PewDiePie Joins Dlive - Let's Talk About it

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PewDiePie joins Dlive and I believe this is just the start and I believe this is super bullish for Steem!

▶️ DTube

"decentralized sucks" yes yeeeessss why does nobody understand this dlive was centralized but everybody loved them till they left dtube is decentralized and man it has issues a perfect balance of both would be magical

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While I think that niche blockchains are going to do very well, there are going to be many of them competing for space and use case. I am hoping/ investing on Steem being able to offer much of the same except have all of the use cases distributed across the one chain. I believe that in the future, this will lead to a more stable and consistent result with far less risk than a narrow use that will find it hard to evolve and hold an audience in a new and innovative industry.

The beauty of Steem is it can always evolve with the changing trends without having to reinvent itself from the ground up and, it is the community itself that will drive the direction of evolution.

Agreed. We need more things built on this platform. Steem Monsters is a great use case, and there are a few others, but we absolutely should have more.

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I think it is a good thing that he went on DLive instead of Steem. Warranted or not, the MSM has portrayed him as an "alt right neo nazi nationalist etc etc", so any platform he jumps on will have this stigma. I think RT joining Steem is much bigger as you can bet that CNN et al are going to follow suit.

Balance that out with Russia Today joining the blockchain here as well as natural news so the information Wars is pretty much totally migrating here.

Hang on we're about ready to continue growing

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Hopefully we can get someone like Alex Jones and Infowars to join and actually use the platform. I was expecting Infowars to release an SMT and their own steem front end after the information leaked on discord that ned Scott Steemit CEO had lunch with Alex Jones and that Alex had his infowars crew recording video at Steemit Inc HQ, but nothing else ever came out about that and I really assumed they had plans for an SMT/infowars community or steem front end, and then plans fell through.

Now I wouldn't be surprised to hear about Alex jones and Infowars launch a new dapp on EOS. Then again, Alex Jones doesnt know much about crypto, and used to even claim Bitcoin was just NEO One world currency trap, when thats giving bankers too much credit. Sometimes Alex would just project fear at anything successful and hopefully Alex Jones doesn't believe any of the pure nonesense about Brock pierce floating out there by Ethereum fanboys. . I can totally see Alex being scared of EOS just because of one stupid rumor that pushes al of his buttons... the fact that Alex hasnt joined steem yet is a HUGE red flag for infowars

Alex is too concerned with joining the mainstream emdia club, and he literaly is freaking out without his itunes shit, and its gross how ENTITLED he is now instead of trying to actually CREATE his own network, which he never did, he just got big enough to get on mainstream media networks.... and all he had to do was start pushing uis OWN alternative media blockchain idea on steem...

it would be a no brainer but obviously Alex Jones is dropping the ball, just liek ned, when Ned Alex Jones AND JOE ROGAN could all come to steem and lanch their own massive media empire .... its a no brainer

its almost as if Joe Rogan Alex Jones and Infowars and RT are all just status quo and happy with what they have, they mke enough money and they dont want to risk it or even TRY to make thei own netork, which wouldnt even be that difficult.... ist gross how they dont even try....

Yeah I know dlive showed a huge middle finger to the Steem Blockchain , Just forget about the dlive for a second and can we think in the way that atleast a big celebs joined the decentralised world , I mean yeah it's not steem Blockchain for sure but atleast we had reached to our checkpoint that is too bring big celebrities out their to decentralised world , for me we are on our check point now .

I can assure that pew had done full research on dlive before joining it , I can still assume that atleast for once he visited to , because pewdie always loves to go in past so I'm 95% sure that he definitely checked out our Blockchain for once .

Definitely great achievement for dlive , no hate for them on this , it's all their hardworks that gets Pay-offs .

Now let's clearly focus on Steem I think we are just creating hype here and indirectly we are promoting dlive by making videos on them , not anything wrong but yeah we should Stop benefitting them now.

Let's get something big for Steem Dan the man 💪💪 . Solely we can build a house but together we can build a pyramid 💪.

As of my opinion Steem Blockchain is lacking in unity, that's the main reason that our growth stopped after reaching a certain heights, first let's unite each & every steemian only for our Steem Blockchain and I can assure you that we will get someone much better than pewdie 😊 .

P.s. : I usually never do such a long comment, sorry if it gets too long, I really apologise for it but yeah it's important from my side

can't really get much better than pew, most followed man on tube 😀 we need a platform that works well

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also too much only communicate community and DApp based deter the Unity !

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I think that perhaps.... you and @algo.coder should speak. @share2steem have already voiced the vision to have their own front end several times, they already have the youtube to steem "connect" which gives access and exposure to the current youtubers. Played right - and executed effectively, its a sure fire recipe.

yeah strongly recommended for algo ! he already build @share2steem a working product and consistently doing updates! though s2s haven't get a super mega huge youtube influencer like pewdiepie, it's slowly reaching out to influencers on youtube, instagram and twitter providing a ease of transition for users on these popular social media to easily share their content to blockchain platform steem.

what's the benefit for these content creators ?

  1. expand content creator reach
  2. another possible source of revenue
  3. like dan mentioned, censorship resistance currently working for insta and twitter, for youtube s2s probably need more financial resource to have IPFS storing the videos

Here's 3 youtube influencers with 119k, 149k, 91k sub using s2s

like you have mentioned, there's only benefit for content creator to share their content to more than 1 platform maybe if followers of pewdiepie can share with him about s2s and how easy he can share his content to steem chain just by adding 1 single tag on his youtube video.

I second this comment...

I didn't follow the drama around dlive and steemit at the time but i can see why folks feel hard done by them. Pew going to their platform is a big opportunity for steem based platforms but we'll have to step up. Overall, the future does look bright!

Itrs a big opportunity MISSED for stem based platforms you mean, rigght? HOPEFULLy as Dlive's paypal for fake crypto scam implodes, Pewdiepie will make an "I did an Oopsie" video and end up having to explain how he rushed into DLive, because im SURE he researched it and read all of the GLOWING reviews from when it was based on STEEM and actually HAD all the best blockchain stats behind it! Now it has Lino, a FAKE cryptocurrenmcy that is NOT crypto or blockchain, and the CEO of Dlive even claimed 'Its more of a smart contract" On sam peppers live stream ,. Admitting that its NEITHER crypto NOIR smart contract because if it WAS a REAL smart contract it would be based on an ERc20 or EOS but ITS NOT!

hahah Dlive is a scam and pewdiepie did an oopsie, and steem wont even GET ANY trickledown from this unless people actually FIND OUT where Dlive came from!

You know what I see? I see a bunch of BRIBED users on this LINO coin, buying it with PAYPAL and making excuses for why it doesnt HAVE to be on any exchange... ... I see these users telling n00bs that LINO is better than steem... because Dlive is mroe successful now with Lino instead of steem, when thats liek saying Coinbase can run a LOT faster by just ditching Bitcoin and altcoisn and using their own system...

Seriously imagine if coinbase just annolunced they were dropping cryptocurrencies so they coudl "expand" to money transfer services, and started launching thei own "COinbase token" that you could buy with paypal and which had no block explorer and wanst on any exchange.... thats what Dlive did essentially.... and i am afraid a lot of new users will be fooled by thsi and the marketing

This is why @ned is failing and why ned will loose, not just against EOS and @dan larimer with MEOS Steemit 2 but Ned cant even win a battle against one of his OWN old Dapps that he couldnt even keep on steem! WHY does Ned choose peopel who just abandon steem? WHy cant @ned actually find any useful peopel to develop for steem? Why isnt ned PAYING to get PEWDIEPIE to Steem?

If DLIVE can get pewdiepie AFTER they LEAVE steem, then there is no excuse anymore! @ned WHY havent you paid Pewdiepie to join steemit? dont you get that steem will become irrelevant if you dont PAY some influences to MAKE us relevant?

Yeah it's a huge opportunity missed as well. Dlive must have paid him well for him to do this.

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so true. what dlive did will be forever a black eye in their history but what they do so so so so well

their site looks like a million bucks. it’s professional. fun. and has a great feel to it.

i see the same level of amazing design and marketing with things like steem monsters. it just looks awesome. this goes a long long way for the user experience

i believe this is a good thing for steem too. people will be looking our way...

i hope our message is clear and attractive to these investors that will be poking around :)

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Business is cut throat - IRRELEVANT of whether it is centralized or decentralized. In the end, it is ALWAYS about who wants it most.

agree completely! and they wanted it. wish it woulda been handled better because they do have an amazing product.

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Well it is definitely a live and learn circumstance and best the people of steem take heed of this kind of action. In this world, there is no middle ground anymore. You either get on top or you get squashed. it is not complicated! But - the EFFORT and SPIRIT required to achieve the former is where 99.9% of the human population fall short! sadly.

I'd love to talk to you about live streaming and Tommy Robinson and I think I have an intro I could make to you for devs who are close to cracking the decentralised live stream problem but not with a crypto angle.

Telegram is a good option or let me know what works for you.


Just because pewdie goes there for a live stream does that automagically signify a bull rush into "LINO"?
I don't think so.

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I'd happily be your dev, I'm a student studying computer science, I've been programming for the last 5 years, been developing for steem for the past year. Summer holidays are starting so I'll have all the free time in the world, let me know what you think.

I’ll never forget what Dlive to our STEEM community

I’ll let all my Dlive anger fuel me to become the pewdipie of STEEM Blockchain

I’ll do whatever it takes me to put STEEM in the centre of crypto universe and please join us with SEVEN77 STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement together bring attention from Venture capitalists and Angel investors and Blockchain developers. All these people hang out on Twitter

Let PewDiePie leave YouTube for Dlive and watch YouTube launch on the Steem blockchain to compete with Dlive @theycallmedan @tarazkp @jongolson.

I don't know if this is necessarily good for steam insomuch as it is for the legitimacy of the space overall.

This shows that We need to be marketing to creators on other platforms too. Our failure to capture big sponsorships will only hurt us I think. Dlive are able to have a dedicated marketing budget, maybe we need something similar.

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but you need a functioning app to market. and dlive was that even while on steem

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I was thinking an account dedicated to marketing to specific creators, so we utilize steem directly instead of a dapp.

Like the Blocktrades worker proposal program, we could use that to fund an account/project whose purpose it is to secure sponsorships.

It could also be a curation trail to white list big creators on other platforms to incentivize them to come over

i do agree, but we need to have a place where to place all that people. imagine we got pew to publish a video on dtube, and million of his followers try to watch it, and the video is choppy and does not load. how many of them would come back?

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I support your call for building a high level streaming platform on steem.

You just said what I was thinking and talking about.

Why @DTube or @Vimm didn't freaking try and hurry to fill that now empty spot is beyond my thinking.

Dlive F'd us over but no one learned that Steem NEEDS a live streaming site that WORKS, keeps your videos, and loads your video's all the time.

It's frustrating that I still have to upload my stuff to YouTube for all the people that can not make DTube work.

I will say in the almost 2 years DTube is way better then it was but it's still not good enough........

again when DLive left and 90% of Steemians stayed here .......... What more incentive do you need to MAKE something that you KNOW people WANT.

/rant done

sorry but it's good to hear someone else saying what I think.

Happy Wednesday!! :D

DLive will have an advantage with Pewdiepie and his 13 year old army. The revolution has begun.

I actually did not expect so many to care that much of this guy.
I never checked out his videos because I assume it's a waste of time.

He's the biggest account on youtube. Bigger then any star you can think of and gets more views per month then anyone else in the world.

That says a lot about the Youtube algorithm, the average Youtube consumer and many other things but still nothing about his videos' real worth.

Appreciation is very subjective and personal.

This is an eye opener. The shift to decentralized from centralised social media was bound to happen.

Could we have reached pewd before dlive did? Possibly.
Did we have the resources to have a paid promotion for dtube or vimm with pewd? Possibly.
Is it too late? Not at all.

We can still reach out to pewd and the other influencers.
How about we start on the April 14th. Lets start a massive knowledge wave from there. There will be other creators on pewds live strea. We can take over the entire chat with STEEM and let Pewds, other creators and other viewers know about our platform. How about that?

I realize that neither vimm nor dtube are on the delivery level of dlive. But we gotta start from somewhere.
We do want the growth of the decentralised world, but I also want steem to be on the top of that ladder. I hope great developers come ahead and help out.

dlive scored a win with a big name youtuber promoting their site.

Plus they gave him a budget to promote it.

This is an attention economy and those who know how to gain attention will win.

You can be salty, sad, what have you or you can watch and learn.

I think ill reserve my right to be salty and mad. haha

Yo Dan, sent you a DM on discord, please check it when you find the time. Great video brother. So Dlive censored or "filtered" the words"steem" and 'steemians," it is not a place for free speech and wow is that disrespectful of Dlives creator US!

hi @theycallmedan ,

I think the Steem Blockchain needs really SMT. Not simple Tokens. If Developer can create there Token, for there needs on the Steem Blockchain would be super awesome. Easy and intuitive.

So the Steem Blockchain would have a really huge advantage against other chains.

Smt can be a really solution. But there must be Smart :)

The next thing i think about, is Account creation. If some Guy like PewDiePie would join Steem, i think it would be pain for the Followers to get a account fast and easy.

If 50k people would join the Steem Blockchain a day, its not possible at the moment.

And this is sad. Because its possible. I remember my friends never got a account after waiting 2 weeks+. Now there dont want to join anymore. Was a year ago.

People would hate to wait or to pay for an Account / Wallet. With all RC only arround 2300 accounts available a Day to create ( source: Steemworld / System Info).

If Smt can be used to create accounts would be for example a nice solution.

I think, if this are fixed, we get nice and powerfull Apps on the Steem Blockchain.

I would be really interested about your opinion about this points.

Even if Dlive was here and left, that is in the past. We can't hate on them for doing what they felt like was best for them self.
I use to post on Dlive when they where here on Steem. Their team was constantly working hard on improving the site and did a great job supporting the dlive community. They have always made on going improvements with the DLIVE site, the UI is great! I get bummed that we have not seen any types of updates with the DTUBE site.

Damn, I’m wondering how many people he can bring to the platform. Can he do a million? Hmmm

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probably yes, just matter of time

I totally agree 😀

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It is definitely a big deal as he is considered quite influential in that space and if the rhetoric around his decision is around the strengths of decentralized platforms, it may lead to more people understanding those benefits and evetually searching for those with great ecosystems which should highlight Steem! I have never watched him but will tune in to see what he says.

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Currently learning give me a project please I'm hungry

we need an app that works. as a noob i think biggest dtube problem is ipfs. it is a great idea but not developed. vimm I don't know how it works, i did try it but my upload sucks so can't really test it

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There are lots of news about dlive and one of the news is that its going to leave steem blockchain. I am not sure whether this is correct or roumour but if its true then I am not interested with dlive. I can Join dlive only of it works on steem blockchain.

Anything that hurts youtube (and other censors like them) is GREAT NEWS, imho...

We do need to see what we can do to get our version of a new "dlive" up ASAP.

Thanks for all you do, and the heads up on this, Dan!

Who is PewDiePie? Honestly never heard of them, CNN and RT yes.

This discussion is educational but counterproductive to Steen because it made me discover DLive, a competition, that I knew nothing of before.

I Looked up PewDiePie, now I am going visit his channel to see what people value most on YouTube.

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Nothing of real substance. Just lots of online douchebaggery...

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Am just gonna wait and see what happens

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Surely, #steem is growing and will ever grow. Indeed, #steem will soon become a "Must join" platform in the near future. Certainly, we are going mainstream and there is nothing many can do about it.

I see that every career will find #steem as a place to be, that is why I am very interested in Training young people around me about STEEM and how their careers can be fit in there

PewDiePie joining will be another big stride for #steem's success and greater awareness to the world of internet users.

Youtube starting to get fracture?
Well probably that's quite a bold statement.
I see Youtube more stronger than before. It is now probably the second most popular search engine.
No doubt DLive might be good, I didn't try it, but we should have a realistic approach towards things in order to get to our goals.

PewDiePie joining Dlive will make many of his followers curious about knowing more about Dlive and might make them interested as well.. Very good news indeed, hopefully other big youtubers will also follow his footsteps.

The truth is it's really not surprising, I mean steem has bought dlive that reputation and pwediepie joining DLIVE? I guess many people didn't see that coming, however I'd like to say that the the tides are changing and they aren't changing in YouTube's favour, definitely I'll see how it goes really.

I’ll never forget what Dlive to our STEEM community

I’ll let all my Dlive anger fuel me to become the pewdipie of STEEM Blockchain

I’ll do whatever it takes me to put STEEM in the centre of crypto universe and please join us with SEVEN77 STEEM Awareness Twitter Movement together bring attention from Venture capitalists and Angel investors and Blockchain developers. All these people hang out on Twitter

It certainly does look bullish when 'celebrities' start looking outside of YouTube. Fingers crossed that they'll stick around.

When I read the line PewDiePie joining Dlive, i wasn't really sure how this was going to be bullish for Steem but you did explained it pretty well in video session.

Totally agree with you, decentralizaiton is not 100% solution for everything, we do need best of both worlds - a hybrid solution.

Really liked your comment about aggroed, haha.
You will soon enough get your Yabapmatt.

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Why PewDiePie joins Dlive

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He was brought on to bring more awareness to the dlive site.

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I am not surprised its funny how even how big and massive his channel is he on this platform along with Alex Jones and many others are jumping ship people cant stand Youtube because it is too corporate and only promote the channels that create content daily sure it would be nice to sit at home like Pewdiepie and others and i like him but it doesn't surprise me because as a content creator platform ourselves if you get a celebrity... or large channels then people will see it as trustworthy didn't know something happened with steemit if anyone has a link please fill me in on what happened i been on Youtube and updated our own site so didn't have time to take a look.

Alex Jones was banned, wasn't he? And hasn't PewPew been punished by the YT censors too?

I agree, things evolve and that's apart of progressing. its easy for me to say what Dliv should have done but they will always be king of marketing an promoting thus what is convenient takes the backseats to what is readily available. Steem has quickly become a place to get info. Not just any information but niche specific, unbiased, and raw info. Steem is the place where we can connect and grow organically without being forced to change our content as original thinkers. The content censorship has gotten out of control. I only hope this platform remains genuine.

Real talk award has to go to “everything starts out centralized and you build a solid base and then let the people run with it and decentralize it”

This is massive news and I’m sure it will raise the profile of niche sites in the blockchain space! Both users at the bottom and top of central social media are defecting make no mistake their churn rates are huge in actual numbers and when we look at google+ shutting down that’s 200 million active users all looking for a new home to engage and explore content!

Dapps do help but steemit is still the face of this blockchain and we really need to commit both inc and community resources to improve the experience of the site and do consist active campaigning!

It’s not about the numbers we get now it’s just about keeping it going and building our attention economy here! The more attention and hours spent here the more investors will want to tap into it in various ways and it starts to snowball! So happy I got here when I did learning so much and being a part of it all

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Pretty good video.... I laughed a few times at your descriptions. I like your attitude and agree with a lot of things you are saying but there are a lot of issues with attempting to build something on STEEM. No matter what blockchain something like DTube or DLive is built on the main issue still goes back to money for hosting. The hosting expenses will get pretty extreme. Where is the best place to contact you? Discord?

Feel Much Depressed !

They Really not DeCentrallized but DoCentralized !!!

#steem On ! to the UBI(Universal Basic Income) and to 💙 Universe with ♥ LOVE♩♬

from twitter link 1st and also DContest @dcontest link

thanks for sharing @theycallmedan Opinion and Vision ! ♥ ♬

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such huge news...for the whole blockchain space!! a dtube/dlive hybrid.....that YOU could bring to this blockchain dan....would be soooo HUGE! its truly a missing part of the talk about. aggroed and matt....stepped up the gaming side. time to step up our video side! the multitudes ....are coming!!!! :) hoping your "matt".....shows up!!! just thank you dan...we appreciate ALL you do for this blockchain!! you're almost single handedly upvoting everyone....geez! we are with you!

I know a dev, how would he get in touch with you?

100% great new, I dont care at all that he went to the blockchain streaming platform. As you said, ultimately people will find steem through Dlive's roots.

Oh Dan! You’ve said it all! It’ll happen, and it’ll happen swiftly, devs will show up, the world is tired of censorship, we want to control our data! DECENTRALIZATION! DECENTRALIZATION!!

Yes, we call you Dan!

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When I saw that ad, I mentioned it to @sn0n. Its amazing they got him to so it, a big name person on the blockchain. Steen needs something like this.

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Are you following him? =) (there are a lot news about him, even newspapers wrote.)


Let's go da man that can do this!!

imho, this is huge. The biggest personality on YT on Dlive ? WOW !!

If i am wrong please correct me. As i read somewhere dlive is moving on another blockchain (lino blockchain) which means dlive isn't (won't be) on steem blockchain anymore.

But it is still good for all blockchain community.

Lil proof;


I think line is a Erc 20 Token but not sure.

Thank you @freddio , i am searching yet. So , probably that youtuber will make an awareness on erc tokens and blockchain but not directly on steem itself.

I truly believe that if people that consumed this content request these creators come to STEEM and offer them value on the blockchain. They will come. It's our job as evangelists to help communicate the value. I'm wondering, did PewDiePie seek out Dlive, or was it the other way around?
Post comments to creators about STEEM. Send DMs and emails to creators about STEEM to cross-post here and establish a presence. I have been doing it for content I consume, but I am just one voice. We need more voices doing this. There is a level of value that we can collectively gather to attract anyone here. ...and when they come, they will bring their followings.
The most powerful web browser protects privacy and blocks ads Privacy protection: where your information and browsing in a secret and does not allow the intrusive sites to browse, especially advertising companies that strive to know what you do in your browser to show you ads close to the field of sites you visit daily

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I did not know that Dtube removes old videos..went back to see all my old videos are gone !!

Wise words. I agree about YouTube becoming more sterile and being less about the small content creators.

Sadly, I’m not a dev but I feel like I can make videos like a motherfucker, so if in the future I can be of help, just shout :)

Excited for your plans mate. Let’s catch these goddam influencers on their migration!

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Highly rEsteemed!