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You’re right. There is no point in stressing over other “crappy” coins. If they go up they go up. But having steem is amazing because like you say, you can use it easily. And it earns you money everyday whether the price goes up or down. I am in some of the coins you sold to try to make a quick profit, but I’m just getting started. Im banking on speculation to raise some the prices so i can get more btc. I’m done adding fiat money, I’m just working with what i got right now. Trying to grow it. Congrats on retiring from not working lol. That’s great that you have so much money and didnt need to work and now you can just relax. Congrats man. That’s the goal for everyone right there

You’re so right though. People hold these coins and dont use the platforms that were created with the coins. They just hold the coin waiting or it to go up. Steem is one exception to that and there are a couple others. But most of the Blockchais created dont get used or are useless. The coin is what people focus on and not the technology. And that’s backwards. I myself am in coins that i dont use the Blockchain for. Ill admit it. But i like that you are talking about this. Because you have a large voice and audience. People will hear you and listen. Coins go up simply because people want them to. Not for what technology they have. Good work man. Let’s show people the point of crypto again


so true haha


But they're good for day tradin'


Couldn't agree more and it's interesting how a lot of influencers in the cryptosphere talk about how this is going to make or break the crypto startups behind all these new crypto business models. This is what will allow them survive if there's ever going to be a bursting evaluation bubble. The size and strength of the community, plus the actual usage of the coin/token. Great comment @ginquitti!


I definitely agree with you. My husband and I invest into altcoins for long-term that have actual utilization. Majority are still up and coming with development, but it'll soon enough have utility. When there's an altcoin that catches our attention, you research more into it, read their white to see if they have an actual product and speculate the future use of them.
"The coin is what people focus on and not the technology. And that's backwards." SO TRUE! People are getting into crypto simply due to trend lines. They get excited when they see upward growth, but get scared when the price decreases and end up selling. They need to trust the actual product and hang in there.


Thanks Trevon.I saw your videos on Youtube and joined .I greatly admire your effort in crypto world.


Thanks Trevon, you're one of the first Steemians I heard about and started studying before diving in. I share your blogs and vlogs on Steemit and Youtube everywhere. Keep up the great work brother.
Danny Zale


You're right!!

You are right, because of the big grows in percentage, people forgot what we started to invest in crypto in the first place: to change something and use a better version of what we already have.

Blockchain is a really great technology and we are using it wrong. Now it's all speculation and getting richer...

I bought some steem yesterday and I will keep buying it as soon as I got more money :)


In total agreement with you @iulianba and the best comment I've seen all day. At the moment, I'm reminded of the greedy boom and bust years in the 80s. Awful selfish greed and Ferraris.
Really sad the way crypto has been leapt upon by a new generation of traders simply out to make as much cash for themselves as they can.
I'm not a socialist, I have no problem with anyone making money but the more money people make, the more responsibility there is to share and empower others, not just have the pathetic goal of buying a Lambo.
Best wishes to you and thanks for this comment :-)


You said it! Everyone it seems is out to earn as much money as they can before their ticket out of here... most forget that with money and power comes responisbiilty - that responisbility is to help out others as much as possible. Lifting up our fellow man/women!


Thank you for the kind words!


steemit is part of life.I have seen several other intelligent people predict huge prices in the future per steem. I, of course really hope those predictions are right!

But we must never forget the responsibility we have now as this community to make a steem a welcoming and positive place. I think we are important for the future success of the steem blockchain, so we need to keep making a steemit a great place for interactions. i love steemit

Very wise decision @trevonjb ..."Came late but correct".


A little late yes. I got about 39,000 of my steem below $1 so its ok. I think steem can reach $100 over time as supply and demand kicks in.


It's never late here... i know you were here few months back.... Glad to see you back with a bang... I hope you will start your famous contests now on Dtube...


I wish steem will be 100$ soon :) btw i have some coins Now :) 2k RDD 100XLM 500 XVG Maybe i can sell them for steem ?


I wouldnt say its late....... the partys just starting :)


hah well said !


Agree I think Steem is going to be HUGE

yeah really it is a big true that it is only one coin which we use daily we can uploade videos, vlogs,family videos, photos,our thought and every other things in our life as you say and it give us more excitements to share these in this comunity
and also it is more wonderfull thing to listen that you have 2 millions crypto hope you will be happy and rich life with you prety wife and sweet and cute baby...wish you more success in your happy life
and its your good decesion to take a good step for rise your powrup and we also hope the steem give us a bright future @trevonjb


paid to play

I think steem will explode soon and it has so big potential ! I think thats a good place to invest your money ! Great job trevon we need more people like you in the community :) !

Seriously what would be the point in doing that? I'm curious because I could be a Steemit whale if I did that!


Keep learning about Steem and you will figure it out :)


Thank you sir. I will try and continue as much as I can!

hahahahaha, man!! You are freaking hilarious!! God daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!

I am no trader man and shiat!! you hold a lot of coins there man!! but I'm happy for you because you took saw the potential and BOOM!! Now, you can make money rain :D

Anyway, the early birds always have the advantage, which is why this the exact time to do steemit and dtube. I totally agree with your point of view of why you should speculate when you can actually do something you love and earn something with it, which is with STEEM blockchain. This is truly a HUGE opportunity for all of us!! In my opinion, one day, steemit will be well known. I mean, now we already have half a million users on steemit and it's been only a year!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us man!!

Winny out...for now ;)

@congratulations and what a great decesion @trevon and i am you come back with more hope and more make good work here and also you work with dtube make it more good and also steem will be on high after some time and i think whcih of us take decesion now early who will be get more benefits in next some years when the steem power will be out of reach and will impossible to buy power in cheap
brother hope your best decesion make your work more inspiring

That's whats up, because Steem is the way!

great decision you have made @trevonjb as people having more steem power will earn more steem dollars and I think you will be one of big whales in steemit in future and I really hope that you will help all steemians and also help steemit community to grow.All the best.


Yes, one of the main reasons is to build others steem


Thanks to reply sir,You are the best.Good luck Sir.

Great vid and congrats on the cryptogame retirement!

You did beat the game. Congrats! Wow, $2.2M, that's impressive.

I hope to get there some day, but am fine if I don't.

a really great wise decision wish you all the best how is daughter hope she's doing well

Glad to see you are back on Steemit @trevonjb!!! Missed you on this platfrom when you jumped on that Bitconnect Train...But the real Train is the Steem train and you know that mate!

Glad you are back! Keep spreading the word of STEEM!...Upvoted

I definitely think this was the right thing to do. It's quite obvious that Steem will rise in price this year. It's great to see you posting again here on Steemit.

Help destroy youtube their censorship is out of CONTROL - DTube is much better.


Hell Yeah and fakebook is just fascistbook


I thought many times to flags videos, so massive to kick out YouTube for good,it is possible but...need some people.


yes there you are right only helps me nothing if no one finds me here or you hardly as newer have a chance to attract attention

I myself am also thinking of cashing out of all my BTC and holding just a select few alts.

take over steemit. get that steem power over 200,000


There's safer prices to move into that position for him!


I think you made the right decision.

That's pretty badass, I would definitely do that if I had any altcoins.

Unbelievable @trevonjb, youre the bloke on you tube ! Your videos are funny as fuck, you were buying ripple or something. I dont know much about this crypto stuff but loved the videos !!
Nice to see you on Steemit, will do the follow stalking thing here too !! Have a great weekend fella :-)

Please dont forget though that Steemit is more than just a tradable crypto. Its a socially empowering community with a vision. Youre great on camera, hope you appreciate how much you could do for the community as well !

Yes, with your knowledge, you can do well here. Seen a few of your work. Glad you're here.

The revolution has began...steem to the moon baby

Great decision you made...what about the new baby?? it s fine?


She is growing fast already!


haha Wish her all the very best and God bless her.

Hmmm...I could have also done same if I had altcoins. We need more steem power here.

Steem is rising! Right decision I think, good luck my friend!

Nice man. Going hard on the Steem. Thanks for the good ole intangible coin talk

Lol i feel you. I sold alot of alts to build up a steem account just because it can help me make a little money when im bored or markets are slow. I'm still on level 3 of "the game" right now lol so I'm still holding some coins for now.

I think this is your best decision this year, more funds to your account bro

Can i know what your personal reason of you still holding IOTA ? and what are your prediction on it. As i see your video i heard you sold away all your tron may i know why ? i have a some question about tron on my wall will be great if u can reply it.


Its not as much speculation on IOTA as a lot of the others I was holding


Can we be friends?

I did the same thing 3 days ago lol awesome

If it has to be one alt go all in steem is a winner choice. Less stressfull =)


Hell yeah agree brother

Dude you are now steemingly rich. Well done the new powerful man in town.

I've made a buy recently too and mentioned you in my last post...Crazy, but hey seems like a smart crazy you pulled. I very rarely resteem but I'm doing it this time


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This is great decision. I am considering the same. STEEM is game changer!


You said all you want to just be able to comfortably live the rest of your life and that you don't need to be rich. Well, you are gonna be anyway since you invested in steem :)

Do you still like bitconnect to go higher?

skil is very unique .. remove all your ability my friend .. we always support you

Patience is so important but hard to maintain. We just have to remember to focus on the fundamentals and not worry too much about price movements. The best projects will win in the end, and for all the hodlers out there it's important to remember that and not get lost in the day to day price fluctuations.

Nice advice :) and great move! some nice powah!

you did the right thing, troubling your self not good, future can't be predicted, your decisions are enough to tell you what to do or what not to but still lots of people gonna follow you... because people believe you TJ... its right decision holding bitcoins. bitcoin surely its going to become the future investment for people :)

You're a wise and smart guy. I dough my hat!

You should have done that early but I think it is not even late now.Steem is going to be the best investments of 2018.


Nice one keep the good work up

All the best to you Trevon! Good luck


And honestly you are the one who finally convinced me to create an account. Thank you for that!

God bless you

I totally get it. Steem is a 1/3 of my bag because of the functional part. Just like bitshares. It's a functional product.

very nice post! ))

great decision @trevonjb

This is exactly what I want to do as well. Earn steem on top of earning more steem!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Cheers for your good work nice one mate thanks mike

steemit to the moon!!

I'm thinking about selling most of my alts for Steem.

@trevonjb Don't listen to the haters. Keep doing what you do. You made the right choice with Steem. Like you said the other ones are waaay to speculative, the risk/reward is not worth it compared to something like Steem.

Steem outperformed all my alt coin investments in 2017, by far.

Glad to see you finally dropped all them worthless bags, and are finally done with BitConnect too Trey... welcome back! 🐳


Totally agree too much negativity surrounding Bitconnect


It will probably go down soon, now that Trey and Cryptonick are abandoning the platform.

I am in the same boat mate. Over the last week I came to the same conclusion than the STEEM blockchain is here to stay. We are still at the ground floor and since the altcoins I have are all from BTC profit I don't have anything to loose. I'll still hold on to Civic because they already have a working app and platform.

Great video man. I can see steem go to $20 in 2018. I love getting in early


Hope you sold off all that crappy Bitconnect you have been pushing for months ;)

@trevonjb Man so glad to see you shifting to "lets use the blockchains" So much value in using it over just trying to build up a bigger pile of "What if" coins... I love your story and how you documented it from your early days to the hustle to now, shifting to focus on your family. I see the same value in steem that we can hodl the family memories on the blockchain that to me makes STEEM more valuable than any dollar amount. I am looking forward to seeing the cool family videos and the you beyond the crypto. You did it man you beat the game! Gives us all hope to know that we can all beat the game. Thank you for promoting steem for its real value.


great comment :-)

Steem will not let you down, there are so many thing happening on the steem blockchain and the community here is the best!

What about copyrigths in gaming videos?I want to do it but i don't know if its ok.Someone help?

@trevonjb You just Get It. Maybe others will Figure it Out but in the mean time just keep Building that STEEM. I remember not so long ago when you said in one of your videos I want to OWN all the STEEM !!! I have not forgot that...........

Subscribed! Great post!

dtube is what made me bullish on steem.

nice move but did you really sell all your alt coins ?
does this mean you aint investing in any alt coins are you going to buy back all the coins cheaper


No offense, but did you watch the video?



i think its a good move james,, good luck

I watched your video at YouTube. How do you multi-task? I mean driving and making video at the same time. Also, how is your retired life? Sorry, I dared to talk about something unintangible. :) A few months back you had just 16000 subscribers at YouTube. What magic sauce did you use to turn them into 100K+? Do you intend to become Steem witness?

Hi @tevonjb, I've been following your posts at Steemit and welcome you here again. Looking forward to receiving some intangible advice from you here.

Steem On!

Glad to have you here @trevonjb and yes STEEM will take over :D

Dazza lotta bands in Steem mane!! Hahaha. Enjoy watching your vids.

Uff... DAUMN XD I'm happy with my 130 steem in steem power

Yes having steem power is ver important right now cuz the masses are starting to come to steemit faster than the millennium falcon

dude, you've got me into Bitconnect and Steemit.


Thanks @trevonjb. I learned about steemit from one of your youtube video first. If it wasnt for you I wouldnt be here. :)

The future of steem is bright even if it looks dicey at this point.

Good Idea

I hear that man you got a family and don't need to grind as hard anymore and you shouldn't if your heart isn't in it like it used to be. Steem has the potential to be the crypto facebook, crypto youtube, crypto twitter...very interesting times. Stay easy, Live Life!

The videos are not for ever on the blockchain , if I am not wrong they will get deleted after a time or you need to pay a small fee to keep them on.
thats why most dtube videos are on 480p cause the server costs will rise too fast if you put HQ videos on Dtube

nice post. i like post you broo @trevonjb

Very wise. Big things are going to happen with steemit be prepared guys.

SUPER EASY to say all this AFTER you came up. Kind of slap in face to those of us still trying to get out of the job world.


just buy Steem.

You did beat the game. Congrats!

Using Steem is really a powerful way to earn income. I am striving to become a blogger on Steemian on a permanent basis - but I first need to build up my following, SP and reputation by a huge amount.

I am starting a new series tomorrow, called 'Passive Income Cryptos' where I will look in detail at how to make a passive income from cryptos. I will cover in detail how I plan to do this on Steemit. I am really happy that big Youtubers like yourself are getting heavily involved in this space too!

In Europe we say: all roads lead to Rome.
Nowadays version of that saying would go more like
All roads lead to steem.

I think you made a great choice going forward with your crypto portfolio. The reasons you outlined make great sense and why we are all here! Steem to $100!

Listen bro you dont have explain anything to anyone..if you feel what your doing is the right choice for you and your family then that the right choice an if ppl can't understand that then they need some growing up to to an find their own way to pump their own bag instead of riding your wave..we all your going to get a lot of haters for this but you know like i know if you dint have haters your not doing something right..jus like you said most of these tokens are not even finished and dont have any real use...and do the whole uploading videos of the family because its true after we're all gone you and your family will be on the blockchain as long as its around and thats crazy an if that not motivation for us to follow what u said idk what else to say then. just know a lot of your true fans will still be around no matter what so do what you must for you and yours..keep up the great funny and real content fam!!

Thanks, Trevon, for your videos, they are always entertaining and enlightening!

Steemit is a killer way to monetize content and earn crypto!

In fact, Steemit was my beginning into the crypto world.

Kinda wondering if I shoulda kept my money in Steem rather than power down my Steem, but I used that "play money" to get into BTC, XRP, XRB, Ethereum and a few others, and those have grown far greater than Steem, so I guess it was a good move.

Now, getting back into Steeming again, so I am building up and will also buy back some Steem to build my clout on this platform.

hi, i'm a newcomer on Dtube, when likes to see your dtube video. hopefully you want to be my dtube friend

Thank you very much for the very generous upvote on my previous comment. I upvoted and resteemed this great post and encourage others to do the same. :)

Good for you! be happy :)

Thank you for being so transparent about what you're doing with cryptocurrency! Hearing your thoughts has helped guide my portfolio to success. I'm restructuring it now and will likely be buying lots of Steem! Thank you for getting me excited about steemit!

I totally understand but at this point does it really matter. I think #xvg is cool and have in my cold storage. I didn't sell all of mine. I just removed my principle by selling a portion.

You did well! Just ignore all that youtube's hate! One's life is more important than playing an high risk high gain game one after another, stressing ur life for no reason

Tre, you're killing me. 🤗 I'm tryna get into Steem and it's taking forever to set up all my accounts/banking etc! But I will be there soon! Best believe.

And your portfolio holding is goals for most of us i believe

Investing in yourself, is the best investment

Congrats brother, keep striving!

For your own safety would it not be safer to not disclose your past or present precise holdings? Some good prices you took profits at. Most people don't realize that until they actually cash out they haven't really made a profit.

Paper profits don't equal real gains, people. And buyer beware if you're still trading on a lot of these shady ass exchanges that don't even have a single true fiat pairing or any legitimate banking behind them.

Steem having real use value for huge holders like yourself is enough of a reason to have steem or steem power, most other coins are struggling to find an audience for any real-world transactions of note.

Tron and verge are some real shitcoins, that's the appropriate voice to use lol. They're all in crypto to get rich quick. Good on you for getting out before the big dump, but it's too bad so many people including users here are trying to cash in at the wrong time.

I don't know where you live but in case regulations ever come at people who so much as even talk about crypto hard then you may want to have the standard disclaimers that are necessary when talking about other forms of investments. Not to be construed as financial advice, past performance does not equate to potential future moons, please don't sue me if you went broke day-trading poopcoin3.0, etc. Thanks for getting people interested in the platform though!