Iam waiting damn long for a new album, hope he is droping something new soon. Used to be one of my favourite artists. That remembers to pump revolutunary vol 2 again.

Funny how much clicks he has now. Good to know that people listen to good hiphop.

I love how big he has gotten, same with Macklemore; it's great to see those who stay true to themselves & their message still blow up.

So much of the music of this movement is hip hop: Alais Clay, Freedom Movement, @truniversal, The Profoun Poet, Kite 9d3, Corrected Axiom, The Peace Poets, and many more!

@wearechange-co There are pretty much good artists outside. I really liked the language of my world but after that I didnt like the style anymore. Pretty good music you mentioned, I didnt know the other artists before but checked it out. But I think its not hard to find good artists in the underground, the challeng is to find them in the "radio"

Good post here. Immortal Technique has treaded his own path and made move from the ol school battle rap circuit. Now look. Changing the world. Thanks for this 😎

Always liked Techs message, his activism compliments his music.

This is REALLY rad you were able to film Technique! I would love to meet him man!

He's a really awesome guy, if you ever get the chance to go see him live, I'd highly recommend it.

He is an awesome guy. I wish I could meet him in person.
Thank you @wearechange-co for sharing this.

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I like this article it came out very well, but if you could check out my article on Kendrick Lamar that would be awesome! Thanks

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Didnt know about that project. This the reason fot what steem is good. Supporting help projects. Followed and resteemed.

te dare mi voto solo para ver si sube algo en tu balance

i like this proyect and the idea... we all have to support and promote this contents in all social medias... Like ins face and youtube etc... Regards!!!

Great post and awesome guy, thanks for sharing @wearechange-co

I have listened to the the 3rd world , but I dint know he gave off the money to the orphans in Afghanistan.
That's so kind.
Thanks for posting this 👍😊

He's quite the amazing human; I'm really excited to see what he does next!

Boom immortal technique !!!!!

I first heard of Immortal Technique through Corbett's Truth Music series and he is definitely a must-listen-to- for anyone who has taken the red pill.

Bush knocked down the towers and ain't no Iraqi ever called me a nigger.

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good decision

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