For The Mind, Body...and Beyond 🍃 - "The Journey Continues" Funk/Soul [Tryezz]

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Back at it again with another scenic #groove for the #weekend. So much to be said, but sometimes it's best to let the music and vibe speak instead. Digging deep and keeping it 100% with this musical artistry. Honest expression. As always, much love and many thanks for tuning in here on #steemit and #dtube. Always much appreciated. - The #Journey Continues. 🍃☁️🌃💎

#Funk #Soul #Music

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Always a Student. Bless Up. Stay cool.

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Gear Used:
🎹 - M-Audio Keystation 49
🎹 - M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32
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Hello Hello!

I hope you succeed in your musical life, it is a road with many obstacles and staying is different from other races, but you have a lot of talent and I say CONGRATULATIONS

Greetings from Venezuela

Yes. Indeed it is quite difficult...but I know this path is meant for me to walk it. This path of #music and #artistry. Huge thanks as always for you comments. Thank you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Hi tryezz,

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Huge thanks once again as always. I put more of my heart in this one. Had to let it flow.
Always much appreciated.

Dude, this is very tasty. Fantasy! Are you doing performances somewhere with this?

By the way, I am learning to improvise now and am doing a challenge on improvisation.

Maybe it's still so-so, I'm just learning) If you want, you can join the challenge) I would like to create a movement of improvisers. It will be a fan.

Yes indeed. I play out and do events around my local city. Next year I plan to travel and play. Will check out your challenge as well. It sounds interesting indeed. Learning to improvise is a life-long journey. Always much appreciated. Glad you can dig it.

Great work here Tryezz. I can feel the passion flow here in this one. You're in your element here. It's funny we can go through the ups and downs with music creation but, it's great to see when creativity flows. Resteemed Followed and Upvoted

Huge thanks for tuning in. This path of music and art is indeed a difficult one. But it's a path that I was meant to walk. And I have to stay true and be honest with it. Always much appreciated. Truthfully. 🙏🏾

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Excellence. Steadily forging ahead here on Steemit. Always much appreciated.

You're welcome @tryezz

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Word up. Will definitely check this out. Big thanks.

Wow, high level!
I loved your dance ,,, And the lights? Hallucinatory.
Congrats on a Curie vote!

Huge thanks as always Mariita. I put more of my heart into this one. Just had to let flow out. Keeping it honest with this music and artistry. Always much appreciated and have a great one this weekend.

Very good video You are very spontaneous! I enjoyed watching you and listening to the music. A big hello @tryezz

Yes indeed. I had to let it loose a bit with this video. Huge thanks for taking a listen as always. Always much appreciated. 🙏🏾🙏🏾