Epidemic Sound

Join the DTube discord:


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Those Annoying Crypto People

My Futures Visits Me!

S#*t Only DTubers Will Understand


This and the @buttcoin entry are like the before and after of joining steemit.


Thanks! I'l glad to be a part of the comedy open mic! Have a good one.

Hahaha @kevinli. This is pretty neat. I myself make Comedy Skits but in Hindi Language. Will try making stuff like this in English as well. We don't need girlfriends or jobs. Our life problems will be solved by this amazing platform. I NEEED STEEEEEMIT. :-D

This shot is so funny, I almost fell from my chair. Haha! Superb Job. ;)

hahha, that's awesome. Remember you can also subtitle your videos now!

Wow. I have tried Dtube only once. Preparing a video on @smartsteem tutorial and after that I will upload one of my skits for sure. Maybe I will make another kind of Steemit commercial in my own style. Hehe! Will mention you there in the Inspiration Credits :-) Thanks for the update.

haha, nice! All the best

Hahaha :D Nice and short!

Good job! I am thinking of doing something similar together with Kate! Like a comedy skit type of thing! :D Love this short form of comedy!

And your exicution is really good!

YES, DO IT! I'd totally love to watch that.

"NO! YOU NEED STEEMIT!" :D Hahaha great one, Kevin! But how can I add you as a friend...?

You already are. Congrats to you!

Thank you for being a friend :D

kiosk? That's awesome!

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WAHAHAHAHAHA! Best ever steemit commercial! "Self-esteem?" "NOOOOO!!! YOU NEED STEEMIT!" :D killer work my friend. Killer smooth-butter-face-WORK, baby. :D

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haha that was awesome lol Love the background tune as well, so suitable :D

Thank you, Tanbay!

Great video again Kevin your stuff is verry entertaining and motivating to create own content .
Like for you and keep up your stuff :)

THANK YOU. Have a good day

Brilliant commercial...haha! Waiting to see it on TV.

Very nice video @kevinli! I'm very interesting what will be in the future. Did it possible that DTube will be good alternative to YT, maybe will be better and bigger than YT? What you think?

it will a great alternative, they can coincide together like how snapchat and instagram video do

Your videos are freaking hilarious man 😂 I can't stop laughing at this one.

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Haha love it! Best video ever! :D

Thanks, bud!


Right! Want more funny check us out! More content on the way!

Wao so amazing and learnable all videos thanks dude I learn many new things

you have potential to be famous, so i wish you good luck,btw nice video ;)

I've followed you....hope it means I've added you as a friend


Want more funny check us out! More content on the way!

Man, I fell asleep trying to read all the rules for contestants.
My memory is not that good.

But it's for your steemies! I'd actually love to see you try a full out comedy video to shake up your content.

very nice bro i m following u

Thanks, Glad to see you're on STEEMIT!

Lol “in 2 months I gained 20 followers” 😂😂😂

Well Well, Bettie, you ain't so boring no more!

Ahahaha mannnn, that face accent reminds me of commercials from the 70s

I love it when good quality hits new video platform :) Pretty nice to watch ^^

You forgot Dvine. Well it's only a matter of time until there's Dvine. lol

You are d-vine ;)

T to the Hanks. Tom Hanks

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check you out. ON STEEMIT!!~!

It's so comical, well done mate! hahah

Nice short :D how do you do? ;)

Really great video. I'm really happy that there is comedy on Dtube. :D

Nice video men, i love your content!

Very good job! I like videos like this one. :) You are the best!

very nice bro, i wait for more videos ;p

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Who know, how long is upload video for youtube ?

super :3 eres japones

Nice good job

very helpful and informative! short but concise.

great movie! you have an extra channel!
I will be grateful if you see mine too!

So funny video bro!!

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jejejje super video

lol awesome! You have a great video presence...good salesman, too!! Yayyy, Steemit!! lol

we bask under one great sun.... we bow to the ever shine of Steemit!!

Very good post kevinli i appreciate your creativity, i want to become like you, a successful man and brand, i get inspired from your line.
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My article How to collect information to invest in ICOs?

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ummmmm....hi you seem like a really awesome dude so imma follow you.hopefully that means were friends

I hope you're ok with me as a friend ^_^

Where do I sign?!

haha ;D This is how commercials should looks like in this days ;)

In two months, I had 20 followers! Lmao

He was such a buzz Kill! lol Check out or comedy skit as well!

Hey @kevinli , this is awesome. U received 100% upvote from @gangas .

Thanks, bud! Much appreciated.

Want more funny check us out! More content on the way!

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