My First Upload On Dtube: "My Monkey Life" - Troilo

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This is the first compilation I made back in July for Steemit. I decided to upload it on Dtube to try out how it works!

If you haven't already seen it, I hope you will enjoy.


(If the video doesn't work for you on Dtube, you can check it by clicking IPFS down there)

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Artistic liiiife/ ninjaa lifestyle / sooorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Plaisir de te revoir dans le coin vieux singe! ;-)

Beautiful! You will achieve some great rewards on Dtube. There is nothing else like it here! Happy New Year!

Thank you Buddy! I hope people will enjoy this kind of content too! Happy new year to you!

Yes I will... you are amazing!

Hola amigo, veo que has llegado con nuevo método para tus videos en dtube, que bien! que excelentes movimientos realizas eres muy bueno en lo que haces, me alegra que hayas regresado con un buen trabajo. Feliz comienzo de año amigo y gracias por recordarme, ayer yo estaba en una montaña, compartiendo con mi familia, y hoy también saldré a disfrutar las vacaciones hahaha. Saludos y abrazos amigo.

Hola Karlin! Estoy muy feliz de que te guste. Y espero que comiences bien el año con tu familia. Gracias por ser tan fiel a mi blog. ¡Te mando besos virtuales, amigo mío!

Wow! I see a ton of dedication and hard work through practice in this compilation my friend. Most impressive and talents well earned! Whatever affect you used for the image of you juggling the rocks down by the stream was badass! The best and the one I got a good laugh out of was you hanging off the wall juggling with one hand? Haha! I was asking myself why? But it was great! You never cease to amaze me brother! I enjoyed this very much! Thank you! I hope you're having a fantastic New Year so far..............

For the stream effect, I just used the reverse motion effect. :-) Thanks a lot, I really enjoy the fact that it made you laugh a bit. Your comments are always pleasant to read! Have a nice start of year too!

Real Ninja monkey :D You've got awesome talents man, do you snowboard aswell ?
Awesome video and the music took me right into 70is (like in Mafia game heh) Thanks for sharing and a happy new year bud! :)

Haha, the Monkey Philosophy. ;-)
Yes I snowboard also, but not this year. I will maybe make some video later this winter!
Yeah, I love the "Manouche" Style! Thank you Warrkin, happy new year to you too!

Dr. Monkey mumbo jumbo :D

Hey dude, awesome video bro, full of talent and character and got a great every about you bro. Looking forward to meeting up and hanging out again!

Heck ya brother! I hope Dtube treats you well. I love this awesome video of all the cool monkey stuff you do!!! :)

Thanks a lot my friend! It means a lot coming from a talented guy like you! :-)

dudeeee your insanely talented !<3 you were my first inspiration here:)

Thank you StevenAlexander! I'm really happy to see that you're doing well, and honored that I inspired you! You are one of my favorite Steemian! <3

Wow its really amazing, Perfect time click, You are doing a great job @troilo

Thank you olivia! But it's a video, make sure to check it out. ;-)

Ohh I'm sorry, I thought It's a image, Again sorry for misunderstand, Just watching it now

@troilo Video is not playing on Dtube, Showing error "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." please check it out

Oh, yeah it was the same for me. I don't really know how to make it work well. Anyway, you can still watch it by clicking on the "IPFS" link on my post. I don't know why.


Cheers! :-)

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wow dude ! are you even human!? holy shit you are so fucking mesmerizing to watch! You are so magical @troilo ! I am a videographer and I just want to meet you one day and capture your presence through my lens ! thank you @stevenalexander for introducing me to this human creature god !

awesome juggling skills man! love it!!