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My holidays have begun. And in these holidays a world of thoughts has settled.

Here is a long list of thoughts to do during the holidays. Love travels on the same holidays. And those who are angry with us have to treat with them as love in holidays.

Anxious hearts are also a pleasure to have during these holidays.

In those days one year will end and the new year will begin. In those days, the journey of love will be complete.Like everyone else, I will spend these holidays with enthusiasm and hope as this is the most beautiful days of my life.

I will be visiting my friends in Islamabad during these holidays. After spending two days there, I will go to see the snow in Murree city. Then I will go to Lahore for two days and will go to my sister's house.

Sister loves me so much her children are waiting for me when I get there. We will have fun and roam. We will eat dinner and talk late into the night.After spending some time with my sister, I will spend the rest of my vacation with my children. I have two disable kids that are my everything and I am everything to them.

My disabled children are my all earning and i'm all their wealth. They are satisfactions of my eyes.Their eyes see me and my eyes see them.During those holidays, I will spend more time with them. And spending time with them will make my holidays invaluable.

I will go out to eat with my children. The whole city will roam.i will Enjoy my family together.In those holidays I will celebrate those who are angry with me. And even if I am not mistaken, I will still be sorry.

Friends! Life is beautiful. And live this beautiful life as flowers. Never be greedy in your heart and help the needy, poor people around you as much as possible. Appreciate the relationships of love.

I would prefer love on holidays in which there is no greed. I will try to share in the suffering of the sad people. For everyone, we enjoy living for others.

My message will be the only love during these holidays. Love the people you belong to. Love the people who have none. Love the people who were ever sharing love.

I hope you like my writing. If you like my writing that is colorless then make comments. This is my victory. And your love.

Friends, English is not my native language. But I tried my best to share my thoughts with you on these holidays. Friends! May your prayers be filled with happiness and achievements every year.

Dear friend it is my post entry in contest Thoughtful Daily Post - Best Seasonal Thoughts Contest Update by @wesphilbin


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Thank you for your entry to my #bestseasonalthoughts contest. What a wonderful creation... life is indeed beautiful and precious. Focused on family, children, and positive energy... such truthful words. Thank you again for a wonderful post...

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday filled with love and peace...

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thank you very much for great kindness. yes life is very beautiful, precious sir


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