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Finally decided to stop being a little bitch and make this first video. The sound is shit and I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I believe that some day I'll look back on this and be like, "Wow, look how far I've come."

We'll see.

Anyway, the plan is to make a video every day for a year. About what? Not really sure yet. I'll figure that out as I go along.

I have some ideas for upcoming videos/segments which I've posted here. Read through them and let me know which ones you think are good, stupid, etc.

Also, except for this one, I will not be boosting these videos with paid upvotes. Sorry upvote bots. I will still try and write a long post every 1-2 weeks which I will boost for exposure. But these videos, nah.

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Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Dtube is great and everything, but there's no comparison. Once I get to 10k subs I can start making videos at the New York YouTube Campus. Click here to subscribe.

Business/motivation video ideas

  • What is your attitude towards trying - pass/fail vs practice
  • Why you need at least 10 projects going at once
  • How to get clients
  • What's the right mindset to have for life
  • How to build your life the way you want it
  • How to sell services
  • How to make a good LinkedIn page
  • How to cold email clients
  • What's the right attitude to have towards business
  • What business/motivation books I recommend
  • Creating a big business vs servicing only a few clients
  • When to hire someone and start delegating tasks
  • How to train salespeople
  • How to overcome objections from difficult customers
  • What to do with difficult customers
  • What is optionality and why it matters
  • Best motivation book I ever read
  • Goal setting as an unconscious behavior
  • Using language effectively to trick yourself into doing what you know you should do
  • Creating content is your #1 priority
  • What to do with your free time
  • Why time off is bad and you don't need it

Lifestyle/vlogging ideas

  • New York Binge - fast for 2-3 days and then break your fast by visiting 3-4 cool restaurant places in new york city
  • Make a really unhealthy but incredible dessert. Find someone to collaborate with
  • Make an over-the-top funny commercial for a cheap handmade product. Put it on Kickstarter. "Apple phone" made of an apple
  • Write a “love letter to a stranger.” Print 500 copies and give them to random people on the street
  • Spend the day volunteering for a cause/charity you believe in - old people, mentally disabled, some Jewish thing
  • Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, even if you’re not an addict - give your opinion
  • Make 100 sandwiches and sell them in office buildings - experiment
  • Write a funny children’s book (i.e. “Mommy Drinks Because You’re Bad”) - creative activity
  • Go to a shooting range - bang bang
  • Reach out to 5 potential collaborators and try to get them to do something with you - research places where you can even find collabs
  • Get a professional makeover - for free obviously
  • Take a martial arts class - Muay Thai? Krav Maga?
  • Visit a shaman and trip balls - Peru baby
  • Do a ride-along with cops - leave your drugs at home
  • "Beg for money wearing a suit. Hustle up some professional models and make a video entitled, “How To Beg For Money.” Turn it into a photoshoot. - Collaborate with models
  • Gather 10 inspirational quotes from people you admire. Create a “10 Commandments”-esque poster and put it on your wall. Sell on Etsy for bonus points - 7 day poster challenge
  • Go get drunk at a strip club but do not spend any money on lap dances - why?
  • Start planning a fundraising event for a charity you believe in - sounds like a lot of work
  • Buy a weapon - gun? knife?
  • Establish a school of thought based on your beliefs and write down the core tenets - sounds like a lot of work
  • Create a “summary card” of all of your basic information that you can hand to people instead of getting stuck in stupid small-talk conversations - good idea, been thinking of doing this for a while
  • Create “personal flyers” that have information about you and your picture. Hand them out to people on the street that look interesting to you, encouraging them to contact you if they want to hang out - mention the channel
  • Create a handmade sign for your room using materials from an arts and crafts store
  • Create a post on Craigslist that claims you have magical powers and offer your services for free
  • Buy a small notebook and carry it around all day. Take notes on your day and write down anything you think is important - 7 day experiment
  • Find the definitive posts of 10 bloggers. Print them all, design a cover and create a DIY book for your “library” - smart
  • Create a fake resume and apply for jobs on Craigslist that you are not qualified for
  • Stay up all night and don’t go to sleep until at least 11 AM the next day. Use the time however you want
  • Go to a rave and take some ecstasy
  • Do that paint night thing on Groupon
  • Reach out to an old friend who lives in the same city as you
  • Take a dance class
  • Take a vow of silence for 24 hours. Create little cards that explain what you’re doing, and hand them out to people if they ask you why you aren’t speaking today
  • Spend 12 hours learning another language
  • Start planning a dinner party for next week for at least 10 people
  • Write yourself a letter to be opened in one year
  • Interview at least 10 people you don’t know and ask them a personal question
  • Publicly commit to a goal on stickK. Pledge $1000 if you don’t succeed
  • Create a fake online dating profile and see what weird messages guys send you
  • Train for 30 days for a fight. Then fight
  • Make an intro video about who you are and what your channel is going to be about
  • Do a screencast of yourself writing/editing an article
  • Film one of these crypto events that you go to
  • Go to a YouTube meetup
  • Talk about starting a business as an event vs lifestyle
  • Do Tindersurfing for 3 days
  • Talk about why people need to move to new york city
  • Do an 8 hour workout
  • Do Upworthy but the opposite
  • Top 5 pizza places in Manhattan - pizza day
  • Eat a giant burger
  • Top 5 trendiest restaurants in NYC - visit them
  • Top 5 trendiest cafes in NYC - visit them

One day business ideas

  • Create a novelty product for less than $5 and sell it on Etsy. Be ridiculous
  • Make a minibook of 101 interesting r/showerthoughts - sort by popularity
  • Create a subscription box service - create a website and a service that sells some kind of subscription box service
  • Create a recipe book - something with a clever gimmick that will sell
  • Doodle on a piece of paper and sell it on Ebay. Donate 50% of the profit to a charity of your choice
  • Bring back Weepuls. Create a “theme” and market them -
  • Earn $200 in cash by the end of the day - Figure out some new hustle
  • Create a coffee table book about something interesting (i.e. “Death Row Inmates Last Words”)
  • Write a book about something you’re good at. Print it at a print shop, create a cover and sell it on an online marketplace - too much work, unless you can do it in a day.. or a weekend... on adderal
  • Create a facial care beauty product and sell it on Etsy - mud soap?
  • Create a tooth care beauty product and sell it on Etsy - charcoal toothpaste?
  • Design a special plant holder (i.e. clay pot) and sell it on Etsy
  • Start a non-profit business and reach out to charities that may help you promote in exchange for 50% of the profit
  • Give tips on running a business, freelancing, digital nomading
  • Create a “rapid prototype” brand where you come up with a new business idea every day, create the business/product, then test the idea (or at least promote it)
  • Make a WordPress website that reposts content from Steemit and puts Adsense ads on it
  • Buy a positive cash-flow website from Flippa

Fitness/health ideas

  • Why the Snake Diet is the key to aesthetics and health
  • What nootropics to take for productivity
  • What peptides to take for general health, healing, muscle mass etc
  • Are herbal supplements worth it or a waste of money?
  • What kind of workouts should you do?
  • What's the ultimate workout?
  • Is Crossfit legit or nah?
  • How to stop being a fat piece of shit
  • How to lose weight with minimal thinking

That's all folks. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about some of those video ideas and/or if you have any unrelated feedback. Be brutal.

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Haha, you're not as shit-faced as one would think, still shit-faced tho 😂😂😂😂
I hope to make enough money so I can travel as you do.


Not like I'm a millionaire or anything, but maybe I'll make a few videos that explain how to get clients.

Not a bad video at all. If you ever get stuck in the shit hole we call the midwest around Kansas City I will drink a beer with ya and bullshit on Dtube. I got a good laugh out of the guy trying to fight someone in the background.

I'm in the Kansas City area!

I'm so sorry to learn that.

No shit? Small world.

No plans to get stuck anywhere near Kansas City in the near future but if I am I'll take you up on that.

That is the trick. It is like the Hotel California, You can check out any time you want but you can never leave. We are all just stuck here. lol.

The fuckery continues...

I think I should also stop acting like a bitch and start my first video @dtube , big ups for the all ideas though #musttry

Nice glasses man!
Very fashionable!!!

Looks like this could be fun to follow,
I would just keep it "open" and just do what ever you feel everyday.

Like if you are depressed and hung-over just do like a video on hang-over cures, if you are traing "Muay Thai" just do a video about things relating to exercise etc...

Best of luck!


Yeah, I mean the point is to just keep doing it every day regardless. I don't want to restrict myself to one niche in case I get bored and want to do something else. I'd rather just commit to making one per day and giving myself the flexibility to do it however I want.

You're saying do like a vlog of what I do with my day? I may do some of those. Did that in the past and it's 4 hours of editing a night on a good night. We'll see. Anyway, thanks.

Hmm, I would suggest to try to keep it raw and uncut (K.I.S.S.*), those 4 hours of editing that you mentioned could probably be used for better things, even though it would be cool to see you actually do things, it would be equally cool to just see you talk/rage about the things/events that happened, like if you are upset complaining about someone or something, (then you're very funny man) or just talking about why you like to drink coffee at some local place, or maybe a mini-interview now and then...
( * Keep It Simple Stupid, its a method, so no offence). Okay best of luck man!!! Hope to see more @Yallapapi adventures soon!!!


Yeah you might be right. I used to make videos in the past and would edit out all of the ums and ahs takes a while. I’d add music and shit too, b reel, transitions.. it wasn’t hard, just took forever. We’ll see. Thanks for the feedback tho

Yeah, we rather have you running around doing crazy stuff and travel the world then to have you editing for hours and hours everyday!!!


Who's the big ******** lady behind ya?

Okay, first video of you and I dunno. You sure this person is yallapapi?

Okay, I don't really care. Just wanted to comment cos I got great network for the first time in a while.

Yup, that's me. Not sure who that chick is. Just happened to be there but I didn't want to stop filming just because there was someone in the background. Once you start making excuses like that you'll never get anything done.

Turns out you're actually hot. Who would have thought?

You know, now I believe a picture does actually tell a thousand words. Or was it a thousand stories? Well, a thousand whatever...

Point is, that nutty professor profile pic you have on always made me think that you were some sort of fat (if not at least fifty something old) dude.

Turns out I was wrong. This yallapapi is hot.

Again, not like I care or something. I'm mightily straight. If only you didn't have a dongle between your... Oh forget it.

Lol you thought I was some fat neckbeard that raged on the internet for no reason? Wonder what would have given you that idea.

Use to think you were a female 😁😁 you got great agenda for your way "up"

Nope, definitely not a female.

@yallapapi you are awesome. !

The living legend gets behind the camera! Nice man!

@techslut is in Israel I believe and @luigi-tecnologo is in Italy I believe. You could try to reach out to them.

Where in Israel are you?

Kfar Saba, the city that always sleeps. :)

Hahha! Awesome! It is funny because I believe we communicated that you were in Israel back in 2016 because I was really impressed how good your English was.

Hopefully it is OK that I left that message. I figured you wouldn't mind since it says Internet & Israel on your profile.

Still here! And sure thing. You can also find me on the Utopian Discord if you wanna chat.

It's a tough yet promising ambition to do a video daily. It coincides with my own very ambition (which, by the way, hasn't taken off yet. LOL). All the same, I give you credit for it. You've simply given me the impetus to kickstart mine. The thought of professionalising it is what has kept me dilly-dallying but your injunction to simply start and perfect it as you go along is very instructive. Thank you.

As for your list of sample ideas, I guess it is not exhaustive yet it is very detailed and helpful. It is what can be loosely referred to as a glossary of video ideas. Keep up the good work @yallapapi.

This may be one of my favorite comments of all time.

Very 90s Jean Claude Van Damme look going on there mate, Sorry I didnt watch the video, I prefer reading but Im sure its very good lol :-)

Very 90s Jean Claude Van Damme look going on there mate

LOL.. love it

Sometimes you just have to do it.

crypto wil rise soon

Hi @yallapapi
I hope you planned on talking to or at least asking 4 people in Tel Aviv a question. It does not have to be an interview! Just a few short and sweet (quick) interactions!

Yeah that's possible. Definitely plenty of interesting people here.

Bunch of cool ideas!!
I followed you, Upvoted this!

Great video man! N.Y is def. a different kind of place.

krasavcheg keep it entirely and completely support you and solidarity with you!
images (17).jpgimages (13).jpgimages (16).jpg

cool, and all that other background stuff is just flavor.... keep it going!!!

ps You might want to get an Osmo gimbal since you will be doing a lot of videoing.

Man that's a great starter list for video ideas... definitely better than my idea I had to draw a penis on my bare chest/stomach with a permanent marker and then arch my back to make it grow and hunch over to make it shrink...

There are still lots of ideas and ideas on which you can make videos

Thank you
For your valuable posting arrows. If the brother is actually writing this post hand a little hand Actually I used to know the video as well as Chinese. Maybe I could have better understood.
After that you thank me.

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I liked the video. something about new york and the chaos around makes for a good video. I will follow you on youtube and one day you will make a video from the NYC youtube campus, which I did not know existed. Pretty cool.

i liked it too

I love the idea of daily videos mate. I might actually join you in doing that. I've got a lot of crap going on right now so it might be a great way to vent. :P

nice thinking

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yallapapi brother amazing video nice post man

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Welcome to DTube my friend :))

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i will also vote for you.

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Looks like you´re doing the right thing.

always doing things for the first keeps good memories with you as you keep memories about the efforts you had put to get that done, i am sure this would pay off for you bro , keep us updated, thank you

Nice youtube channel .
I like your ideas.

nice keep it up brother

Which phone you use sir please tell me

special nokia:P

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The video is awesome! Congratulations, take your camera everywhere do you go is your perfect company and I am pretty sure you will have more followers.

You can film you, live all over the world, like for example, I will like to see videos from Israel and your audience too, I am pretty sure. :D

Much success with your new project.

Check my videos too. Thanks

Peace, beautiful day @supernova55

Hey man that list of ideas was never ending.You seem to be well organized ,especially in your thoughts and your mind as to what to do in the coming 360 days.
Most of the ideas are random and are original and i am sure they will all make wonderful and interesting posts .
Wish you the very best for your upcoming posts ,I am sure they would be great like the ones you have been doing lately

Nice article.!!👍👍👏👏

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Very good ideas you have to publish.

I am going to the Craigslist Magical Powers thing. Good idea.

Do it and let me know

hi, @yallapapi,
You are doing a great job on stemit and dtube are sharing alots of good things and information with others whis is the good things i found in you and the best thing is about you are doing without any profit i think. I wanna say that your are just amzing guy stay updated your self i need your help . I hope you will upload this kind information daily on steemit . And in last thankyou very much.

For some reason I figured you'd have long blonde hair. You have so many ideas! I'm curious as to whether or not you've performed these before. I'm also inspired by your capability to travel so often. I'm currently in Shanghai and I just want to keep it moving..

LOL long blonde hair? WTF? No brother definitely not.

I've thought about going to China but I don't like having to worry about my internet connection. Plus there's too many Chinese people there.

It's so crazy how bad the internet is here and The Great Fire Wall of China is just to dedicated. I should have done more research. There's just so much spitting that it's unbearable. Even the prettiest of models let it fly like gum.

I must just say that your influence is partially the reason I abandoned my comfort zone. So I like to say thank you and I hope to partner with you financially in the near future, if there is such a thing..

Thank you brother, that's a great compliment. Nothing says you need to stay in China forever. I've been in Israel for 24 hours and I'm already thinking of moving back here LOL

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@yallapapi yo bro, come do a coffee video with me some time

Okay. Where?


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They have good food and beer. They have to have good coffee. Saturday?

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LOL brother I'm in Tel Aviv right now. Not exactly down the street. Vancouver, isn't that in Canada? Far from New York? Sounds kind of far for coffee food and beer.

NYC to VAN ... $175 one way ... Just sayin

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When are you back in NYC?

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Nice video Sir I saw your video

Nice introduction pal. You really nailed i with this one.

Nice article

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Greatness locks all over you...

Yes @yallapapi on dtube...! Welcome sir, yes you are a "Public Figure on Steemit and here on dtube...I'll be following your videos for sure. Hope you visit the Philippines one day.

It’s on the list!

Italiano here and proud :-)

I just subscribed on your YouTube Channel @yallapapi!

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