Tommy Robinson update Part 2 on Telegram 2019-04-10 inc UKIP News and EU Parliament

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Following on from

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Great to see you here on Dtube (Steemit) Tommy. I'm sorry that you're experiencing this ridiculous censorship.

Tommy mentions the lack of democracy in ukip.
and would like people to vote on all major political policy.
we already have a party that does all this.

For Britain Movement.
manifesto policy is voted on by members also
For Britain will:

  • Introduce referenda in local areas so that people may vote upon any major construction or other major change in their locality
  • Introduce a Public Sector Accountability Act to enable local people to petition the Constitutional Court (see UK Constitution above) for review of the employment of senior local government executives – this must be inexpensive and user-friendly
  • Conduct council elections using the proportional representation voting system to ensure a greater range of representation
  • Reform the House of Lords and ensure it is smaller and less expensive
  • Introduce an appointments criteria for the House of Lords and ensure that those appointed are able to show achievement and contribution to business, politics, charity or other relevant areas
    please read the full manifesto and policy at www . you will see much of what Tommy discuses in this video is already in place with For Britain.

in a second video he says ukip will not work with other populist movements in EU.

again For Britain are already doing this


@forbritain under my upcoming government your members will be classified as Enemy Combatants and sent to re-education camps run by the imams of Finsbury Park Mosque until you have recanted.

You can find out more about my government's upcoming policies here