Mountain Unicycling - Ridge Traverse Rideout - 1 shot, no edit, technical riding.

in #dtube4 months ago

Took this video as a single shot though a pretty nice technically challenging ridge ride out and through the woods. Its amazing what you can film with a 360 camera when you have your hands free! Some fun riding the mountain unicycle in fish creek this past weekend. Time to get it out to the mountains again too for some fall colors.

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Loved it! The sheer exhilaration of watching you do something so challenging was terrific. Lovely scenery too. Would love to know why you choose to ride a unicylcle?
Where is Fish creek?
Well done.

Thanks, ya its a local park in the Calgary, Canada. Its beautiful area, and fun to ride a unicycle. I learned 30 years ago and never was interested in mountain biking, always crumpled my front tire, and thought uniing was more fun anyway. Definitely more of a work out.