New features; steem keychain and more! DTube network dev update.

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DTube Network update. 2/5/19


In this set of future posts, I will be providing the community about new features, bugs, asking for suggestions, etc.. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions leave them below! You can always directly contact me through discord.

active source tree:

Steem Keychain integration.

It has came to my attention that users need a secure system to use the steem blockchain without revealing the private key to the websites. Steemconnect acts as a solution for this problem. However, I have noticed a decent amount of users on dtube have had problems with steemconnect sessions expiring. DTube doesn't need to use steemconnect as all of the signing, posting, commenting happens right on the browser.. I removed steemconnect for this reason and I now have keychain working as a login option.

How to login!

You will first need to install the steem keychain extension
and have your account imported into the extension.

dtube net login .PNG
dtube net #2.PNG
Thats it you are now using steem keychain for dtube! Welcome to the securer dtube. There may be some issues/bugs. So far everything I have tested seems to work. Report any bugs that may cross your path! After this post i will update the website.

Embed injector

A pre-processor that checks whether a video is upload via or It checks json_metadata for app name, if dtube/0.8 (or anything else) then it will inject, if app is set to dtubenetwork/0.8 it will inject into the web page. Doing this will allow videos on and to play nicely. However,'s gateway is which is considered slow and may cause initial slowdowns.

Minor changes/notes

  • cloudflare gateway for thumbnail display (experimental)

  • using as steem API

  • Thinking about modifying UI and adding delete, edit comment and better view section, ability to unvote. (Lots of stuff in the future to do)

See dtube network | alternative dtube front end for more information about this project.

Contact me.

I am always happy open to questions/conversation. I am most active in Dtube Official Discord or #community-dev in Onelove Discord


This is a great example of forward thinking, and preparing for growth and evolution of a secure, decentralized internet, and not only better security for Dtube.


I like this idea. I don’t like using steem connect ... I just sign on every time. Will have to try this out ... very cool brother

It seems like a very cool feature.

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Great work @vaultec . Steem Keychain is a very solid. Also has talented development behind it.

Right on buddy, I imagine that solves the posting issue observed with Steemconnect?

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Indeed it does :) and much more easy to use.

That’s awesome 👏 gives me a good reason to check out keychain 😅

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Does the Steem Keychain work on mobile phones too?

Unfortunately is does not.. unless mobile chrome can support extensions 🤔

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Ah okay. Thanks for clarifying 👍

I belive you need to offer the 2 choice out of the box.

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