One Yeti's Perspective #39: How Should We teach?

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So, Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I were talking about teaching. Whether it is a new skill, or something basic. How thurough should we be, and how thurough are we normally.

When she and I used to take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, one of the teaching methods was to have the student teach. If the student could teach something it meant they owned it.

When we are teaching another person how thurough should we be? Do most of us teach something quick, for right now. Or do we sow something deep and effect the people down the line? What might help us versus what might help everyone. Just an idea. 🙃 Be well!

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When teaching we should put in our best, be patient to go over and over if teaching a slow learner, and be confident in our speech. Don't be too much in haste thinking everyone has a magnetic brain yo catch up fast.

In essence it should be slow and steady.

Nice! Really get it in there. Think of the ripple effect of your effort!

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Thank You! ⚜

When it comes to teaching, i always remember something Albert Einstein once said, he said he believes he understands something only when he is able to explain it to his grandmother

Haha that is spot on. When you can take something, even very complex things, and break it down to a simple might know what you are talking about!

This sounds like the The Feynman technique and it's certainly a solid way to tech people how to learn. As you've said, if you can explain what you've just learnt and then apply it, you've properly learned it. Teaching people the answer without the method is certainly a bad long term plan.

Yeah, I had to look that up haha. It said that Feynman could teach..

quantum physics for virtually anybody.

Teaching quantum physics to virtually anybody is a feat. I do believe that we should sow deep. Even the little things like tying shoes. There is always a chance that you are teaching someone to tie that will one day tie the shoe of someone who can't. Be well!

To sow something deep is the best, nothing can ever remove nor replace it.

Yep! I agree. I love to teach, but I really love to learn.

I like the idea of the student teaching because it lets you see how well they've learned whatever they are teaching. :D
If we all thought "what might help everyone?" instead of "what might help us?" the world would be much better off and there wouldn't be anyone going to be hungry because all the food that's wasted would be given to those that need it most, (there wouldn't be any homeless people either). Of course that's just my opinion and others will disagree.
God bless you and your fantastic family. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Thank you! I do believe the ripple could be huge. Sometimes people just teach enough to get the other person going, without thinking about what it will be like when they leave.

You're welcome. You're so right. It seems some people just want to put the minimal effort into everything they do in life, that they either never learned to put forth that little bit extra to makes things better. Its quite sad when you think about it. I think that there are more people that want to put in that little bit extra effort but just aren't sure how/where to apply it though. Thankfully steemit is a great place to learn from each other. :D Eventually we could all be living off grid and growing food for our families (or whatever it is that we want out of life) because we are so free with regards to sharing our knowledge with everyone. :D I love that idea. :D
God bless you my friend. :D Have an awesome day! :D

good job friend

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In general I'd say it's important to be able to open one's eyes to the truth and to speak the truth. By doing so you not only set an example and autmatically teach a good way of living to the people around you, you also create harmony. Teaching is quite the complex topic, and it should be adjusted depending on the situation. Kids for example learn a great deal through imitation, they learn as you do, not necessarily as you say. I think teaching is most effective if adjusted to the particular character of the person.

Great perspective! Teaching and learning can be tricky. Effort is consistant in both areas.


When I use to be in the surgical field we had a saying.
Watch one, Do one, Teach one.
basically== learn it, do it, and teach it.

I love it. The doing part is some real retention. It is so amazing to think about all of this. This world is full of things to learn and teach. It is important to do both!

Nice video that you make. Some people learn slower, we should take care of them!

Well, not so much about how quick they might learn, but more how deeply they learn what we teach.

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