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RE: The 2nd YouTube Ad For STEEMIT in 2018!

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I won't support this. The software has to work on its own through the proper conveyance of information and succeed through merit, not advertising.

This is just a layer of bureaucracy on Steemit being added to bring in new users. Did Reddit, or Facebook, or Youtube need to do this? No.

You want people to come over? Make amazing content. If you do that, I'll support you. A tutorial on how to use Steemit dressed up in a school environment is tactfully ambiguous; props on that I guess. . .


Hi @zastels I totally understand your point. The goal is to not have Steemit succeed as a platform just because we are advertising it. The goal is to bring awareness -- here is a personal story.

3 years ago I saw a Facebook Ad for an online teaching platform. I was not aware of the platform at all until I clicked that Facebook Ad. This platform was still very new (like steemit is) and since joining the platform has changed my life. I earn a full time income on that website alone. The point? Without that little Facebook Ad, I would have never known about the website or platform. The platform is amazing (as I believe steemit is) but how many people actually know about it still? This is what we are aiming to do :)

@zastels, i got your point perfectly and i believe your submissions are right on point but i would like to see @joeparys point from this angle; i imagine not hearing steemit from a friend who also heard it from his own friend, i am double sure i wont be here today, there is little we can do with "the word of mouth awareness".

Making use of the technology to our advantage will sure go a long way, imagine if we are still using the post office to send mails to our loved ones, it will sure get to them but at what expense? when you could just punch your keyboard and the recepint gets the mail in a mini second.

Combining your view @zastels with that of @joeparys will make steemit a great platform.

Thsnkd to you both

Hi @joeparys, I agree with you. Your video gives me much awareness! Thank you

You Are Great Every Bussiness Need Some Advertising You Won't Believe That Even Facebook And Google Need Advertising Regularly Because They Are Reaching Their Exact Target To Due To Advertisement And We Already Know That They Are Already Famous Plateform But Advertisements Gives Them More Power And More Support

Thanks for replying, your message makes sense to me. What comes to mind is that Steemit being the first to employ a social media platform powered by the blockchain is not necessarily an advantage.

First impressions are everything, and right now looks like a scam website to a lot of first-time viewers. They do not understand what they're looking at, and the $$$ they see seems unbelievable.

Bit of a personal story from me, but I would loosely call myself a computer and Bitcoin expert. To me Steemit is hard as hell, I spend a lot of time each day troubleshooting or learning new aspects of Steemit. Right now services like Whaleshares and Minnowsupport are just not what this website needs, these services need to end. To me, wealth inequality is not an issue it is a red herring, the issue with Steemit is the traveling distance of a new users voice. I feel we have major problems to fix before we bringing over boatloads of people.

I just don't see Steemit making sense to most people in its current permutation. If you look at the demographics of Steemit, it is mostly populated by countries of people who have a strong understanding of why Bitcoin is important. If you bring someone to Steemit who fundamentally doesn't understand Bitcoin, you have an insane amount of explaining to do, because you've just produced a chicken before an egg.

Steemit should grow organically, the first impression is very important, and its timing needs prerequisites and contexts to be right.

A lot of people are echoing exactly what you just stated, there's no room for new people to succeed here is the problem. I'm new here, and after the last month of producing content here, its easy to see this platform has been totally gamed by greedy people.

I also agree with your statements about DTube, the only people making money there are the ones DTube upvotes because they have a ton of SP. The rest earn nothing for their efforts.

Either way, trying to entice new users to invest time and energy into a platform that will never benefit them is a waste of time. This platform puts absolutely no value on hard work and creativity in terms of the content produced here.

First movers advantage doesn't exist. Mmmmk

They have to remain agile and responsive to market demands or else they die.

Lots of current first movers in the tech space are simply growing by sheer weight and their debt loads will cause them to collapse in coming years. Uber, Netflix, etc. might have been among the first of their kind but missteps and competition will destroy them.

And Facebook wasn't the first social media website, and even FB is currently in decline.

Companies aren't sustainable if they have to burn massive amounts of cash just to gain and retain customers. We should not follow in their footsteps.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

The company Valve comes to my mind. They never advertised Steam, and it is literally King today of the video game marketplace. Gabe Newell talked about not needed to advertise because word of mouth was more powerful when the features worked and are what people wanted.

Yeah, it's a good example of your original statement that quality products and features attract and retain customers. We need to attract users who would be here even if payouts were 0, and that simply won't happen in this current environment. Content consumers are the backbone of social media, we're trying too hard to sell everyone and their mother on the idea that they can make money producing content. That's just wrong-minded and the economics simply don't work that way.

totally, i still have and rely on my youtube channel for income, i am getting in on the ground floor here,.. in hopes that it will become something, i know nothing of BC or crypto, but i am guessing that i will learn when the time comes, right now just investing time and effort into here while i have nothing else better to do, better than playing the slots!

I had no idea about steemit or even how to sign up until a friend had finally talked me into it. All I needed was to be guided here, so I think this would be a great success. I don't see it at all as a way to advertise, just really a technical word used to carry out the action. I dig it

I think we are setting up new users for a world of disappointment when Upbit's ability to keep prices elevated discontinues. They are probably going to get hard by legal teams in Korea. I fully agree with you.

I totally agree with you and I will not support it either. I feel it is interfering with the natural flow of Steemit. I feel actions like this are a possible corruption of the core values of the community. This content is not amazing. Make amazing content , do something positive. That is what attracts followers. I despise little scammers.

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