Veganism And The New Age Movement (Why I am no longer vegan)

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In this video I discuss a sensitive topic and one which will be close to many people's hearts. I am not telling people what to eat merely sharing my experiences and how I see veganism playing into a much larger agenda.

There are many arguments for and against both sides but with veganism being heavily promoted all over the place and more and more vegans coming out and saying they felt sick I felt it was time to share my own story and question whether or not veganism is sustainable long term.

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@tonysayers33, It's good to share the experience because there should be space for the both sides. In my opinion, in a way in this era we are seeing one picture and that is people are breaking the Cycle Of Life in many ways and aspects. Stay blessed.

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Exactly, we need to be able to discuss this maturely from both sides.

I guess you just want the attention?

Of course. My health had nothing to do with it at all.