Is 28 KM trekking enough?! Trolltunga - Norway (Ep. 2) 🚗🇳🇴

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Is 28 KM trekking enough?! Trolltunga - Norway (Ep. 2) 🚗🇳🇴

Trolltunga is a spectacular rock formation on a mountain in Norway. The rock is jutting into space 700 m above Ringedalsvatnet lake.

To reach the top of Trolltunga, one has to hike 14 km. It is best to start early in the morning cause one has to have plenty of time to hike 14km back to the parking.

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👉👉 Would you go and take a photo on the spectacular rock of Trolltunga? Would you add Troltunga on your bucket list of travels? Let me know in the comments below.

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That is amazing. Good job, ladies. I don't think I've ever trekked that far.

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