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RE: The Perfect Steemit Commercial | COMEDY SKIT

in #dtubedaily3 years ago

Hahaha @kevinli. This is pretty neat. I myself make Comedy Skits but in Hindi Language. Will try making stuff like this in English as well. We don't need girlfriends or jobs. Our life problems will be solved by this amazing platform. I NEEED STEEEEEMIT. :-D

This shot is so funny, I almost fell from my chair. Haha! Superb Job. ;)


hahha, that's awesome. Remember you can also subtitle your videos now!

Wow. I have tried Dtube only once. Preparing a video on @smartsteem tutorial and after that I will upload one of my skits for sure. Maybe I will make another kind of Steemit commercial in my own style. Hehe! Will mention you there in the Inspiration Credits :-) Thanks for the update.

haha, nice! All the best