DTube IPFS full node contest results!

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DTube IPFS full node contest results.png

DTube IPFS full node contest results!

If you don't know what this is about, see this post. Unfortunately, we only had 2 contestants. BUT a lot of people were interested in setting up a node. You will still get perks for operating an IPFS node even after the "official deadline."

The results

For 1st place:
Reward: 20 SBD
Storage: 100GB
Speed: Backs up videos off dtube in record time, has good IPFS connectivity;

For 2nd place:
Reward 15 SBD
Storage: 80GB (can be expanded)
Speed: Decent, however has issues with IPFS connectivity, which has since been solved!;

Both of these nodes are available (and can be used by anyone) in #community-backup at onelove dtube discord. you can still get extra perks for operating a node, come on down and chat with us! Once the mass storage system is operation (permanente cluster network), it will be a simple few click solution to add your node into the network. Playback for dtube network is stellar! Thank you all for being part of the DTube community! Thank you so much @theycallmedan for sponsoring this project, he has been a HUGE help in supporting DTube/decentralization and believes in the principals DTube stands for!


Thank you brother for this huge prize :)
hope other people from steem blockchain do the same to make the dtube decentralized

@jrawsthorne & @cityofstars I appreciate you two stepping up to help make dtube as decentralized as possible! And Cheers to Vaultec for putting this together!

this is our job :)
thank you for supporting this contest and for the prize :)

Thanks! Hopefully we can get more people involved in the future

Right on 💪 glad we were able to generate so much interest and educate many about IPFS!

Congrats to the winners 👌

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Ok, so we get rewards for running the node, but it's a one-time deal right? IT's not like we will get rewards forever, the node will consume more than those 20sbd in no time just in power... Wouldn't it be a better deal to have the dtube account or theycallmedan upvote the node owner's posts once a month for x amount of money to pay for the costs? For example, getting a 10sbd upvote once a month to pay for the costs? This would enable a long lasting node distribution... I'm saying this because I wanted to run a masternode because of the revenue and because I wanted to learn how to set one up(like a challenge kind of thing), but if I got some revenue out of running an IFPS node I would 100% do it!!

The SBD was an initial incentive. Ideally it would be upvotes for long term, (this was sort of my experiment to see who would get involved). I can work out things with you about costs/monthy rewards. I need to figure out how exactly this system would be funded long term.. (revenue from dtube network should suffice for now) having nodes compete for cheapest prices would keep the costs extremely low and scalable also. (right now usage is an issue because there is not a lot of people posting yet). Definitely something that will be sorted out in the future, right now its start small and smart.

Ok, I'll give you call once I have the time to look into what sort of equipment I would need to set up everything, can I reach you through discord?

Yes you can, i am online pretty much everyday. Just join onelove discord

congrats @jrawsthorne and @cityofstars I should be joining you on the IPFS network shortly with my 2TB server.

Great to hear that :)

Thank you bro

Congrats to the winners! Great job!

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so, less older vids that get removed!? :P

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