Tune in to: "Alternate Routes" (New Music Out Now) - [Tryezz]

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Yes Yess. The time has now come for the newness to be shared. To note, this is my first #crypto #music release in all the years of pursuing this path of music and artistry. Amazing times to see how times have changed. From Vinyl and Cassettes Tapes, to CDs, to MP3s and Streaming, and now...to #Blockchain. Always thankful.

With great humility and thanks, I present:
"Alternate Routes"

Available on all platforms including Choon.co:
Link: http://m.tryezz.com/alternateroutes

Tune in and take a listen via Youtube:

#Music & #Artistry for the Mind, Body, and Beyond.
15+ years in...and the #Journey continues. #MuchLove - 🍃☁️🌃💎

#Funk #Jazz #Club #ElectronicMusic

Always a Student. Bless Up. Stay cool.

🔊 - Official Website: https://www.tryezz.com
🔊 - Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/tryezz
🔊 - Spotify: http://m.tryezz.com/spotify
🔊 - Tip Jar (Donations): http://m.tryezz.com/tipjar

Music Created With:
🎛️ - MuLab (http://www.mutools.com/)

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▶️ YouTube

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