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What other evidence do you need for you to continue steeming, a decentralized system that pays you for your time while creating valuable content. I will be showing this video via dtube to let you all know that Steem is working. That was the local phone store I got the phone.

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@yungchief it's nice to see you bought phone from Steemit earning. I am also thinking to buy when i will have that much earning. Hahaha


You will, keep steeming

good, even my profits do not give me to buy a phone that I need so much, here in my country you could buy phones of any kind, but now all change, good video congratulations


Thank you. You will definitely get one someday

I think your private key would suffice as enough evidence 😂 🙃




hahahahahahaha, that is really funny man

Congratulations on your new phone @yungchief, this is goodnews


Thanks man, I appreciate

Ayyyyee! Bro keep pushing man. Good move also with hopping on Dtube, Dlive, etc. There's untapped potential there. I just resteemed this post for you brother. Stay safe. Peace.


Wow, I really appreciate all your advice and also thanks for the delegation

Subscribed! Awesome job, this is what STEEM is all about. This is a new world we are living in. Subscribed! very nice! I have a note 5! Very nice job, I will keep an eye out for all you do!


Thanks, I do appreciate that. I haven't seen a Note 5 here

We call this STEEMHIGH! Well done Mr yungchief