DTUBE PREMIER {Official Music Video} Second Womb x Marty & Berlin...! ~ Free | Live From The Cave Volume 008

in dtube •  27 days ago

To be FREE is a mindset for some

To others FREEdom is only a concept

To know FREEdom in an intimate way is what we all long for....

Are you FREE???

Marty & Berlin...!

Bicken back in the basement,
complacent crackin my cases
Im facin my time is bleedin
And all i sea are these faces
Thats facin my face im cheesin
Greedin in green my heart's racin
Subsidin, simpin in juice
Im pimpin my inner ego
Leggo my eggo
But this isnt bout my waffles bro
Im ravin kuz the roof of my mouth
is scathing and shedding
due to the heat that im spittin
Im shittin fuckin fireballs
Burnin conscious monologues
With cunts that like my dialogue
Proceed to slog her cat till its
the size of an african hog
Disappear in the fog
and contemplate the definition of free
Then oversee that we 3peat
This process inside of a flea market then flee
All because we got our confidence
and don't give a fuck cuz we're free...!


adjective, fre·er, fre·est.
enjoying personal rights or liberty, as a person who is not in slavery:
enjoying political autonomy, as a people or country not under foreign rule; independent.
able to do something at will; at liberty:
free to choose


Free as a flying fish
in a field of fairies with Angel tips
Feeding frenzy on pheromones
benevolent ancient artifacts
liberating in states
debating whether I'm tainted
in future tense when I made it
This present moment elated elevated
Let's celebrate here to toast out freedom
Dumb to believe that we're free ummmm
Who's controlling the puppets
It must've been uncle rukus
Supremacy is the tendency
Rectifying a mini me
Millions of minions mimicking
Rest in peace
Rest in peace
To the souls stole by the hands of the enemies
sure to lend me the synergy
simply i will devour
And recondition the power
People posses it is ours who seem obsessed
with giving it to the next
Or anyone with a check
Or everyone who's elected as cultural syndicates
Conspiracies leave a tint
to timid in our attempt
To learn what's truth and append
emancipation my friends
Invasion across the nation
the question on this occasion
Is where is your spirit stationed
agent for the encagement
Or aiding in the inflation
Expanding another brother
Or damaging one another
hand this one to the mother's and sisters
So that our sons with insist on freeing themselves
From the menis which is in them
Do you think you are free Orrr
Are you locked
while the key sits right below your feet
where your crown seems to be

Dookiebrownflow x Father Earth = Second Womb our music can be found on all streaming platforms including Choon + Musiccoin + Soundcloud...


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You guys are one of the best indie hip hop crews I've encountered, its amazing what you guys can do with a hand cam and few flicker effects, respect 100% loved it ✌


Mannn this shoot was def one of my favorites ... The one shot put us all in go mode, funny cuz we was shooting all day, and it wasnt until this last shot that we was satisfied ..💪😤


Yeah it is that last shot when you were like "whatever man!" and this are the best takes when you just chill and don't care for outcome, awesome job man, really :)