I got about five minutes into this video in 30 mins. I really enjoyed what you had to say and hope I remember to come back to it when DTube is working for me. And you said 'whence'! So cool! I use that a lot but I don't believe I've ever heard anyone else use it in every day speech. I may use it because of the Russian otkuda, which, of course, they use all the time.

Haha, it's so cool that you noticed that. I know I'm quite formal in my English, that's due to using it mostly in academic environment. I'm not that used to including much colloquial phraseology, for example, because I'm not so much immersed in the culture, as I'm rather an observer from the outside. And wanting to be most correct and precise - that's just my perfectionism and I'd say respect, too, for the thoughts I want to express. 😀 But I have soooo much more to learn.
Thanks, pal! I like the background otkuda we come.

I often find that foreign speakers of English speak so much better than we natives, I guess for the reasons you state. I often dumb down my correct grammar because I think it makes me sound like pretentious, but then I feel like I shouldn't.

Yep, that's the thing - I also feel rather pretentious (when I'm using words like rather, for example) speaking way too correctly. 😀 Ok, there's the social setting aspect always to take into consideration, and actually we always adjust our language to the 'conventions' of each social circle, unknowingly; but I'd rather we people eased up a bit on this all. So don't dumb it down, when you don't feel like. Stay awesomely​ posh as you are!

I'm gonna use that as a tagline - Cams Campbell, awesomely posh!

Kate! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for participating in this discussion. So many things that you speak about I resonant so strongly with. I love that you approach body positivity in such a holistic way, that what we create internally manifests and also reflects out externally. I also like your mind hack about finding beautiful things in strangers because it helps you see these things in a similar light in yourself. This was actually one of the biggest tools I started using when I was in some of my lowest points with self confidence. When you can appreciate these things in others it helps to know that we all have our own special treasures and because we’re a collective that includes you. So it helps you to be kinder on yourself. You are such an amazing woman with a powerful mind. I really am so happy to know you in this space and feel that even though we are on opposite sides of the world that I can have these deeply rich female connections. I appreciate you so damn much! 💗💗

Thank you, you sweet kind soul! 💕 I'm glad we share the same perspective on things!
You become what you think is what I understand even more now. I've seen it in myself, in friends and people around me, that the more we focus on these beauty ideals that we haven't set for ourselves, the more it causes one to be insecure about not having met these unattainable 'goals'. That, in return, reflects in the outer image.

Always happy to connect with you this way. ❤️

Этот пост подходит для долговременных раздумий, по крайней мере для меня

So cool You have joined us. Tomorrow will come back here to hear what You have to say about it :)

Thanks you both for starting this! ❤️

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