Steemit Poetry Contest #10 *if dusk with you (Jika senja itu bersamamu)

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

Twilight is a part of time
half-darkness on earth after sunset
when the entire solar disk has been lost
the horizon and the dark will make silence.


the twilight is different with you
and even as if I had forgotten that it was dark
dusk with you as if I feel embraced by time
forget the fear of night


if dusk with you,
I'm not afraid of the dark night
if dusk with you,
I will be able to survive until dawn comes*


Senja adalah bagian waktu
keadaan setengah gelap di bumi sesudah matahari terbenam
ketika piringan matahari secara keseluruhan telah hilang
cakrawala dan gelap akan mebuat kesunyian.


senja itu seakan berbeda jika bersamamu
dan bahkan seolah aku lupa bahwa telah gelap
senja bersamamu seakan aku merasa dipeluk waktu
lupa akan ketakutan akan malam


jika senja bersamamu,
aku tak takut akan gelapnya malam
jika senja bersamamu,
aku akan mampu bertahan hingga fajar datang

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you may send it

That's a really nice poem @wahyunibukhari! I enjoyed it very much :) what do you think about my work?

I am very honored by your praise, thank you

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