Greetings Steemit! - My introduction video shot on Christmas day on Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Hola fellow Steemians!

My name is William and this is my introduction video shot on Christmas day in Thailand. I would describe myself as an avid life enthusiast with a passion for self-development, travelling, fitness & computer science.

I look forward to participate and bring value to this community, absolutely love what I'm seeing here so far! Feel free to drop a comment below or connect in some other way if you're feeling the good vibes, I aim to be active both community- and content-wise <3

Also, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For verification or if you are interested in other stuff I've done:


Youtube @ William Westerlund


▶️ DTube

Found you via your girlfriends post, resteeming you as well :) Glad you found @dtube already!
Greets, @theaustrianguy

Many thanks! I hope to see you around :)

Welcome to Steemit @williamwest nice intro video with a beautiful background of the beach! You will like it here maybe even better than the social media platforms that you've mentioned because people engage more in a positive way in discussions.
Enjoy your stay in Thailand!

Thank you @wanderlass. Yeah I think so too, enjoy Monday and I'll see you around :)

Welcome to Steem Community the most exciting platform ever @williamwest!

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Welcome my friend!!!

This new year will be great!

I offer my friendship you seem like a good guy.

upvoted and followed

have a Merry Christmas!!

Great video!

I want to buy your house - but I'm broke. Alas. Seriously, though, it looks like paradise out there (I'm half thinking of moving back to Asia to teach English as I once did in Japan, a few years back). And I must say, for a Swede, your English was exceptionally good. I was very impressed.

I think I need to buy a selfie stick to hold my iphone 5. It seemed to work a treat for you.

Welcome to the forum and I hope you have lots of fun on the site.

Haha, yeah it is a real paradise here. You've been living in Japan? Love that place, travelled through Japan for 2 months a few years ago. Thank you regarding the English, it gets a bit rusty when you're not practicing it on a daily basis but I'm glad you like it.

Yeah I'm actually using a GoPro Hero 5 with a Karma Grip for stabilizing, really nice stuff.

Thank you, I'll see you around!

welcome @williamwest ! Nice Post ! Please upvote & keep following

Nice one bro, you are welcome to steemit community, have fun and keep posting and keep earning and most importantly tell a friend to tell a friend about

Thanks @youngeric. I will, will keep spreading the steemit way of life :)

Welcome @williamwest! Great video and very nice house too. Did you film your video with GoPro or mobile phone? I also work with some Swedish people atm, really nice people. Since I'm new here also I can just say keep on doing like this! Best wishes from Lisbon, Portugal! :)

Thank you @gingergeorge! Filmed it with a GoPro Hero 5 with a Karma Grip for stabilizement. That's nice, I love Portugal as well, been surfing there at the Algarve coast. Lisbon is really nice also, really loved my visit at.. what was the name of the place, Sintra I think? With the castles, beautiful!

Yeah, Portugal is very beautiful, south especially. I was in Lagos last April and it was amazing.
Yes, it is Sintra... still didn't visit it but I will for sure, because I moved to Lisbon 2 months ago. If you like that kind of countries try to visit Croatia, it's not because it's my homeland, but it is really beautiful, even more than Portugal I think. You cannot surf there but you can have a really great time (lots of beaches, festivals and parties). If you need some recommendation just hit me up, I'm at your service :)

You made a great choice joining this awesome community that will make you forget all other social media..keep STEEMING💯💯🔥🔥

Thank you @marvelking, right back at ya!

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welcome to steemit @williamwest, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

Thanks :) I'm sure i will!

Great introduction video! Love the fact that you shot the entire video in one take. Think Steemit will suit you very well. I look forward to see more content from you :)

Thank you Sandra!

Welcome new steemian and merry christmas!

.......WELCOME @williamwest & MERRY X-MAS FRIEND!!!.............

Haha what a beautiful christmas tree @lanceman ! Enjoy ur holidays as well!!

Looks like you have a great time. Enjoy your trip!

Wild'n'Free Diary wishes you all Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays.

Thank you @wnfdiary ! Enjoy your holidays as well!

Welcome to the Steemit community and Merry Christmas! Have fun here and share some good content!!

Thank you @betrayerx. Merry Christmas to you as well, I will definitely keep the content flowing!

Welcome to Steemit and Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks @rawdawg (love ur name btw haha)

Nice stuff! like it that your psot is doing so well, enjoy all your travels

Thanks @lovenews, yeah what an amazing welcoming to say the least, enjoy your holidays!

Hi William and nice introduction.keep up the good work.Merry Christmas 🎅

Right back at ya, Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Steemit! @williamwest Hope you get to enjoy wonderful human company here.

Welcome to Steem @williamwest. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

Arrgh, I've got to do my #Introduceyourself post.

Great blog post on what you learnt living with monks!

Thank you @prince-jones, glad you like the article!

very good post i love you gl here

Thanks bro :)

Nice post @williamwest and actually i love computer techies keep it up bro.
you may like my post also.
Please do upvote:

Thank you @danishyousafzai, right back at ya :)

You are welcome to steemit @williamwest . I am very sure you will feel at home here and looking forward to good post from you.

Thank you @matthiasjohn! Yes I'm sure I will, right back at ya :)

hey william, how's it going. are you there full time or just for christmas? welcome to the platform. are you working there?

Hey @teamhumble! Atm just for Christmas, although I am here quite often because our house here, so usually spend a few months a year working from here, you can see in my latest vlogs how I live here if you're interested!

Welcone to Steemit William !

Cheers @tjcrypto1, thank you !

Welcome @Williamwest I'm new too! Looking forward to reading more. Nice house

Thank you @miketravels, right back at ya! :) Got a vlog from our life here if your interested!

I joined Steemit recently too and I am amazed with the future of blockchain technology.
Mind = Blown.

Nice William. And what an incredible family house you have. So lucky, it is beautiful. Following you now. And look forward to seeing more of your informative videos in future. Thanks, Robert

Thank you @robertandrew, awesome to hear! Got some vlogs up now of our life here, nice to connect with you :)

welcome to steemit! Nice to meet you

Thank you @allesia! Right back at ya :)

You made a great choice joining this awesome community. You’re going to have a great time here. Keep Steeming!

You're using a gopro and a gimble?

hello happy chrismas from France! @steemminder

Thank you @steemminder, merry christmas to you as well :)

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I am happy to join a member of Steam and I am sure you will be working on this site and welcome to this site
Welcome to Steem @dylanstone . Feel free to follow me @dylanstone and upvote. Cheers :)

Hi! Merry Christmas to you. I'm pretty new here on steemit and I did this special articles for you kindly Check out and upvote please. I will also be glad to see your response. Thanks a million!

Welcome to Steemit! Great video...😃
Happy New Year!

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