No matter where you are - trash is everywhere! @cleanplanet from 27.01.2019

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Hey my friend!

Welcome to another @cleanplanet walk - today with some different perspectives.

For more: Share some time and watch the video ;)


Thanks a lot for your time

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Hi @tibfox, Exactly brilliant work friend. I'm stunning your trash collecting system. I see you got big effort for collect trash to two bags. You giving best example for your lovely followers how to clean our planet through most important job of you. Please keep it up your work for give pure planet to anybody. Resteemed and Tweeted.

Thanks a lot for your sharing moves :) I super appreciate this!
And thank you for your motivating comment and sharing your thoughts!
I hope I can be a good example for my followers and people on dtube to make their own moves and help the planet to become cleaner.

Thanks for passing by and your interaction mate!


Trash is everywhere as you said.
Cleaning our surrounding is our duty as its the best way to show love with our planet. Great job my friend. I will be doing soon.

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Goood words and message my friend! I also truly believe that we can and should serve the planet. Humans are creating extreme big masses of trash and we should also move it and bring it back to the cycle.

Thanks for passing by mate :)


You're right, no matter where one is stationed in the world, there will always be trash really, wow what amount of trash you've picked, I guess it's even a less cleaners country and collective activities such as this will do the magic, well done

Hey :) Thank you for watching and your motivational comment my friend.
It was a good practice on Sunday and I like to see the results after making my @cleanplanet moves.
Hopefully, my video is a bit contagious and more people will follow @cleanplanet and do their own moves.


What a Wonderful proof of act !
Thank you so much for your implication in the movement.
This part of our Nature is so clean now .... Somebody somewhere thanks you ......It's MOTHER EARTH...🌍🌍🌍
See you soon using cleanplanet tag
With amity

Thanks a lot for creating and maintaining this movement and for your time and effort to make this happen.
I am a big fanboy of your initiative and will continue being a part of it :)


Trash everywhere in Brazil. After the tragic accident involving the VALE company, tons of toxic waste was dumped all over the city.

very difficult to help, when garbage is toxic


Yeah these are the jobs for the professionals for sure. Sound horrible and dangerous.

But litter, cans and plastic is collectable by us. This is our job and we can do it my friend!


LOL I love your conclusion. "No matter where you are, trash is everywhere!". It made me laugh but it's so very sad at the same time. I always pictured Germany as a trash free place, but I realize it's not...

Haha yeah the slogan is a bit ambiguous :P
Germany is for sure a pretty clean place but iot depends on the city/district most of the time.
If we all work together to spread the message this will change someday. I believe in this :)
Thanks for your comment and for passing by :)


Where is the second instrumental song from?? its dope!!!!!
And Props to you....strong action!

Thank you :) the track is called "purple clouds" and is from (subscription model for tracks you can use in your videos)
I can recommend their services I am using since some months now. Thanks for the reminder, because I forgot to mention the source in this post :P


I will try to clean today 😁

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Whoohoooo! That is awesome mate :) looking forward for your post / video about it!
But don't forget to show that you throw the bag in the trash and dont forget to write your name on the bag (if you are not making a video)

I am also excited!


That will be some different 😀 . I send you link later in this comment

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You did awesome work, Everyone should work like you

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Thanks a lot for your comment and encouraging words my friend :)
Hopefully some more people will recognize this awesome initiative called @cleanplanet and will help to clean the planet.


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