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This is nothing special. I survived and I want more.
Finally I know direction and im going there. None can stop me! ;-)

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The best world is a world without cigarettes. I am glad you are leaving them behind.

Sorry I don't have time right this second to actually watch your video, but any time I hear of anyone quitting cigarettes or wishing to quit, I IMMEDIATELY advise them of - that website more or less saved my life. I have been more than 5 years smoke free because of the wonderful information and support that I found on that website. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The author Joe Spitzer also has some youtube videos, one for each day of your first week of quit that are also highly informative, entertaining and straight up GOLD for anyone on that path. Good for you, the process of 're-integrating' yourself is an amazing one, one of re-claiming your birthright as a free(er) human being. KEEP IT UP!!!

Super! You've named it good! It's the battle and think about CigaretMonster as your enemy! It helps! As you can notice the idea of smoking appears in a head every 20-30 minutes now. It's a moment to take a deep breath and say: "No way, you bastard! I win!". Every morning you will be better! and eat more greens! :) all the best!

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