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Scott and I will be at the Global Block Builders Conference in Austin, Texas, next week. It is a great opportunity for us to be able to meet those we have become friends with through the Steem blockchain and the many Discord servers, make acquaintance with many more Steemians who have made the Steemiverse what it is today, and enable us to learn so much more than we ever thought possible. To help us make ends meet on this trip, we are entering @llfarm's Golden Ticket Giveaway! You can view her post HERE.

I have been wanting to attend this conference ever since I heard about the Steem Creator's Conference that happened in Canada last September. There will be so many speakers for the Steem Blockchain, but there will be many more speakers from other cryptocurrency groups. Austin is a great city, it is a place we have thought seriously about moving to because there is fantastic food, amazing music to enjoy, and lots of history! Add in a gathering of really interesting people and you have an awesome adventure just waiting for you.

20190403 28.png

If you want to know our reasons for wanting to attend the conference in even more detail, please take five minutes and watch the video. We spell it all out there and hope to help inspire you like so many have inspired us.


The YouTube verson

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let's go around the world!!
good luck both of you and have great travel!!


Thanks so much. I would love to go around the world, but we still have over 2,000 counties to get.


lol ya, it's hard to go around the world!

Good luck and have a safe and fun trip!


Thank you.

Good luck you two!!

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Thank you!

This is awesome, you and scott together look amazing. I love how you have explained your steem journey , learn and got help from the communities and now helping all newbies.. Best of luck dear..

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Thank you so much for the compliment. We love the Steemiverse and love Dtube. Together they make a great combination. Qe are definitely proud to sing their praises.

Wish you all the best,👍

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Thanks. I love being creative for these things.


Yes I know....love to learn a lot from your experience. I truly loved that fundition video...and you both rocks together👍

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You did a wonderful job on the video, as always! I like the energy and enthusiasm that you two exude! I certainly hope that you will win Golden Tickets to the because I know you would make excellent ambassadors for the Steem blockchain. I also know that whatever you learn will be brought back, shared, and then then put into practice, because you are awesome like that! 😊

So, to @llfarms and whomever might be judges for the Golden Ticket giveaway, I think Ren & Scott of @xcountytravelers are definitely worthy candidates for consideration, and would make good use of the time spent there and the knowledge gained!


Thank you for your confidence. It makes me proud to know you have it in us.

@xcountrytravelers, good luck and have fun in your travels.


Thank you so much. Just love an adventure.

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Thanks so much!

This is not only a wonderful entry but a beautiful look at your Steem Journey ❤️


Dear Justine @llfarms,
I know I am pretty bias but I just want to say these two wonderfull people , steemians , grandparents, travelers and fun to be around sweetharts are great to get the golden tickets !
Ren lost her dad last week and was still worried about Steemterminal ( which by the way is doing great 😉💃) Scott is the baken behind this wonderful woman, so YES I AGREE THEY DESERVE THOSE GOLDEN TICKETS
ThAnx for the great contest
good luck judging
Love Britt


Thanks so much. It has been an amazing adventure so far. Since we started steem, we think differently and accomplish so much more.

Nice to meet you, Scott and Ren. I’m on the GBB team and am looking forward to meeting you both at the conference. Love the special effects at the beginning of your video 👌🏻

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Good to meet you as well. We are looking forward to meeting some awesome people. Thank you. I just love learning new techniques for making videos.

You guys are awesome! Very deserving of the golden tickets in my humble opinion! Have an absolute blast either way. I look forward to seeing how it goes!


Thank you. I'm pretty fond of you you. We are excited about attending. The tickets would be blessing for sure, but that would just be frosting on the eggless, dairy-free cake. Haha!

I vote for YOU!!! You two are the best ♥ Your authenticity shines in your videos and you are so worthy of receiving the means to do what you love. I learn so much from you, too! Happy trails...go get'em :)


Thank you so much. We are always learning. I love it.

I hope you win! I'm sure the conference will be amazing. :)


Thank you. I am trying to wait patienly.

Best of luck, you would be great representatives of STEEM!


Thank you so very much.

All the best guys
I really hope you and your plus1 wins <33


We did! We are so excited. I want wait to get there


Oh yay!!!
That's just amazing :)
Lots of pics and videos
I will be looking out for them :)

This is so cool.

You guys are awesome.

Well done on your golden ticket, and happy that you're representing the blockchain!!!!


Thanks so much. We try really to go over and above because it's what we loke to watch when we do videos.

We are so excited!