Will "Steemit 2.0" (MEOS?) Destroy Steemit?

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Getting a video in today before my big week coming up. Will "Steemit 2.0" (Dan Larmier dubbed) turn #Steemit into Myspace? I give my thoughts on the matter. SPOILER: no - I believe it will be a very good thing for Steemit.

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I agree with you, I think MEOS has very little chance of killing Steemit, and I don’t think it’s going to be as big or revolutionary as people think, unless if they come up with a UX comparable or better than the social media we are use to. From how I understand the system speculatively speaking, people pay to post, which to me sounds like you’re going to have a lot of ads and content people aren’t going to enjoy on there. Alternatively, if they do reward posts and good content, like you said there’s going to be people gaming the system by buying upvotes or whatever way is most profitable. Also, in terms of the features of MEOS I’ve heard so far, it sounds a lot like a combination of what is already out there; Hyperspace has a UBI system and ONO has KYC. The most important thing in my opinion is UX, simplicity of use for the average user. So let’s see what they do with that. Thanks for the video and insightful thoughts.

Great comment @nextgen622

Indeed it's all about UX at this stage. Without solid and unique UX it will be hard to reach mass adoption.


Hi @theycallmedan,
thx a lot for this great post/podcast.
However IMHO you left some points out.. so I kind of grabbed the pencil where you stopped and blogged about further possible implications... if you do not mind I would like to put the link in here..

I think that many people still haven't recognized how small crypto currently is and how massive the space it can occupy is. There is competition across projects (good for innovation) when there is no need to actually compete against each other but instead work together in various capacities to take BC and crypto to maximium benefits. Millions of blockchains, thousands of currencies - all intertwined and leveraging each other to offer the world better than the shit that currently is.

I think you are right in principle. However, one dollar in one is not one dollar in the other. Unfortunately, getting stake in one blockchain means not putting stake, or taking from, another. I agree that we should have a piece of each.

I have no insider information or birdie telling me so this is just speculation.

Perhaps Dan is referring to Steemit meaning the corporation and not the blockchain. Dan has to know the difference between the two.

I might be wrong but Dan seems more like a builder rather than a destroyer. My guess is there could be some type of integration. The UBI idea does make sense as a way to attract users.

There are reasons why I think a Universal Basic Income would be useful. However, there have been no real world demonstrations of it working. I think, if they are willing to take the risk, we should stand back and watch.

Some of the problems UBI would resolve are liquidity traps and disenfranchisement.

I think that if EOS is willing to undertake the experiment, it would be beneficial for everybody to have a dataset that demonstrates if UBI is workable or not.

I am of two minds on one person one vote. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting what is for lunch. Stake is wealthy wolves and a poor sheep deciding what is for lunch based on assets. However, as an aspiring wealthy wolf, I have incentive to build my stake. As a pure democracy, one person one vote, I’d be continuously suspicious of my peers. In one, I have an opportunity to become elite. In the other, I’m at the whim of the mob.

You bring up valid points about the one person, one vote. Neither system is ideal although a blend of the two might be the best.
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Interesting times we live in so much is for sure. Never a dull day in crypto. Hahaha! We'll see if this will turn out to be a real scare for some on STEEM. At the end of the day I still believe in what is happening here in STEEM. "MEOS" does not change that for now at least.

With everything that has occurred in the past year, we are still moving forward and building a stronger community. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

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I’m looking for what June 1st is all about. I believe in both Steem and EOS... if they do come out with MEOS, no biggie. I’ll use both!

Steem can learn from the launch of MEOS... if they have something great and steem can apply it in the future.

Exciting Times For Sure! 😎

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Agreed about June. I was not aware about EOS until recently. The more I read, I learned that June is a big month for EOS. So, I bought some to be able to dip my toe in what they are doing.

I am also a member of Minds. I find the community there very different from Steem. No doubt MEOS will be different from Steemit.

I agree that MEOS can serve as a lab that would not cost Steem. We can take the best lessons learned, in addition to the lessons learned in the past few years.

I think this might be the crucible needed to develop something entirely new without destroying Steem in the process.

Thank you. I will also use both!

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I think that Larimer needs to move on. The fact that he's still stalled on Steem when he has other projects says a lot.


Thanks for this little dose of motivation mate, I'm currently brushing up on some dev stuff for my next project. I'll be in touch with you when it's near completion.

I hadn’t even heard the term MEOS TIL this post.

That conversation covered everything from zombies to storms to babies and drama.

It is true this is an awesome time to be alive and involved in steem and eos. I like knowing folks a few steps ahead and learning as we go as well.

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Stopped by to say thank you for the gift for the radio show prize. Very much appreciated!

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Yes, EOS is going to build a content creation platform and blow past Steem instantly without any hiccups... lol

They are somehow going to fix all the problems, and Steem will in no way be able to copy those solutions. :D

Great video @theycallmedan, thanks for sharing, in my opinion once MIRA is implemented and it seems to be close, the only way Steem will fall is if it does so on it's own toes, and no amount of competition will really kill it, that's not to say that another project won't be able to overtake it's position, however we do have a really substantial lead, and as you said as long as Steem keeps on inventing and keeps on implementing the solutions that comes along I think it will stay ahead.

Dear @flaxz

Im my unexperienced opinion, both MIRA and EOS are going to face difficult time once they will decide to "scale" the project. Mass adoption will be veryyyy slow. Even learning curve on Steemit is difficult. EOS and MIRA - that will be hardcore hard. At least that's how I see it.


Let's see what happens @crypto.piotr, and have a nice day.
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Hi @flaxz

I noticed that you're using SteemReply. How do you like this tool so far?


Hi @crypto.piotr, it's really amazing, you just go through all unanswered comments in checklist fashion, and start with the oldest one, once that is answered you automatically proceed to the next and follow that until you are done, you can also vote at the same time as you answer or ignore the comment, you should try it out.

Thank you for your comment @flaxz

Yours, Piotr

When I got to steemit I saw an opportunity to develop my project, a video game (@radaquest) but over the months I feel there are empty spaces in Steem. There is a lot of obsession with earning profits and the results produce frustration. The tools oriented to the social network, such as steemit, forget the most important: social. I feel that we need a Steem interface more oriented to the feeling of "community" so that users enjoy the experience. I do not know if I'm arrogant or crazy, but I want to develop that new client. And continue with the development of my game. OMG I need more hours in the day!

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Dear @marcosdk

Hope you don't have doubts about succes of your game. Once it's ready and you would like to boost it, then drop me an email (in my profile description) and I will do my best to help your project get some extra exposure.


It will be interesting to see what happens. I remember hearing about this a while back and honestly im excited to for it. Will I leave steemit? No, no I wont but if this new site is good then I may use it too. The great thing about competition is it makes each platform better and they learn from each other. I dont think this will kill steemit I think it will in fact make platforms like these even more popular. We shall see what happens in the long run. This is still only the beginning.

Dear @aperterikk

Awesome comment. Thx for sharing your view on that matter. I wonder if MIRA will be way more difficult to learn and navigate (from beginners point of view) comparing to Steemit.


I think the only thing MEOS is gonna destroy is karma ( the eos DApp that claimed they were an upgrade to steemit’s system)

Karma also has one person one vote and people still gamed the system by creating multiple accounts and voting on their main account.

Any “perfect system” humans will find a way to benefit themselves.
Interesting times indeed. I also keep an eye on what eos is doing and I agree that steem should be watching and learning. The main thing I like about Eos and tron are the wallet apps that are the gateways to the DApp ecosystem but soon we will have better.

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Dear @dmilliz

Solid comment.

Karma also has one person one vote and people still gamed the system by creating multiple accounts and voting on their main account.

Indeed this system seem to be easy to "cheat".

I also keep an eye on what eos is doing and I agree that steem should be watching and learning.

Wouldn't you agree that EOS is even more complex and complicated than Steem? MIRA can have it very hard with mass adoption. Harder than Steemit (and here it's a real issue already).


More complicated indeed, but as Dan said, Steem is social media it has a focus, EOS os everywhere and I really don't think they can please the variations of DApps, but they do have a WIDE pool of devs globally.

Dear @dmilliz

I only had a chance to read your comment now (somehow I've skipped it before).

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it.


“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein

I have a lot of respect for Dan Larimer. It was his father, Stan Larimer, that got me interested in BitShares and Steemit. Brilliant minds!

I personally do not believe that the developers of EOS, including Dan, have solved the problems of Steemit, because I do not believe they have successfully identified the problems. Steemit was supposed to be an experiment for building a social network on a blockchain, but the builders approached it through a financial and coding perspective. They did not adequately look at human nature, psychology and sociology. Facebook's success was, in part, due to the exploitation of social behavior and human relationships.

I agree that a more proper distribution of our currency is crucial, and this is another problem. This was supposed to be about challenging capitalism, but we have ended up with the same top-heavy model; with just a few Whales having more power than all other users combined!

Maybe MEOS has found a way to solve the economic part of the equation, but as Einstein said above, I believe that the same minds and the same thinking the created Steemit, are going to create MEOS without really considering things like human nature, human relationships and human expression. It'll be another platform dominated by developers and economists.

Who knows?! Maybe MEOS will suck all the best developers, coders and financial wizards out of Steemit, and leave it to the real creative content creators.

Dear @famigliacurione

What an amazing comment.

They did not adequately look at human nature, psychology and sociology.

You nailed it!

Wouldn't you agree that EOS is even more complex and complicated than Steem? MIRA can have it very hard with mass adoption. Harder than Steemit (and here it's a real issue already).


Dear @crypto.piotr

Thank you appreciating my insights!

Yes, I do agree that EOS is more complicated than STEEM, and it should be. EOS has taken a mission that surpasses what STEEM was designed to achieve. In fact, Steemit could easily be moved to the EOS blockchian in the future to take advantage of its higher abilities. EOS is a grandchild of DPoS and should surpass its predecessors, just as STEEM has surpassed BitShares.

MIRA is going to be a very useful project, so it will not go unrecognized. Mass Adaption is a tricky term, but I'll say this; mass adaption occurs when Dynamic Aggressives (our natural born leaders) either steal, borrow or are given ideas from the subculture and present those ideas to the Adaptives (our natural born followers or "the masses") who accept them into the main-culture. The subculture steals, borrows or is given new ideas from the counterculture where are new trends are born! Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is still pretty much in the counterculture but is now beginning to quickly move into the subculture.

Dear @famigliacurione

I only had a chance to read your comment now (somehow I've skipped it before).

I do agree that EOS is more complicated than STEEM, and it should be.

I guess you're right. I only wonder how EOS want to achieve so called "mass adoption". When I think of Microsoft Windows and Linux I can only point one advantage of Windows over the other one. Simplicity.

Linux does exist and many professionals do use it. Probably same will happen with EOS. To difficult for "regular joes" but at the same time an excellent tool for those with some skills.

Steemit could easily be moved to the EOS blockchian in the future to take advantage of its higher abilities.

Hopefully it wont happen. Steemit is already to difficult and most new users are giving up very fast. Making learning curve even harder wouldn't help.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it.


Grateful to have found this video article. Sometimes people like me need such words - both educational and uplifting.


I heard about Dan's hyped platform for a while now. In this "announcement of an announcement"-heavy cryptospace, I'm a little skeptical about the June reveal. But who knows, maybe a billion dollars helps in actually delivering ;^)

Just as a clarification: Is Steemit 2.0 the same as MEOS? Just 2 names for 1 mystery product, or are these 2 separate things?

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Dan called it Steemit 2.0, people speculate the actual name is MEOS.

ah ok, gotcha. Thanks :^)

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Dear @stuffbyspencer

announcement of an announcement

You nailed it! :)

Writing this before I watch the video.

I've signed up for a lot of the blogging platforms that are decentralized or claim to be on the blockchain. STEEM, WLS, GOLOS, hyperspace, trybe. I haven't stayed on any if them other than Steem(I run a witness with someone else on WLS, but I don't truly blog there). They all have their problems, and staying truly decentralized without spam is going to be a problem for all of them. Everyone had tried to handle it different ways. I don't know how STEEMIT 2.0 will try.

Getting new users is a problem for them all too. Steem has its onboarding issues as we know, but the cost (for me at least) to get into EOS was about $10, and on top of that had to buy about another $10 of tokens to even interact with the chain. A lot of users on STEEM have very little money invested, and they might not want to invest into EOS either, meaning they can barely interact.

So I think no. EOS and Steem are different enough that I dont think we'll lose users, and I dont know if their onboarding will be better than ours. Steem is getting better with more apps being built on top of it, and that's going to drive more users to us.

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Never heard til now but am curious

Having said that, Dan..the other one... seems to have a reputation of sorts about him...

Will be watching this space and perhaps you will come around to what you heard from the birdie :D


What M ?

R We B M ore Happy ?
For M utual Happy World !

thanks for sharing @theycallmedan Vision and thoughts ! :) 💙 ♬

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고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Competition fosters innovation. I believe we have some healthy competition it will be good for both blockchains. However, I think Dan's obsession with steemit is personal. And that will cast a shadow on any project that he initiates to trump steem(it). It is too much of a small space for unhealthy competition. There is room for everyone to thrive

Interesting insights, as always!

I'm certainly not convinced yet of the 1 person 1 vote system. There would need to be a mix of stake/reputation combined with leveling the leveling of the playing field. I guess that's an option with MEOS too.

Interesting to hear your biggest investment is in EOS, that's over any other coin including bitcoin?

Steem has not been around long enough to demonstrate that staking is a better option. The people who have whaled were early speculators. With the growing Minnow and Orca middle class, Steem should prove to be a bit more stable.

There are certainly flaws...

What would be your idea for a better algorithm?

I haven’t the experience to opine with any authority. I am not against the current algorithm. I don’t think that it has had enough time to push out the speculators. This is principally because there have been no alternatives. With MEOS in the works, we may hopefully see a migration of the speculators, leaving the holders to their own devices.

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Let's see when MEOS comes out and how it will look like, interesting times ahead!

Agreed. I’ll probably see you over there as I also test the waters.

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Since he is mentioning that much, it means it is getting to him..... feeling in danger :)

If EOS don't take advantage of STEEM then ADA, ETH , TRX .. will come for us

Steemit 2.0 is it another new development yet to be announced

Sorry i am not aware about it is that something new but awesome is coming from STEEMIT side to attract more users on dapps or to developed an extraordinary things?

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Whatever the market produces that’s fine. I think we should have more than one steemit for sure :)

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Well... No matter what happens, changes are inevitable.

Plus, I think having more than one steem would be an interesting option. At the end of the day, it's all about competition and stability.

steemit is steemit no one can change or take away its essence and beauty there may be many problems but this community is its power

what will happen if it will become 2.0? Why they will turn into 2.0?

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Oh, what a drama.


To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Steem 2.0 is a welcome project, unless steemit is taken down from the server, it remains, we need more interface on the Steem blockchain, but human are wired to go for the best options!

Yes we call you Dan!

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I just tried meos.com and they asked me to login with my google account, but I didn't. Is the website ready ? It's interesting to see. Anyway it's strange that the guy who created steem went to promote an other blockchain and saying things about steem.

Seems like it's only for admins for now. The login email domain needs to be block.one.

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When this 2.0 Steemit is coming out on EOS?

Nothing can kill the YouTube, because it already has 10 years of video data base. Nothing can kill steem..because here people invested their time, money and content. May be at first there will be alot of buzz in meos as people like to try it out. But definitely all come back to home. Which is steem 🙌👍 people worked like 1_2 years to build the network, friends here. Nothing can beat relationship.

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@theycallmedan, Until we reach the point and experience the space, clearly we cannot say anything. But definitely change brings both new opportunities and setbacks too. Let's hope for the best.

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it's fine if steem eat them all but what if the steem will be the one eaten? We don't have an assurance but still, I'll ready myself if there will be new updates. I'm an open-minded person, I will accept it even if it hurts.

Good explanation, sir @theycallmedan

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I'm sure a lot of Steemit users will try it out but so far none of the other competitors have managed to succeed and i think it'll be the same. If it's really good, we'll spend our time on two platforms instead of one.

I think we'll be fine. There've been many other competitors before and i'd venture that having competitors enter the space is a good thing. It means the idea is a good one.

Steem has the classic first mover advantage and has 3 years of development into it with a load of dapps that seem to have enrolled more people on to the platform (Actifit, dsound, travelfeed to name a few). Yes it has it's problems but show me a system that doesn't have it's problems.

It really is an exciting time to be involved with it all and will be interesting to see what happens next month. Thanks for sharing your insights

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Aqui mi visita,saludos desde venezuela @theycallmedan

Dear @theycallmedan

Steemit is already having very difficult learning curve and MEOS does seem to be even more difficult. That can be a real problem and huge obstacle on the way to mass adoption.

Wouldn't you agree on that?


What is meos ?

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You need to watch video provided @emsonic

Yours , Piotr