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Hey Dan i just found you because of your big upvote you gave me on one of my posts, thanks for that. this thoughts are brilliant here, the bitcoin - jungle metafora got me laughing out loud!! love it

Thanks for talking through the whole 'fork out Steemit' @theycallmedan. It truly doesn't make sense, regardless of people's feelings for Steemit Inc. Their stake, ninja mined or not, is their stake. Since they're primarily responsible for STEEM's existence in the first place, or the entity that they formed from after, none of us would be here without them.

As you say, though, it is a question of governance and all that should be involved with that, including communication and marketing and everything else aggroed was hitting on.

Aside from working on the chain and building an interface to it, Steemit hasn't really done a whole lot with marketing or, until last year, a whole lot of communicating on progress. It's been there, all along for someone to pick up that mantle and run with it. Some actually did, as far as marketing goes, and probably did more damage than good as a result of it, but regardless, it's been there for anyone to do.

So, if aggroed wants to form committees to get things going, and he wants to get buy in from folks to get things rolling, by all means. That just means that the communicating and the execution and the quality of the deliverables is going to fall on him and everyone else involved, which will then redirect all the focus onto him and the committees instead of solely on Steemit.

They will have to somehow deal with it. Maybe they can. I'm sure they'll get a honeymoon period from most reasonable users, but there will come a time, if they're not up to the challenge, where the same things people have been calling for Ned and Steemit Inc to do or not do will come back around.

That said, I think something needs to happen. I think Steemit being less of what controls progress on STEEM is a good thing. I just believe there needs to be more to it than passion, a rallying cry and a direction. There needs to be enough structure, detail and accountability to get anywhere. We'll see what aggroed and others have in mind, I guess.

hitting. the. nail. on. the. head!!!

throwing ‘we’re decentralized’ doesn’t work to bring people here. people don’t care. it’s the last thing in their mind when it comes to using social media etc.

great post man. wake up call for us all once again

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Video won't play for me. I keep getting a message at the top that says

"The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported."

In the middle it just spins with an X.

I will check back later to see if it has corrected itself.

It is working fine for me!!!

Posted a screenshot below to show what I am seeing.

I just backed it up on @onelovedtube - try again and it should be fine. If that does not work switch it to 480p in the settings menu if you are viewing as "source'.

I tried again and get the same message. Here is a screen shot of what I am getting.

wont play.jpg

It was already preset at 480p. Will check back later, but have noticed issues in the past when trying to view Dtube videos. I had given up on watching them on those I follow that use it, but was curious enough on your take on all the drama going on I took a chance. Maybe later on it will play for me.

That is a shame. I am not sure what the issue could be, seems it is hit and miss with people trying to view.

Got the IPFS option to work (it usually won't either).

We are in agreement on a lot. I agree that forking anyone's stake away shouldn't be allowable. It would be the death of any trust a rational person could have.

It seems to me that although this demo called Steemit is awesome (it drew in one like me who is tech challenged and skeptical regarding crypto in general), the apps that would truly showcase the chain are still waiting for someone to make them. It would seem to me that the highlights of this chain are speed and cost. Not a bloated blogging site. The apps that would most benefit from this chain would be ones that transacted (such as what Dcommerce is working on). It could be the service sector, sales (physical and digital) and even for not so commonly thought uses such as bonus plans to reward customers and/or employees. Virtually instant payout and at minimal cost to the parties involved.

It seems so many got caught up in the community/blogging aspect of this site that the large values that I mentioned above are missed by those that we would want to come to the chain.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your trust in the chain helps calm me with so many crying doom on the cyber streets here, especially given my tech challenged views.

Got the IPFS option to work

Indeed, took a bit to pop up but it loaded perfectly there.

Could you give a text recap in your post? Many of us here cannot watch videos - MANY. And we value your opinion.

I did watch the show and learnt a lot. Someone mentioned on there that a whale could just come in and buy up all the liquid Steem and become a complete nightmare for the platform. Like you said, it hasn't happened because someone hasn't had the desire to do it.

There are many, many incognito rich people lurking in the Bitcoin world. One of them could smell the Steem blood and bite big time :)

I know of many on the fence about Steem.

But not caring about Steemit Inc's ninja stake just because the price is low now, is pretty short-term looking..
And now they hide their stake.

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FYI, I wouldn't care if the price was 100$ per Steem, either. I don't let anyone hold anything over me, let them dump, someone will buy.

How do you know?
Wont be always that way.
So you would be okay with developing a great steem which is maybe at 100$ price (after all your efforts) and then a Steemit Inc that's just dumping their stake so your coins are only about 20$ worth..
You still make profit.. But Steemit Inc profits really big from your great development..

And you would only profit because you bought that early.. People who get in later would probably all get rekt.
Imagine coming in at ~40$, seeing how it all goes up and then ending at ~20$ because of Stinc ;)

People would probably leave in masses.
We could have set up some kind of smart contract which liquids their stake over time to finance servers and dev costs. But now it's probably too late. Stake is hidden.

"let them dump someone will buy" That thinking got us from #17+ on CMC to #51. No thanks.

Totally a governance issue and allowing a fork of someones stake is a clear violation of the underlying concept of an immutable blockchain! I would not like that move as it would make us all vulnerable to becoming a victim. The opportunity for a venture company to come in a create a seed fund here for blockchain development is a great proposition.

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What do you reckon the answer is? I'm not totally on top of everything, but isn't Ethereum heading towards a Proof of Stake system? How would you see a one token one vote system working? It's definitely an interesting thought process... lots to work out in this brand new world of ours...

ETH is moving to POS which requires only stake be locked up to be a nod, no onchain voting/governance. One token = One vote - This means that for every 1 steem you have you can vote for one witness. It may not be perfect but def worth poking a stick at.

Hmm, thanks for that. I like the idea of locking it up for voting purposes... to be honest, it's hard to figure out the fairest system, when we haven't actually worked it out for normal life yet either...

Brother @theycallmedan, In my opinion we should talk about the Decentralisation, but for sure after some extent we need Governance and when we talk about the Decentralised Economy then we need more Transperant Governance, so that other members can contribute too, because at the end of the day we need particular path so that everyone will hold the diversification of Implementation but working towards the same path. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Yep I couldn't view the thing either @theycallmedan :/

I just finished watching the whole video!

It’s working now bro.. please try again and enjoy listening to Dan :)

I don't know what is the problem.


Assuming you’re using Chrome/Brave browser, try clearing up the cache and log back into Dtube.

And it should solve the problem.

If you still have issues then please reach out to my fellow dtubers via Dtube Discord channel..

weird, it will not load for me and I usually don't have issues with DTube

I just finished watching the whole video!

It’s working now darling.. please try again and enjoy listening to Dan :)


I will keep trying.........

People are afraid because steemit started power down if they dumped it over the market what will happen? I really don't care let them dump then it is great opportunity to buy more steem as I can.

Realy it was great video I show it.I have impressed from your talking and thought.You are best financial man I think. Your discussion will be very helpful and it will encouraged of all steemit members.
At last your video topic and quality I like very much

"Watch at 1.25x speed for a better viewing pleasure!"

Love it! :)

Totally agree about how to see Stake things, by the way, is one of the beautiful things of decentralization...

Well, I am here by choice, and I love my steemit. It has it's problems, but, doesn't everything?

However, it is nice to be educated on it.

Thank you.

Oh, do I agree. I think it is absolutely a governance issue.

I think the pull request is just simply a threat. Nothing more, nothing less. Just to let the alpha know that there is an option that they probably hadn't considered.

So where does it go from here? That'll be what decides if Steem leaves a mark or runs off into the deeper water.

Very nicely done. Thank you for this!

great journey.. go0d luck Dan 👍

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When whales dump their Steem, it means there will be more for us left.

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hi. @theycallmedan.
I am interested in following your post. the issue of decentralization and governance are high points. but the subject of the videos, often complicates me. Thank you-

I am only worried that the price of steem is low in the market, so I am still excited and hope that price steem will rise again soon

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Does some else have this problem that the older videos e.g. from Dan get stuck in the loading phase. This newest video loads fast and then the oldest video that loads is from 8th December. But then the 26th November video doesn't load anymore and get stuck in the loading screen. I haven't watched these videos before and I've fast broadband. Do the older videos get buried in the chain of data or what is the problem?

If cartels form it is because of collusion between governments and special interests. Walmart and other big companies like that could get into the crypto market and with the political power they have because of lobbyists they can certainly create trouble in the market for the rest of us. That said decentralization will work best when you can get enough people to stop believing in the facade of centralization of everything. That will take time, but as more and more people wake up the closer we will be to a free humanity. Crypto will do better in free societies as people will do better. We want to succeed which is why we want crypto to succeed so we need to work on being as anarchistic as possible to move toward a free society.

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Steem is going up ! :)

First of all, i think @dtube should have an app and a download feature. This isn't a video one can digest at once because there are many issues raised in it. And for someone like me from a third world country, data is a big issue, so I can't re-stream several times.

That being said, I want to Peggy back on some of the things you said on this video. Governacy and cartels. I believe we already have a semblance of a cartel on the steem blockchain. When you have like-minded people working closely at the top, they will control and power they can use as they see fit. The only way around this is by having competition- more players at the top with different agendas. And for those with deep pockets coming into steem, I believe this is inevitable and at some point in time this will be a serious issue on the steem blockchain. And like I have said several times, we can not pick and choose the type of people that will come on this blockchain. We will have to deal with this and one of the ways we can effectively do this is by rewarding the things we want to see. But notwithstanding we cannot alienate these said people/organisations (like stinc) who would have enough money to control the steem blockchain when the time comes (speaking futuristically).

The bottom line is that steem blockchain is not an equal playing field for everyone and will never be. However we can try to bridge this a little through better policies (I can't think of any right now sadly)

Steemit is not the 'enemy' and their stake is less important than their contribution to the development of the Steem blockchain, however unsatisfactory at times. But the reason provided for hiding their stake doesn't hold, because there would never be sufficient support for a hardfork to strip Steemit of its stake, and nor should it be.

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Never say never, if there is a chance you have to be prepared and if there is such a big amount of money involved it's normal to do so.

Thought provoking stuff Dan. Thanks for the perspective.

Hy @theycallmedan

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in 2 Years we know :)

Hey Dan,
Thank you so much bro! ... it is not easy to get the background info on steemit so your sharing your thoughts is incredibly useful - keep digging and sharing - you are a fantastic asset to all steemit users!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit, I didn't hit her. I did noooot. Oh, hi Dan.

Dan, great info here. You might consider throwing in some videos while capturing yourself in the corner. I feel it would help make them more engaging, allowing us to relate with you on a stronger level 💪🏻

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Very informative. "Immutable ledger" definitely made it all a little clearer to me. Thanks for posting!

Hello Dan, how come u? It seems that I have a little trouble watching your video because of its high speed. Looks like you want to show about the development of the Steem movement chart which in my opinion still hasn't shown an increase. Have a nice day. Succes for you.

My bad luck ..I guess..

The only reason the dApps here have delegated SP is because of steemits big stake. If that got spread out among steemians everyone would just upvote themselves more. No way it's going to make things better, unless you have lots of SP

Like listening to your thoughts always
And yes, my friends and even family ... they just don't care about this decentralisation
Even something as simple as the password, they look at it and they are like huh? why so long? And then when they hear they cannot forget it or loose it... hahahaha
They are so accustomed to the big fellas and how they run things...

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