My first time on Dtube -【SpeedPaint】Trip to the moon

in dtube •  16 days ago

Trip To The Moon

Hello to all my loves!

Today is a very important day for me, this is my first video on #Dtube and I am very excited 😍😍😍.

This is an illustration I made a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you. I realized that it took a lot more time editing than drawing hehhehehe.

This is an illustration I made a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you. I realized that it took a lot more time editing than drawing hehhehhe. It's my first time edited a video, I did it with CAMTASIA STUDIO and I do not know if I have to make settings to the recording but the brush is not seen anywhere, even though I tried, I do not know what it is, so please excuse me if the video is not very good, I did my best effort.

If you have any suggestions on how to make my videos or what editor I could use.
I would be very grateful for your help, since I do not know anything about this subject hehheheh.

I hope you like my first video and sorry for the bad!

Nice day for everyone!😊😊

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For a first video it is perfect:):) I really enjoyed watching it, it was good at length and all the zoom ins made it very interesting. It was a pleasure watching it and i am looking forward for more talented Carmen:)


Also very good music choice, it suited the artwork in a perfect way and added a lot to the experience:)


Dear George, thank you very much!
It has been very difficult to edit but it is very nice to read your beautiful words, you have encouraged me to improve much more.!


You are very welcome dear Carmen. It looks like it had a lot of work but the result is very professional. I am looking forward for your next video:)


Thank you very much honey, while I edit other videos I will improve (I think) XD

Thanks for supporting me in everything!!! ;)

Ey me gusto mucho amiga 😍😍 soy tu fan jaaj 😘


Gracias paijanito!

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Muchas gracias por tener en cuenta mi trabajo. ;)

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Thank you very much.

Well done and I always say I'm going to figure out video at some point, but just have not yet done it. Was it very hard? And how do you capture the video to edit it?


It is a very good experience but I had months trying to start but I was always very busy and the editing of the video postponed it for another day.

I used Camtasia Studio I think it's the easiest one for newbies like me. XD

You should take a little time some day to make your first video, I would love to see them. ;)