To all Steemians: what are your thoughts on DTube?

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Hello Steemians!

I've just discovered DTube, a video sharing platform based on the steem blockchain. 

Here you can find the introductory post by his author heimindanger (JUST one developer made this insanely hard work... wow)

This one is the official logo of DTube provided by the developer. It's clear and simple, just like the interface heimindanger developed taking Youtube as an example. 

His project is greatly functionable, there are already big steemians uploading videos there and the platform is starting to spread on Steemit.

The Future of DTube

I think DTube perfectly fits, as a project, to the Steemit's audience. In general terms, I like to avoid defining "steemians", because I think we're all different and our usage of the platform may vary based upon our interests and purposes here.

For example, a lot of people writing on Steemit show interest about anarchy, while I don't consider myself an anarchist. But I'm still here, writing about things I love and want to share with the community. 

Anyway, I find DTube a great platform for anarchist, libertarians, apolitical people and pretty much anyone wanting to earn a little bit of money showcasing talent, explaining subjects and exploring topics. 


DTube will be the greatest invention ever for pirates. I know that, you know that and heimindanger knows it. 

But I don't think this should stop non-pirates from using the platform. Just like non-pirates use the internet even if they perfectly know there are lots of illegal materials on it, they can use DTube in a way that fits their ideology.

I consider myself an "anti-pirates" most of the times, even if I don't condemn piracy all the times, but I find DTube an optimal way to share and create videos. 

I want to become a DTuber

In the next days, you may see a new DTuber on the platform. 

Yup. You heard that right. DTube is an innovative idea and I always love new ideas that enable people to earn money, showcase talents and study new things. 

See ya! Happy Steeming!

PS(1): I don't own any rights about the DTube logo. You can find the original post by the developer here.

PS(2): All the other images are, as always, awesomely provided by Pixabay.


DTube rocks!!!

Great to hear your opinion :)

Gonna be great.

Yeah, I think so. I just have some "meeeeeh" about the earnings pirates will make. But they're making profits anyway and, at least, maybe DTube will make them more ethical about the way they profits (now they use services to block browsers, show ads even in your desktop, plugins, etc)

Habla, blah blah blah blah blah, Español for my bunghole...

We could discuss this here:

It would be better organized because of the structure of reddit.

Sure, but I pointed out the project because I was excited about the news, to get new thoughts and to make a self-commitment to try the platform ;) I'll come and join the discussion on reddit too by the way :)

Glad to hear that ;) We're already 3(/s) people at this sub atm :)

I think DTube is great. LBRY Credits is another great alternative to YouTube as well.

What is it? :)

LBRY credits gives users the option to upload their videos just like DTube. Right now they have a beta version of their wallet, but once the final version is released, I think DTube and LBRY Credits are going to be fighting for the number one spot! This will be interesting! :D

Mmm, and what are the earning opportunities for LBRY? DTube has a solid platform behind (Steemit) with a good compensation plan. May LBRY fight that too? (I'm asking out of curiosity, I'm not saying DTube is better even because I haven't tried LBRY)

The earning opportunities for LBRY Credits are uploading content such as videos, music, and ebooks. You can choose to give it for free or have users pay for it. "Content uploaded to the decentralized LBRY network remains publicly accessible so long as the community finds it valuable and continues to host it." Learn more about LBRY here:

ok, thank you :)

I think dtube is great but seems difficult to share youtube videos or preferred, upload my own videos. Anyone know of a browser addon to 'share to steemit/dtube?

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