#HumanizeSteem: Let's get better acquainted!

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Hey my friend!

@jeanlucsr brought up an important topic and I needed to record this kind of video response or sign of appreciation and agreement with his last video.

I was thinking as well about recording such a video (again) after some weeks observing the comment section of steem posts and dtube videos. Now the time is right to join @jeanlucsr on his journey to more personal connections here via the tag and new movement:


We have a big opportunity with this social network called the steem blockchain and we should use all possible methods to connect with others and sharing knowledge and our opinion on several topics. The majority of users are inactive or here to post and run away. I am glad that you are not that kind of user ;)

Feel free to share some love and follow the hashtag #HumanizeSteem and @jeanlucsr. Together we can make a big difference in engagement on this blockchain and together we can climb over that big wall of demotivation and procrastination. Let's just chat in the comments!

by the way: I now that I need to learn to color grade my videos better :P Its a learning curve and I got the first 1% of it :D

Thanks for your time to watch the video, read this post and to check out @jeanlucsr and his video:


check out my other social media channels:

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Congrats on your 3 years of sobriety Norman. I'm on the same journey and it has literally saved my life; of that I am certain.

I share personal stuff on here all the time, so I shall just continue on my content path with the two channels. I'll use that tag though - seems like a good idea, although I fear it will end up being only you and @jeanlucsr that are monitoring it!

Don't worry about the creative block. You must be totally burned out with your personal changes and the whole forum thing. Allow yourself not to worry about feeling it and feel safe that it will come back.


Hey @acousticguitar,

Yes. It might be just the two of us in the beginning, but we have to start somewhere. Just knowing that someone is willing to take the time to write a personal note under your post (instead of upvoting for curation) might be the first step to a more social blockchain.

The fact that you adressed Norman by his first name is already a win in my eyes 😊.


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Thanks for your feedback @jeanlucsr. I actually met Norman in Poland at SteemFest3. Shame he couldn't have stayed for longer, but it was such a great gathering of Steemians, not least of all the DDaily crew. The fact that real friendships have been formed from virtual ones is a total win. DTube Forum is going to be more of the same, but I'm not able to go this time around.


Sorry for responding so late @camuel. Awesome that you guys met at a Steemfest!
Love the fact that there are real communities on Steem as well 💪.

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Thanks a lot for your deep comment :) you are one of these people - I didn't wanted to mention loud in the video :) you are doing great and I am sure your path with these two channels is a really good idea :)

Thanks for the congrats and yeah it saved my life as well :)
After the DTube forum I can concentrate more on the tag-thing and push some more colabs here and their to keep the community working on their skills by also motivating to comment and share content. We will see where all of this will lead but @jeanlucsr did a good job speaking it out loud again to remind people why we are here for on that planet :D communication and joy


@prettynicevideo thanks a lot for your resteem my dear :)


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Thank you for sharing this @tibfox. This is exactly what I was thinking of. So many of us struggle with the same things and we can all learn from each other.

You really shouldn't be nervous about the Digiforum, the first step (actually organizing it) is already a big win. Is it Steem based? If so, does @pennsif know about it already?

Just want to which you good luck and looking forward to seeing some pictures of the event as well 👍